New Health Center Planned for Greenfield


2019-12-19 13:04:33 CISION


 Delivering on a promise to expand access to healthcare, Ascension Wisconsin today announced its plans to open a new health center in Greenfield. The health center will provide access to primary, specialty, hospital and emergency services. The 32,000-square-foot health center will house a small-scale hospital with emergency services and eight inpatient beds. The hospital will be owned and operated by Ascension Wisconsin Emerus JV, LLC, which is a joint venture between Ascension Wisconsin and Emerus Holdings. The new hospital will operate 24-hours-a-day, 365-days-a-year. It will be staffed by emergency medicine physicians, experienced nurses and clinical specialists dedicated to providing the same level of compassionate, personalized care found at Ascension Wisconsin and Emerus' hospitals and clinics across the country. The facility will be fully licensed, CMS-accredited and in-network with most commercial providers. Medicaid and Medicare also will be accepted. This is the second facility of its kind that will be owned and operated under Ascension Wisconsin and Emerus' joint venture. Ascension Wisconsin will establish a primary and specialty care clinic and outpatient diagnostic imaging facility within the health center. Cardiology and electrophysiology will be provided to complement primary care services and the imaging center will include MRI, CT, ultrasound, mammography and x-ray services. "We know that having convenient access to care is a priority for our patients and their families. This new health center provides an innovative way to integrate inpatient and outpatient services while keeping care close to home," said Bernie Sherry, Ministry Market Executive, Ascension Wisconsin. "We look forward to working with Emerus to make healthcare more accessible for the communities we're privileged to serve." The health center project will create 50 to 70 new jobs. Construction is expected to begin in the spring, with a tentative opening of late summer 2021.  "We are excited to be moving forward with our partner, Ascension Wisconsin, as it expands its footprint in Greenfield," said Craig Goguen, CEO of Emerus. "From the very beginning, the people of Greenfield and its neighboring communities have welcomed us with open arms, and we cannot express strongly enough how grateful we are for the overwhelming support. We know patients in Greenfield will appreciate and benefit from the convenience and quality of the personalized healthcare this beautiful new hospital will provide." About Ascension Wisconsin In Wisconsin, Ascension operates 24 hospital campuses, more than 100 related healthcare facilities and employs more than 1,300 primary and specialty care clinicians from Racine to Eagle River. Serving Wisconsin since 1848, Ascension is a faith-based healthcare organization committed to delivering compassionate, personalized care to all, with special attention to persons living in poverty and those most vulnerable. Ascension is one of the leading non-profit and Catholic health systems in the U.S., operating 2,600 sites of care – including 150 hospitals and more than 50 senior living facilities – in 20 states and the District of Columbia. Visit  About EmerusEmerus is the nation's first and largest operator of micro-hospitals, also known as neighborhood hospitals. Emerus partners with leading health systems to provide excellence, empathy and innovation in health care delivery through a network of efficient, value-based micro-hospitals. The Emerus network brings high-quality, patient-centric acute episodic and ambulatory clinical services to communities across a given market. This helps patients by positioning best-in-class provider services in the communities where they work, live and play. Emerus' distinctive level of care earned the Guardian of Excellence Award for Superior Patient Experience in 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018 and 2019. More information is available at Media Contacts:Kathleen Crean, Ascension Wisconsinkathleen.crean@ascension.orgO: (414) 465-3108 / C: (815) 236-6190 Richard Bonnin, Emerus /281-840-9820 SOURCE Emerus Related Links
为了实现扩大医疗卫生服务的承诺,扬升威斯康辛今天宣布了在格林菲尔德建立一个新的医疗中心的计划。卫生中心将提供初级、专业、医院和紧急服务。 32,000平方英尺的卫生中心将拥有一家小型医院,提供紧急服务和8张住院病床。该医院将由 Ascenion Wisconsin Emerus JV , LLC 拥有和运营,后者是 Ascenion 威斯康辛与 Emerus Holdings 的合资企业。 新医院将每天24小时运作,每年365天。它将配备急救医学医生,经验丰富的护士和临床专家,致力于提供同样水平的同情,个性化的护理发现在扬升威斯康辛和埃默斯的医院和诊所在全国各地。该设施将获得完全许可, CMS 认证和网络与大多数商业供应商。医疗补助和医疗保险也将被接受。这是第二个设施,它将拥有和经营的扬升威斯康辛和埃默斯的合资企业。 扬升威斯康辛将在医疗中心内建立一个初级和特殊护理诊所和门诊诊断成像设施。将提供心脏病和电生理辅助初级保健服务,影像中心将包括 MRI 、 CT 、超声、乳房 X 光检查和 X 光服务。 “我们知道,对我们的病人和他们的家庭来说,获得方便的护理是一个优先事项。这一新的医疗中心提供了一种创新的方式,整合住院和门诊服务,同时保持护理接近家。“我们期待着与埃默斯合作,让我们有幸服务的社区更容易获得医疗保健服务。” 健康中心项目将创造50到70个新的工作岗位。预计工程将在春季开工,2021年夏末将开始试运行。 “我们很高兴能与我们的合作伙伴,扬升威斯康辛,因为它扩大了它在格林菲尔德的足迹,”克雷格戈根说,埃默斯的首席执行官。“从一开始,格林菲尔德人民及其邻近社区就以开放的武器欢迎我们,我们不能充分表达我们对压倒性支持的感激之情。我们知道格林菲尔德的病人将欣赏和受益于个性化医疗的便利和质量,这美丽的新医院将提供。 关于扬升威斯康辛,扬升公司经营24个医院校园,100多个相关的医疗设施,并雇用1300多名初级和专业护理临床医生从拉辛到鹰河。扬升自1848年以来一直服务于威斯康辛州,是一个以信仰为基础的医疗机构,致力于为所有人提供富有同情心、个性化的护理,特别关注生活在贫困中的人和那些最脆弱的人。扬升是美国领先的非营利和天主教卫生系统之一,在20个州和哥伦比亚特区运营2600个医疗场所,包括150家医院和50多个高级生活设施。访问 。 艾默生艾默生艾默生是美国第一家也是最大的微医院运营商,也被称为邻里医院。艾默生与领先的医疗系统合作,通过高效、基于价值的微型医院网络,提供卓越的医疗保健服务、同情和创新。艾默生网络为特定市场的社区提供高质量、以病人为中心的急性急诊和门诊服务。这有助于患者在他们工作、生活和玩耍的社区中定位一流的提供商服务。艾美仕独特的护理水平赢得了2013年、2014年、2015年、2016年、2017年、2018年和2019年卓越患者体验守护者奖。更多信息请访问:\160; 。 媒体接触:凯思琳·克兰,扬升智慧。creen @ upsion.orgo :(414)465-3108/ C :(815)236-6190 理查德·邦恩,艾默斯·霍尔丁·理查德。bonnin @ /281-840-9820 苏黎士·埃默斯 相关链接