MLB Stops Testing Minor Leaguers for Marijuana

MLB 大麻小叶检测

2019-12-23 15:37:13 Greenrushdaily


It’s safe to say that when it comes to baseball players’ cannabis use, the MLB appears to be “ahead of the curve.” Currently, the league and the MLB Players Association is working on an agreement that would effectively remove marijuana from the minor league’s list of banned substances. Instead, mandatory drug screenings would shift focus to opioid testing as an effort to curve player use of the highly addicting painkillers, and on a larger scale, combat the opioid epidemic currently plaguing the country. Currently, professional MLB players on the 40-man roster are not tested for marijuana. But according to The Athletic’s MLB insider Ken Rosenthal, non-rostered minor leaguers could soon enjoy the same luxury—if you want to call it that. “As part of a new agreement on opioids being negotiated between Major League Baseball and the players’ union, MLB will remove marijuana from the list of banned substances for minor leaguers,” Rosenthal tweeted on Monday. Last year alone, 13 minor league suspensions were issued by the league. Punishments weren’t a slap on the wrist either. First time offenders would receive a 25-game ban for their first positive test, 50 games for a second failed test, and 100 games for a third positive test. A fourth positive test would result in a lifetime ban. The move comes on the heels of the untimely death of the Angels’ talented pitcher Tyler Skaggs back in July. The 27-year-old was found with two different types of opioids in his system at the time of his death. The move to take marijuana off of the banned substance list and replace it with the far-more harmful opioids would certainly be a step in the right direction. Medicinal cannabis is widely considered to be a non-addicting and generally superior alternative for pain prevention and management. Perhaps unsurprisingly, there’s been a major correlation between legal marijuana and the increasingly prevalent use of the plant in some of the major sporting leagues around the world. The UFC, for example, essentially allows their fighters to smoke weed, so long as they’re not medicated during fights. The WADA only tests subjects directly before and after a fight. UFC vice president Jeff Novitzky says most fighters utilize marijuana for its post-fight therapeutic capabilities. “I’d say the overwhelming majority of our fighters use it. express to me that they get great benefits from it,” Novitzky said to the Globe and Mail. The UFC also recently came to terms with Canadian cannabis company Aurora cannabis to research CBD, the non-psychoactive component of cannabis. The NHL is another league that has removed cannabis off of their banned substance list, reinforcing the notion that marijuana can be used therapeutically—especially in contact sports. Other major sporting leagues like the PGA are toeing the line of player cannabis consumption. They’ve (somewhat reluctantly) allowed the use of CBD in the sport, while certain athletes, most notably, Bubba Watson, even have paid CBD sponsorships. THC, however, still remains banned. The NBA and NFL both remain a bit behind the eightball when it comes to cannabis, although, the NBA has discussed removing cannabis from the banned substance list, and it’s widely believed that the NFL will make major cannabis-related concessions in their next collective bargaining agreement. But until then, it’s the MLB that remains supreme when governing their players’ cannabis use. And for once, minor leaguers will soon enjoy the same privileges as their professional counterparts—at least when it comes to toking.
可以肯定地说,在棒球运动员的大麻使用方面, MLB 似乎“领先于曲线”。目前,联盟和 MLB 球员协会正在制定一项协议,该协议将有效地将大麻从小联盟的违禁物质名单中删除。相反,强制性的药物筛选将把重点转移到阿片类药物检测上,以此来调整玩家对高度上瘾的止痛药的使用,并在更大的范围内,对抗目前困扰该国的阿片类药物流行。 目前,职业 MLB 球员在40人名单上没有进行大麻测试。但据 MLB 的内部人士肯•罗森塔尔( Ken Rosenthal )称,如果你想这么说,没有玫瑰的小团体可能很快就会享受同样的奢侈。 “作为美国职业棒球大联盟与球员工会谈判达成的一项新的阿片类药物协议的一部分, MLB 将把大麻从未成年人的违禁物质名单中删除,”罗森塔尔周一在推特上写道。 仅去年一年,联盟就发布了13次小联盟禁赛。惩罚也不是手腕上的一击。首次违规者将获得25场禁赛的第一次正面测试,50场第二次失败测试,100场第三次正面测试。第四个积极的测试将导致终身禁令. 在此之前,天使天才投手泰勒•斯卡格斯( Tyler Skaggs )在7月份不幸去世。这位27岁的男子在他去世时在他的系统中发现了两种不同类型的阿片类药物。将大麻从违禁物质名单中剔除,并用更有害的阿片类药物物质取而代之,这无疑是朝着正确方向迈出的一步。 药物大麻被广泛认为是一种非成瘾性和普遍优越的替代疼痛预防和管理。 也许不足为奇的是,合法大麻与世界上一些主要体育联盟越来越普遍地使用大麻之间存在着很大的相关性。 例如, UFC 本质上允许战斗人员吸烟,只要他们在战斗中没有使用药物。WADA 只在一场比赛前后直接测试受试者。 UFC 副总裁 JeffNovitzky 说,大多数战斗人员利用大麻作为其战后治疗能力。 “我想说的是我们绝大多数的战士都在使用它。向我表示,他们从中获得了巨大的利益,”诺维茨基对《环球邮报》说。 UFC 最近还与加拿大大麻公司奥罗拉(Aurora)大麻公司达成协议,研究 CBD ,大麻的非精神活性成分。 NHL 是另一个将大麻从违禁物质名单中删除的联盟,这强化了大麻可以用于治疗的观念——尤其是在接触体育运动中。 其他主要的体育联盟,如 PGA 正在进入球员大麻消费的行列。他们(有些不情愿地)允许 CBD 在比赛中使用,而某些运动员,尤其是 BubbaWatson ,甚至支付 CBD 赞助。然而, THC 仍然被禁止。 NBA 和 NFL 在大麻问题上都落后于八球,尽管 NBA 已经讨论了将大麻从违禁物质名单中去除,并且人们普遍认为 NFL 将在下一次集体谈判中做出与大麻相关的重大让步。 但在此之前,在管理玩家大麻使用时, MLB 仍然是最重要的。一次,小规模的领导者将很快享有与他们的专业同行相同的特权——至少当涉及到托卡的时候。