Evolution Capital Partners Announces Latest Growth Investment with Dental Partnership Organization

Evolution Capital Partners宣布与牙科合作组织进行最新的增长投资合作

2020-01-07 09:20:13 CISION


 Private equity firm Evolution Capital Partners LLC announced today its latest growth investment, Empire Dental Arts . Established in 2017 and headquartered in Mentor, Ohio, Empire is a dental partnership organization that provides operational support and services to a network of dental practices in Northeast Ohio. This is the first investment of Evolution's Fund IV. Founded by Dr. D. Todd Russell, Empire provides dental practices with centralized administrative services, including human resources, to allow dentists and clinicians the opportunity to devote more time and attention to their practices. "Partnering with Evolution will enable the next phase of our expansion plan," said Dr. Russell, chief executive and chief clinical officer of Empire. "We are excited about the opportunity to establish a small-scale, patient-focused dental partnership organization in Northeast Ohio, starting with our existing four practices through which we have validated our operational best practices." Dr. Russell has owned and partnered with multiple dental practices, most recently selling to Merit Dental Group, a dental service organization. "We are excited to partner with an accomplished business professional and dental practitioner as he leads a more patient-focused model that we believe will resonate with retiring dentists, patients and new associate dentists seeking to provide their community with excellent dental care," said Jeffrey Kadlic, Evolution's founding partner. About Empire Dental Arts Empire Dental Arts is a dental partnership organization providing the partner dentists clinic-level operational support as well as centralized back-office services, enabling clinicians to devote more attention to serving their patients.  The company centralizes the administrative functions for their practices, including human resources, payroll & benefits, accounting, vendor management, insurance, accounts receivable and IT.  www.empiredentalarts.com About Evolution Capital Partners Evolution Capital Partners is a small-business private equity fund that invests capital nationwide in growing micro-market companies generating at least $500,000 of EBITDA.  Since 2005, Evolution has specialized in helping entrepreneurial businesses transform into professionally run organizations by providing a strong foundation for profitable growth through its Five Fundamental methodology. As a team of investors, partners and employees, our primary passion and motivation is to inspire entrepreneurs and their small businesses to grow and thrive under any economic circumstances.  www.evolutioncapitalpartners.com SOURCE Evolution Capital Partners Related Links http://www.evolutioncapitalpartners.com
私人股本公司 EvolutionCapitalPartners LLC 今天宣布其最新的增长投资,帝国牙科艺术。Empire 成立于2017年,总部位于俄亥俄州 Mentor ,是一家牙科合作组织,为俄亥俄州东北部的牙科实践网络提供运营支持和服务。这是 Evolution 第四基金的第一笔投资。 帝国由 D.Todd Russell 博士创立,为牙科诊所提供集中的行政服务,包括人力资源,使牙科医生和临床医生有机会投入更多的时间和精力于他们的实践。 帝国首席执行官兼首席临床官 Russell 博士说:“与进化论合作将使我们下一阶段的扩张计划得以实现。”“我们很高兴有机会在俄亥俄州东北部建立一个以病人为中心的小型牙科合作组织,从我们现有的四个实践开始,我们通过这些实践验证了我们的最佳实践。” Russell 博士拥有多个牙科诊所并与其合作,最近又将其出售给一家牙科服务机构 Merit Dental Group 。 Evolution 的创始合伙人 Jeffrey Kadlic 说:“我们很高兴能与一位有成就的商业专业人士和牙科医生合作,因为他领导了一种更注重病人的模式,我们相信这种模式将与即将退休的牙医、病人和新的准牙医产生共鸣,他们希望为社区提供出色的牙科护理。” 关于帝国牙科艺术 帝国牙科艺术是一家牙科合作组织,提供合作伙伴牙科诊所一级的业务支持以及集中的后台服务,使临床医生能够专注于服务他们的病人。公司集中管理其实践的管理职能,包括人力资源、薪资福利、会计、供应商管理、保险、应收账款和 IT 。www.emirectalarts.com 关于演化资本合作伙伴 Evolution Capital Partners 是一家小型企业私募股权基金,该基金在全国范围内投资于成长中的微型市场公司,这些公司产生了至少50万美元的 EBITDA 。自2005年以来, Evolution 通过其五大基本方法为盈利性增长提供了坚实的基础,专门帮助创业企业转型为专业经营的组织。作为一支由投资者、合作伙伴和员工组成的团队,我们的主要热情和动机是激励企业家及其小企业在任何经济环境下成长壮大。www.evolutioncapartners.com SOURCE 演进资本合作伙伴 相关链接 http://www.evolutioncapartners.com