Stocks Hit Records on China Trade Hope & Buy this Biotech Stock - Free Lunch


2019-12-13 03:37:07 Zacks


On today’s episode of Free Lunch here at Zacks, Associate Stock Strategist Ben Rains dives into the latest U.S-China trade war news that includes a positive tweet from President Trump that helped lift stocks to new highs. We then take a look at Lululemon’s earnings results, before we close with why Vertex Pharmaceuticals VRTX is a Zacks Rank #1 stock right now. The Dow, S&P 500, and Nasdaq all surged to new intraday highs Thursday after President Trump tweeted that the U.S. and China are closing in on a phase one trade deal. The deal would reportedly see Beijing commit to purchase large amounts of U.S. agricultural products, provide stronger U.S. intellectual-property protection, and more. Meanwhile, the U.S. might cut existing tariff rates by up to 50% on some Chinese goods and cancel new tariffs set to start Sunday. These tariffs would impact more consumer-facing goods such as tech products and apparel. On top of that, the Fed will hold interest rates steady and House Democrats have finally supported the new USMCA trade deal, which would help boost the U.S. economy heading into 2020. In company news, Lululemon LULU stock fell despite topping quarterly estimates Wednesday. But the firm remains confident in its ability to expand long term as it tries to challenge the likes of Nike NKE and Adidas ADDYY. Looking ahead, Oracle ORCL, Broadcom AVGO, Adobe ADBE, and Costco COST all report their quarterly results after the closing bell Thursday. We then close the episode with why Vertex is a pharmaceuticals/biotech stock that investors might want to buy. Biggest Tech Breakthrough in a GenerationBe among the early investors in the new type of device that experts say could impact society as much as the discovery of electricity. Current technology will soon be outdated and replaced by these new devices. In the process, it’s expected to create 22 million jobs and generate $12.3 trillion in activity.A select few stocks could skyrocket the most as rollout accelerates for this new tech. Early investors could see gains similar to buying Microsoft in the 1990s. Zacks’ just-released special report reveals 8 stocks to watch. The report is only available for a limited time.See 8 breakthrough stocks now>>
在今天的免费午餐在 Zacks ,副股票战略家 Ben Rains 潜入最新的美国。中美贸易战的消息包括特朗普总统的积极推文,帮助将股市推高至新高。然后,我们来看看 Lulululemon 的收益结果,然后再来看看为什么福泰(Vertex) PharmaceuticalsVRTX 是 Zacks 排名第一的股票。 道琼斯指数、标准普尔500指数和纳斯达克指数周四均飙升至盘中新高,此前特朗普总统在推特上说,美国和中国正在完成第一阶段贸易协议。据报道,这笔交易将使北京方面承诺购买大量美国农产品,提供更有力的美国知识产权保护,以及更多。 与此同时,美国可能会对一些中国商品降低高达50%的现行关税,并取消定于周日开始实施的新关税。这些关税将影响更多面向消费者的商品,如科技产品和服装。 除此之外,美联储将保持利率稳定,众议院民主党终于支持了新的 USMCA 贸易协定,这将有助于推动美国经济进入2020年。 在公司新闻中, Lululuemon LULU 的股价在周三超过季度预期的情况下下跌。但在试图挑战耐克( Nike NKE )和阿迪达斯( Adidas ADDYY )等品牌时,该公司仍对自己的长期扩张能力充满信心。 展望未来, Oracle ORCL 、 Broadcom AVGO 、 Adobe ADE 和 Costco COST 均在周四收盘后公布其季度业绩。 然后我们结束了这一插曲,解释了为什么福泰(Vertex)是投资者可能想要购买的药品/生物技术股票。 在一个世代中最大的技术突破专家们说,在新设备的早期投资者中,电力的发现和对社会的影响一样大。目前的技术很快就会过时,取而代之的是这些新设备.在这个过程中,预计将创造2200万个就业机会,并产生12.3万亿美元的活动。随着这一新技术的推出加速,少数几只股票可能飙升幅度最大。早期投资者可能会看到类似于上世纪90年代收购微软的收益。Zacks 刚刚发布的特别报告显示,有8只股票值得关注。该报告仅在有限的时间内提供。见8支突破性股票>