Q2i Awarded NIH/NIDA Grant to Develop and Evaluate Digital Technology to Improve Medication-Assisted Treatment in Primary Care


2020-01-08 08:20:20 CISION


Q2i, a provider of digital health technology that helps improve the availability and success of medication for opioid use disorder , today announced they have been awarded a grant from the National Institute on Drug Abuse, part of the National Institutes of Health . The grant is part of the Helping to End Addiction Long-termSM Initiative, or NIH HEAL InitiativeSM, launched in April 2018 to improve prevention and treatment strategies for opioid misuse and addiction and enhance pain management. UCLA is Q2i's academic partner for this project leading the research to test optimization and evaluation of Q2i's digital health technology, OARS. The aim is to increase the availability of MOUD, specifically Suboxone (buprenorphine/naloxone), initiation and adherence, and ultimately opioid abstinence, in primary care settings. MOUD involves the use of FDA-approved medications, such as methadone, buprenorphine or naloxone, in combination with counseling and behavioral therapies, to provide a "whole-patient" approach to the treatment of OUD. MOUD is highly efficacious for reducing opioid use, but is limited by the number of providers who treat patients, particularly in primary care settings. Q2i's OARS technology comprises a healthcare team portal and a patient mobile application. It improves the success of MOUD programs by providing real-time insight, analytics and trend analysis, and improved connection and support between healthcare teams and their patients. Dr. Steven Shoptaw, who is leading the research at UCLA said – "OARS interacts with the electronic health record to support primary care providers and their patients to improve outcomes for MOUD. If effective, the OARS tool will increase access for patients, increase the number of providers who provide MOUD, and ultimately increase the use of treatment to address the current opioid epidemic." Steven Jenkins, CEO of Q2i said "OARS is an existing Q2i technology that has been in development and early-stage use for over three years. Preliminary feedback from patients and providers indicates improved provider experience, high levels of patient engagement, greater adherence to treatment plans, and increased program retention/reduced drop out. We are delighted with the opportunity to work with UCLA to enhance and further develop OARS to the specific needs of primary care clinicians."  Phase 1 of the research study will include heath organizations in New Hampshire. According to NIH, New Hampshire is among the top five states with the highest rate of opioid-involved deaths, with more than twice the average national rate in 2017. "These funds provide a much needed investment into efforts to transition existing medical research from the laboratory to the treatment centers, and develop new, cutting-edge methods to treat opioid addiction and put patients on the road to recovery," said NH Senator Shaheen. "Combating the devastating opioid epidemic in our state requires innovative approaches to treatment, prevention, and recovery – and that's exactly why these federal grants are critical," said NH Senator Hassan. SOURCE Q2i Related Links http://www.Q2i.com
数字健康技术供应商 Q2i 今天宣布,他们已经获得了国家药物滥用研究所(国家卫生研究院的一部分)的资助,该研究所是国家卫生研究院的一部分。该资助是帮助结束成瘾长期 SM 计划(简称 NIH HEAL InitiativeSM )的一部分,该计划于2018年4月启动,旨在改善阿片类药物滥用和成瘾的预防和治疗策略,并加强疼痛管理。 加州大学洛杉矶分校是 Q2i 的学术合作伙伴,负责该项目的研究,以测试优化和评估 Q2i 的数字健康技术, OARS 。目的是增加 MOUD ,特别是 Suboxone (丁丙诺啡/纳洛酮),启动和坚持,以及最终阿片类药物节欲,在初级保健设置。 MOUD 涉及使用 FDA 批准的药物,如美沙酮、丁丙诺啡或纳洛酮,结合咨询和行为疗法,为治疗 OUD 提供“全患者”的方法。MOUD 对于减少阿片类药物的使用非常有效,但受到治疗患者的提供者数量的限制,特别是在初级护理环境中。 Q2i 的 OARS 技术包括医疗团队门户和患者移动应用程序。它通过提供实时洞察、分析和趋势分析,以及改善医疗团队和患者之间的联系和支持,提高了 MOUD 计划的成功。 加州大学洛杉矶分校的研究负责人 SteveShoptw 博士说:“ OARS 与电子健康记录相互作用,支持初级保健提供者及其病人改善 MOUD 的结果。如果有效, OARS 工具将增加患者的准入,增加提供 MOUD 的提供者的数量,并最终增加治疗的使用,以应对当前的阿片类疾病流行。” SteveJenkins , Q2i 的首席执行官说,“ OARS 是一种现有的 Q2i 技术,已经开发和早期使用了三年多。来自患者和提供者的初步反馈表明,提供者的经验得到改善,患者参与程度高,对治疗计划的依从性更强,程序保留/减少退出。我们很高兴有机会与加州大学洛杉矶分校合作,加强和进一步发展 OARS 以满足初级保健临床医生的具体需要。”这是一个很好的例子 研究的第一阶段将包括新罕布什尔州的卫生组织。根据 NIH 的数据,新罕布什尔州是阿片相关死亡率最高的五个州之一,是2017年全国平均水平的两倍多。 NH 参议员 Shaheen 说:“这些资金为把现有的医学研究从实验室转移到治疗中心的努力提供了亟需的投资,并开发了新的、前沿的方法来治疗阿片类药物成瘾,使患者走上康复的道路。” NH 参议员 Hassan 说:“在我们州抗击毁灭性的阿片类药物泛滥需要创新的治疗、预防和恢复方法,这就是为什么这些联邦拨款至关重要。” SOURCE Q2 i 相关链接 http://www.Q2i.com