Canopy Growth Names Constellation Brands CFO as CEO

Canopy Growth 任命 Constellation Brands 首席财务官为首席执行官

2019-12-11 04:17:47 Ganjapreneur


Canadian cannabis producer Canopy Growth has named Constellation Brands Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer David Klein as its new chief executive officer. Klein has served in senior leadership roles at the alcohol distribution firm for 14 years and will take over for Mark Zekulin who took over as sole CEO following the ouster of company founder Bruce Linton. Constellation, which distributes Svedka vodka and Corona beer, owns about 38 percent of Canopy after making its first investment in the company – then just 9.9 percent – in 2017. Last year, Constellation made a then-record $4 billion investment into the cannabis firm, more than tripling its share. Klein, who will step down from all other positions when he takes over the reins on January 14, said “no company is better positioned to win in the emerging cannabis market” than Canopy. “I look forward to working with the team to build on the foundation that has been laid, to develop brands that strongly resonate with consumers, and to capture the market opportunity before us. Together we will drive sustainable, industry-leading growth that benefits employees, shareholders and the communities in which we operate.” – Klein, in a press release Klein is currently the chairman of Canopy’s board of directors which also counts Constellation executives Bill Newlands, Judy Schmeling, and Robert L. Hanson among its members. Linton indicated at the time of his dismissal that he had fallen out of favor with those directors but said he had “full confidence” in its leadership team. Zekulin, who founded Canopy with Linton, will resign from his seat on the board on December 20. Get daily news insights in your inbox. Subscribe End Authored By: TG is a journalist by trade and has covered cannabis industry news for since 2014. He teaches media studies at an upstate New York university and is also the host of the Ganjapreneur Podcast.
加拿大大麻生产商 Canopy Growth 任命 Constellation Brands 执行副总裁兼首席财务官 David Klein 为其新任首席执行官。克莱恩在酒业分销公司担任高级领导职务已有14年之久,他将接替马克•泽库林( Mark Zekulin ),后者在公司创始人布鲁斯•林惇( Bruce Linton )被免职后,接任公司唯一的首席执行官。 Constellation 在2017年首次投资 Canopy 后,持有 Canopy 约38%的股份,当时只有9.9%。去年,星座集团对大麻公司的投资达到创纪录的40亿美元,是其份额的三倍多。 凯鹏华盈将于1月14日接管凯鹏华盈时辞去所有其他职位。他表示,“没有哪家公司比 Canopy 更有能力在新兴的大麻市场赢得竞争”。 “我期待着与团队合作,在已经奠定的基础上,发展与消费者产生强烈共鸣的品牌,并抓住我们面前的市场机遇。我们将共同推动可持续的、行业领先的增长,使员工、股东和我们经营所在的社区受益。”– Klein ,在新闻稿中 Klein 目前是 Canopy 董事会的主席,该董事会成员中还包括 Constellation 高管 Bill Newlands 、 Judy Schmeling 和 Robert L.Hanson 。林惇在被解职时表示,他对这些董事已经失去了支持,但表示他对领导团队“完全有信心”。 与林惇一起创立 Canopy 的 Zekulin 将于12月20日辞去董事职务。 在你的收件箱中获取每日新闻信息。认购 结束 授权人: TG 是一名贸易记者,为 Ganjaprender 报道了大麻行业的新闻。自2014年以来。他在纽约北部的一所大学教授媒体研究,也是甘贾丁·庞德斯特的主持人。