Marijuana Business Magazine 2019 retrospective: A look back at the year’s cover stories

《大麻商业杂志》 2019年回顾展:年度封面故事

2020-01-06 08:20:11 mjbizdaily


The new year kicked off with a major state legalization move forward as recreational marijuana sales in Illinois launched on Jan. 1, but even as that was happening, the staff of Marijuana Business Daily was already hard at work on the spring 2020 issues of Marijuana Business Magazine. In the meantime, check out the cover stories from 2019 to see what you might have missed. Women to Watch in 2019: For the first issue of 2019, readers nominated noteworthy women in the cannabis industry via social media. The women profiled in the January issue launched companies and alliances while paving the way for others in a rapidly evolving cannabis industry. Read more about each of them here. 10 Killer Technologies: In February, we looked at engineering feats that represent the spirit of innovation, high-level science and entrepreneurship sweeping through today’s marijuana industry. Selections were made to represent the main marijuana market sectors – from cultivation and extraction to manufacturing and retail. Look here to see if any of your vendors made the cut. A New Day: In response to the groundbreaking inclusion of hemp in the 2018 U.S. Farm Bill, the staff of Hemp Industry Daily spearheaded the March cover story about what the change means for veterans and newcomers to the hemp industry. Get their tips for how to capitalize on development – and what questions remain about CBD – by clicking here. Salary Survey: One of our most ambitious undertakings of 2019 took a look at the salaries and benefits offered for jobs in the cannabis industry – from budtender to CEO. The MJBizDaily data team parsed the numbers from several industry staffing firms as well as government data and job boards to bring you this overview. What’s Next for Infused Products: Customer sales data has shown infused products claiming an ever-larger piece of the market share pie in recent years, with celebrity chefs and specialty ingredients helping companies up shelf appeal. Click here to find out which products and consumer demographics are taking off. American Hustle: Raising money in the U.S. cannabis industry is far different today than it was one year ago. For the July cover package, Marijuana Business Magazine spoke with cannabis executives behind successful raises, as well as investors and other industry experts to get their insights into raising marijuana money in 2019 and beyond. Artisanal Ambitions: “Craft” was a popular buzzword in the cannabis industry during 2019, but what qualifies as craft cannabis? And how much more can cultivators expect to charge for purpose-grown, quality product? Cultivation experts divulged that and more in the August issue of Marijuana Business Magazine. Growing Momentum: The international business landscape grew so much in just over a year that we revamped a cover story from 2018 with an all-new list of countries and companies to watch, market data and Q&As with former North American leaders about the progress of legalization efforts. This package is available here. A New Kind of Medical: Studies have shown that the number of medical marijuana patients drops off after states legalize recreational cannabis sales. But there is still a market for cannabis as medicine. Click here to find out how some companies are using science to improve the quality of life for patients and creating solid businesses in the process. Partnership Pioneers: In an industry where capital is difficult to come by, partnering with mainstream companies is one way for cannabis businesses to access not just money but new consumers as well. In the final issue of 2019, we look at case studies of partnerships between cannabis and mainstream companies to see what entrepreneurs have to gain by working outside the industry’s restrictive model.
随着伊利诺伊州的娱乐大麻销售于1月1日启动,新的一年拉开了州立法的序幕,但即便如此,《大麻商业日报》的工作人员已经在努力研究2020年春季出版的《大麻商业杂志》。 同时,看看2019年的封面故事,看看你可能错过了什么。 2019年女性观察:2019年的第一期,读者通过社交媒体提名大麻行业的知名女性。在1月份的一期杂志中,女性形象地推出了公司和联盟,同时为迅速发展的大麻行业的其他女性铺平了道路。阅读更多关于他们在这里。 10 Killer Technologies :2月份,我们研究了代表创新精神、高水平科学和企业家精神的工程壮举,这些壮举席卷了当今的大麻产业。从种植、提炼到制造和零售,大麻市场的主要行业都有选择。看看这里看看你的供应商是否做出了削减。 新的一天:为了回应2018年美国农业法案中大麻的突破性加入,血液工业日报的工作人员在3月的封面故事中率先讲述了大麻产业的变化对老兵和新来者意味着什么。点击这里,了解他们如何利用开发的技巧,以及 CBD 还有哪些问题。 薪酬调查:我们在2019年最雄心勃勃的一项工作,是从预算到首席执行官,考察大麻行业的薪酬和福利。MJBizDaily 数据团队分析了来自几家行业人力资源公司以及政府数据和工作委员会的数据,以便为您提供这一概述。 Infuse Products 的下一步:客户销售数据显示,近年来,输液产品占据了越来越大的市场份额,名人厨师和特色配料帮助企业提高货架吸引力。单击此处了解哪些产品和消费者人口统计数据正在起飞。 美国猎犬:在美国大麻产业筹集资金与一年前截然不同。在7月份的封面套餐中,《大麻商业杂志》( Marijuana Business Magazine )采访了大麻高管成功募集资金的背后,以及投资者和其他行业专家,以了解他们在2019年及以后筹集大麻资金的情况。 Artisanal Ambitions :“ Craft ”是2019年大麻行业流行的流行词,但什么被称为手工艺大麻?而且,栽培家们还能期望为专门培育的高质量产品收取多少费用?栽培专家透露,越来越多的是在8月份的《大麻商业杂志》上。 不断增长的动力:国际商业格局在一年多的时间里增长如此之快,以至于我们从2018年起修改了一个封面故事,列出了一个全新的国家和公司名单,与北美前领导人一起观察、市场数据和问答,了解合法化努力的进展。这个软件包在这里是可用的。 一种新的医学:研究表明,在各州将娱乐大麻销售合法化后,医用大麻患者数量下降。但大麻作为药品仍有市场。单击此处,了解一些公司如何利用科学提高患者的生活质量,并在此过程中创建可靠的业务。 伙伴关系先锋:在一个很难获得资金的行业,与主流公司合作是大麻企业不仅获得资金,而且获得新消费者的一种方式。在2019年的最后一期,我们研究了大麻与主流企业之间的合作案例,以了解企业家必须通过在行业限制性模式之外工作而获得什么好处。