InxMed Announces Clinical Collaboration with MSD to Evaluate IN10018 in Combination with Pembrolizumab


2020-01-07 08:40:16 CISION


InxMed Co., Ltd., a clinical stage biotech company dedicated to developing innovative, individualized medicines with international impact, today announced that the company has entered into a clinical collaboration with a subsidiary of Merck & Co, Inc. Kenilworth, NJ U.S.A., known as MSD outside the United States and Canada, to evaluate  IN10018, an investigational proprietary focal adhesion kinase inhibitor in combination with  pembrolizumab, MSD's  anti-PD-1 therapy, in patients with pancreatic cancer. InxMed will be the study sponsor and MSD will provide pembrolizumab to InxMed to use in the clinical study. This is the first global clinical collaboration between the two companies. Dr. Zaiqi Wang, InxMed's Chairman and CEO, commented: "IN10018 is an innovative best-in-class FAK inhibitor with significant effect on tumor micro-environment, a critical component to conquer tumor. We are very excited that MSD has collaborated with InxMed with the goal of developing additional treatment options for patients with pancreatic cancer through the evaluation of IN10018 in combination with pembrolizumab. This collaboration marks an important step forward for InxMed to steadily implement its best in disease combination strategy. We look forward to working with MSD to find a better solution for this deadly disease." Dr. Manuel Hidalgo Medina, M.D., Ph.D., Chief of the Division of Hematology and Medical Oncology and Senior Member of the Sandra and Edward Meyer Cancer Center at Weill Cornell Medicine and New York Presbyterian/Weill Cornell Medical Center and a world leading expert in pancreatic cancer, said: "There is a huge unmet medical need for pancreatic cancer patients and we need to tackle both cancer cells and tumor stroma to make future therapeutics work. FAK inhibitors could enhance pancreatic cancer treatment in combination with other therapeutic modalities." "Stroma is a significant issue for pancreatic cancer patients. Our recent research has indicated that, mechanically, FAK inhibitors could significantly reduce the level of stroma and fibrosis and therefore enable the penetration of therapeutic agents to render/sensitize pancreatic cancers to either chemotherapy or immunotherapy," said Dr. Paul Timpson, Professor at the Garvan Institute of Medical Research in Sydney, a leading expert in the studies of tumor stroma and therapeutic resistance, and author in Science and Translational Research and Nature Communication. About IN10018 IN10018, formerly known as BI853520, is a potent and selective ATP-competitive focal adhesion kinase (FAK) small molecule inhibitor under clinical development stage in both the United States and China. InxMed owns the exclusive global rights for development and commercialization. Early clinical data of IN10018 has demonstrated a favorable safety profile and promising efficacy signals against a number of tumor types. With solid underlying disease biology, IN10018 has also shown potency to overcome fibrotic barrier and immune tolerance, boost multi-modalities including targeted therapy, chemotherapy, immune-therapy, and have potential to be an anchor molecule for further exploration of combination therapy. About InxMed InxMed is a clinical-stage biotech company focusing on developing "Best-in-Disease Combination" medicines to bring novel treatment option for patients. Our innovations are inspired by patients and driven by in-depth understanding of disease biology and pharmacology. InxMed is committed to building a translational engine equipped with global-level top-notch know how and efficient execution capabilities. Established in the end of 2018, InxMed has raised tens of millions of US dollars in series A round financing, established an integrated high caliber research and clinical development team across Shanghai, Beijing, United States, Canada and Australia. We have built a highly differentiated pipeline, and established licensing or co-development partnership with various multinational pharmaceutical companies. For more information, please visit our website: SOURCE InxMed Related Links
InxMed Co ., Ltd .是一家致力于开发具有国际影响力的创新、个性化药物的临床阶段生物技术公司,今天宣布公司已与美国新泽西州 Kenilworth 的子公司默克(Merck)& Co ., Inc .开展临床合作。在美国和加拿大以外被称为 MSD 的公司,对 IN10018进行评估, IN10018是一种研究专利的焦点粘连激酶抑制剂,与默沙东(MSD)的抗 PD-1疗法 pembrolizumab 联合应用于胰腺癌患者。InxMed 将作为研究赞助商,默沙东(MSD)将提供 pembrolizumab 给 InxMed 用于临床研究。这是两家公司之间的首次全球临床合作。 InxMed 董事长兼首席执行官 Dr . Zaqi Wang 评论说:“ IN10018是一种创新的一流 FAK 抑制剂,对肿瘤微环境有显著影响,是征服肿瘤的关键组成部分。我们很高兴默沙东(MSD)与 InxMed 合作,通过 IN10018联合 pembrolizumab 的评估,为胰腺癌患者开发更多的治疗方案。这一合作标志着 InxMed 稳步实施最佳的疾病组合战略迈出了重要的一步。我们期待着与默沙东(MSD)合作,为这种致命疾病找到更好的解决方案。” Manuel Hidalgo Medina 博士,医学博士(M.D.)博士,血液和医学肿瘤科科长, Weill Cornell Medicine 和 New York Presbyterian / Weill Cornell Medical Center Sandra 和 Edward Meyer 癌症中心高级成员,胰腺癌世界领先专家,他说:“胰腺癌患者的巨大医疗需求尚未得到满足,我们需要同时治疗癌细胞和肿瘤间质,以使未来的治疗有效。FAK 抑制剂可与其他治疗方法结合,增强胰腺癌的治疗。 “中风是胰腺癌患者的一个重要问题。我们最近的研究表明,从机械上讲, FAK 抑制剂可以显著降低间质和纤维化的水平,从而使治疗剂渗透到化疗或免疫治疗中,使胰腺癌变得/敏感。悉尼 Garvan 医学研究所教授,肿瘤间质和治疗性耐药性研究的领先专家,也是科学和转化研究和自然交流的作者。 IN10018 IN10018,原名为 BI853520,是一种在美国和中国临床开发阶段下具有强效和选择性的 ATP 竞争焦点粘附激酶( FAK )小分子抑制剂。InxMed 拥有全球独家的开发和商业化权利。IN10018的早期临床数据显示了良好的安全性和对多种肿瘤类型的有效信号。利用固体基础疾病生物学, IN10018还显示出克服纤维障碍和免疫耐受的潜力,促进包括靶向治疗、化疗、免疫治疗在内的多种模式,并有潜力成为进一步探索联合治疗的锚定分子。 关于 InxMed InxMed 是一家临床阶段的生物技术公司,专注于开发“最佳疾病组合”药物,为患者带来新的治疗选择。我们的创新受到患者的启发,并受到对疾病生物学和药理学深入了解的推动。InxMed 致力于建立一个具有全球一流技术和高效执行能力的翻译引擎。InxMed 成立于2018年底,通过 A 轮融资募集了数千万美元,在上海、北京、美国、加拿大、澳大利亚等地建立了一体化的高水平研发团队。我们建设了高度差异化的管道,与多家跨国制药企业建立了许可或合作开发合作关系。 有关详细信息,请访问我们的网站: 。 SOURCE InxMed 相关链接