Vivior and SwissLens establish collaboration for the development of personalized contact lenses


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Both Swiss companies agreed to collaborate in the field of personalized multifocal soft contact lenses for presbyopia correction. The objective is to optimize the design in soft multifocal contact lenses by using the data generated by Vivior’s visual behavior monitor, the Vivior Monitor. This press release features multimedia. View the full release here: “The cooperation with SwissLens represents another milestone for Vivior. With SwissLens we have an established Swiss company as a partner in the growing field of multifocal personalized contact lenses. Both cooperation partners pursue the goal of achieving better vision comfort for customers and patients and complement each other perfectly in terms of technology,” says Andreas Kelch, Sales & Marketing Manager Vision Care at Vivior. “With Vivior's innovative monitoring system, we obtain objective measurement data of visual behavior that are still unknown today. As a manufacturer of individual lenses, we can incorporate this data into the development of innovative new multifocal lenses. We are pleased about the partnership and the possibly resulting optimized lens designs that should enable the wearer to see better in all areas of vision,” explains Pascal Blaser, Head of Sales and R&D leader at SwissLens. About SwissLens Since 1997, SwissLens in Prilly, near Lausanne (Switzerland), has been manufacturing individual contact lenses of the highest quality and distributing them to eye specialists in over 25 countries. Thanks to extensive research, patented and innovative manufacturing technologies, SwissLens is constantly developing its products and services. About Vivior Vivior is a Swiss digital health start-up founded in 2017 by a group of experienced eye care professionals. The company offers a novel wearable device – the Vivior Monitor – to objectively measure visual behavior prior to vision correction interventions. The system collects daily activity data from customers and patients, processes these data in the cloud, and analyzes the lifestyle patterns using machine-learning algorithms. This ground-breaking combination allows to understand better the needs of customers and patients and enables eye care professionals to offer optimal personalized solutions to them. In addition, Vivior develops personalized spectacle, contact and intraocular lenses for vision correction in collaboration with various partners. The goal is to achieve better vision comfort for customers and patients based on the data generated by the Vivior Monitor. View source version on For more information, please contact: Vivior AG Mario Stark, CEO +41 79 542 88 74 Source: Vivior AG Visual distance distribution (Photo: Business Wire) View this news release and multimedia online at:
两家瑞士公司都同意在个性化多焦软隐形眼镜领域进行合作,以进行视前矫正。其目的是利用 Vivior 的视觉行为监视器 Vivior Monitor 生成的数据来优化软多焦隐形眼镜的设计。 本新闻稿采用多媒体技术。查看此处的完整版本: “与 SwissLens 的合作是 Vivior 的另一个里程碑。我们与瑞士的 SwissLens 公司建立了一家瑞士公司作为合作伙伴,在不断增长的多焦点个性化隐形眼镜领域。Vivior 的销售和营销经理 Vision Care Andreas Kelch 表示:“两家合作伙伴都追求的目标是为客户和患者实现更好的视觉舒适性,并在技术上完美互补。” “借助 Vivior 的创新监控系统,我们获得了目前尚不清楚的视觉行为的客观测量数据。作为个人镜头的制造商,我们可以将这些数据纳入创新的多焦点镜头的发展。SwissLens 销售和研发主管帕斯卡•布拉泽( Pascal Blaser )解释道:“我们对合作伙伴关系以及可能产生的优化镜头设计感到满意,这将使穿戴者在所有视觉领域都能看到更好的效果。” 关于 SwissLens 自1997年以来,瑞士洛桑附近普里利的 SwissLens 公司一直生产质量最高的个人隐形眼镜,并将其分发给25个国家的眼科专家。由于广泛的研究,专利和创新的制造技术, SwissLens 不断开发其产品和服务。 关于 Vivior Vivior 是一家瑞士数字健康初创企业,成立于2017年,由一批经验丰富的眼科专业人士组成。该公司提供了一种新的可穿戴设备—— VivioMonitor ——来在视觉矫正干预之前客观地测量视觉行为。系统收集客户和患者的日常活动数据,在云中处理这些数据,并利用机器学习算法分析生活方式模式,这种开创性的组合可以更好地了解客户和患者的需求,使眼科专业人员能够为他们提供最佳的个性化解决方案。此外, Vivior 与不同的合作伙伴合作开发个性化的眼镜、隐形眼镜和眼内镜片,用于视力矫正。目标是根据 Vivior Monitor 生成的数据为客户和患者实现更好的视觉舒适性。 查看 businesswire 上的源代码。com : 如需更多信息,请联系: Vivior AG Mario Stark ,首席执行官 马里奥。cric @ +41795428874 资料来源: Vivior AG 视觉距离分布(图片:商业电线) 浏览本新闻稿及网上多媒体: