Bluebird bio, Bristol-Myers' multiple myeloma therapy shows promise in early study


2019-12-10 14:15:01 YAHOO!FINANCE


Bluebird bio Inc and Bristol-Myers Squibb Co on Monday reported encouraging initial data from an ongoing early-stage study testing their experimental therapy for multiple myeloma in patients who did not respond to prior treatments. The lowest dose of the therapy, bb21217, had a median duration of response of 11.1 months and an overall response rate of 83% in heavily pre-treated patients with at least three prior lines of therapy, according to data presented at the American Society of Hematology Conference. Bb21217 belongs to a class of drugs called CAR-T therapies that involve drawing white blood cells from a patient, processing them to target cancer cells, and infusing them back into the patient. Typically with CAR-T cell therapy, after around six months of receiving the treatment, the presence of CAR-T cells available to fight the tumor cells diminishes to levels that are no longer measurable, bluebird Chief Medical Officer Dave Davidson told Reuters. With bb21217, the companies are looking to prolong the persistence of CAR-T cells in the body, which could translate into more durable clinical responses following treatment, he added. Bluebird and Bristol-Myers on Friday reported positive results from a mid-stage trial for another CAR-T therapy, Ide-cel, for multiple myeloma. The safety profile of bb21217, which targets a protein linked to multiple myeloma known as BCMA, was consistent with the known toxicities of CAR-T therapies, regardless of dosage, the companies said. (Reporting by Saumya Sibi Joseph in Bengaluru; Editing by Shinjini Ganguli)
Bluebird Bio Inc 和百时美施贵宝(Bristol-Myers Squibb) Co 周一公布了令人鼓舞的初步数据,这些数据来自一项正在进行的早期研究,该研究测试了对先前治疗无效的多发性骨髓瘤患者的实验治疗. 根据美国血液学会会议上提供的数据,该疗法的最低剂量 bb21217对至少有三种治疗前的重病患者的治疗中位数为11.1个月,总有效率为83%。 Bb21217属于一类叫做 CAR-T 疗法的药物,它包括从病人身上提取白细胞,将其加工成靶细胞,然后将其注入病人体内。 蓝鸟首席医疗官戴夫·戴维森告诉路透社,一般情况下, CAR-T 细胞治疗,在接受治疗六个月后,可用于对抗肿瘤细胞的 CAR-T 细胞减少到不再可测量的水平。 他补充说,有了 bb21217,这些公司正在寻求延长 CAR-T 细胞在体内的持久性,这可能转化为治疗后更持久的临床反应。 上周五, Bluebird 和百时美(Bristol-Myers)报道了另一种 CAR-T 疗法 Ide-cel 治疗多发性骨髓瘤的中期试验结果。 两家公司表示, bb21217的安全性与 CAR-T 疗法已知的毒性一致,而不论剂量如何。( Saumia Sibi Joseph 在 Bengaluru 的报道; Shinjini Ganguli 编辑)