NeoRhythm: Breakthrough in Brain Science


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MDCN Technologies just launched NeoRhythm - a breakthrough wearable in brain science that can help people sleep better, de-stress and improve focus with this next-generation neurostimulation headband. It launched on 7th of November on Indiegogo and already raised over 100,000 USD for their Christmas deliveries. NeoRhythm is the first-of-its-kind neurostimulation wearable that is: Scientifically-validated neurotechnology - confirmed by users and also by 2 double-blind, placebo-controlled studies. The only wearable with multi-coil structure for most efficient brainwave entrainment, First gesture-controlled headband that you will actually use – no buttons, no wires. It comes with a 60-day Money Back Guarantee for all orders. Why NeoRhythm Our brain has a wonderful ability to adjust its own brainwaves to external frequencies – the process of doing this intentionally is called brainwave entrainment. This is why a calm song helps you relax, a train ride makes you feel sleepy. By using brainwave entrainment to stimulate the brain to work at specific frequencies, NeoRhythm helps you get into the desired state of mind quicker and easier. How Does it work First select the desired state of mind from: De-stress, Energize, Sleep, Focus, Meditate, Handle pain. Position NeoRythm on your head in one of the suggested 5 positions. Control via app or gesture-control. The Science behind it Brainwave entrainment is the process of encouraging the brain to adjust to external stimuli – in the case of NeoRhythm, these stimuli come in the form of electromagnetic pulses of specific frequencies. NeoRhythm uses medium-intensity magnetic fields with maximum magnetic flux density of 20-25 Gauss (2-2.5 mT) to generate the right frequencies for brainwave entrainment. NeoRhythm emits scientifically-validated frequencies that are characteristic for a certain state of mind. The brain adapts to these frequencies, reaching the desired state of mind quicker and easier. The frequencies emitted by NeoRythm in its 7 stimulation programs are based on scientific studies. Relaxation Study (; Attention Study here ( About MDCN MDCN Technologies Inc. is an innovator company with offices in Europe and USA. In the 3 years of development, they have assembled an ambitious team of 15+ experts in various fields. The research group was led by the leading european scientists in magnetic field by prof. dr. Igor Jerman. Video: Press Kit: Media contact: Lina Gantar +447465943211 multimedia:
MDCN 技术公司刚刚推出了 NeoRhythm ,这是一项在大脑科学上可穿戴的突破,它可以帮助人们更好地睡眠,消除压力,并通过下一代神经刺激头带提高注意力。它于11月7日在 Indiegogo 推出,已经筹集了超过100,000美元的圣诞交付。 NeoRhythm 是第一种可穿戴的神经刺激: 科学验证的神经技术-由用户确认,也由2个双盲,安慰剂控制的研究。 唯一可穿戴的多线圈结构,最有效的脑波进入, 第一个手势控制的耳机,你将实际使用-没有按钮,没有电线。 所有订单都有60天的退款保证。 为什么新节奏 我们的大脑有很好的能力将自己的脑波调整到外部频率——这一有意的过程被称为脑波中心。这就是为什么一首平静的歌曲能帮助你放松,坐火车会让你感到困倦。 通过使用脑波中心刺激大脑以特定频率工作, NeoRhythm 可以帮助你更快、更容易地进入理想的思维状态。 它如何工作 首先从:去压力,能量,睡眠,注意力,冥想,手部疼痛中选择想要的心态。 在建议的5个位置中的一个位置,将新瑞特置于你的头部。 通过应用程序或手势控制进行控制。 它背后的科学 脑波进入是鼓励大脑适应外部刺激的过程——在新节奏的情况下,这些刺激以特定频率的电磁脉冲的形式出现。 新 Rhythm 使用中等强度磁场,最大磁通量密度为20-25高斯(2-2.5毫T ),以产生正确的频率脑波进入。 新的节奏发出科学验证的频率,这是一个特定的心态的特点。大脑适应这些频率,达到想要的状态,更快更容易。 新赖氨酸在其7个刺激计划中发出的频率是基于科学研究。放松研究( https://www.research _ a _ Low _ Intensity _ Trans颅_ Pulsed _ Magnetic _ Stimulation _ Application _ Entainment _ Model );这里的注意研究 关于 MDCN MDCN 技术公司是一家创新公司,在欧洲和美国设有办事处。在三年的发展过程中,他们组建了一个由15多名不同领域专家组成的雄心勃勃的团队。该研究小组由欧洲领先的磁场科学家 pro 领导。伊戈尔·杰曼博士。 视频: ?v = kEQ3zAjVmw & t = 新闻资料袋: https://ommenpemf 。com / press-kit / 媒体联系人: Lina Gantar 229379@ +444465943211 多媒体:。html