Aegle Therapeutics Announces $4M Financing to Fund Groundbreaking Stem Cell Exosome Clinical Trial to Treat Orphan Disease Dystrophic Epidermolysis Bullosa

Aegle Therapeutics获400万美元融资,用于治疗大疱性表皮松解症

2020-01-08 09:20:20 CISION


Aegle Therapeutics Corp., a first in class biotechnology company isolating extracellular vesicles, including exosomes , secreted by mesenchymal stem cells as therapy, today announced the closing of a $4M financing. Aegle's platform technology is initially being developed to treat dystrophic epidermolysis bullosa , a rare pediatric skin blistering disorder. The investment was led by Boca Raton-based New World Angels, with participation from Tellus BioVentures, DEFTA Healthcare Technologies and DeepWork Capital, as well as exiting investors including OceanAzul Partners, LLC. Aegle's technology is based on decades of work conducted by Dr. Evangelos Badiavas, M.D., Ph.D., Aegle's founder. Aegle's proprietary isolation process safely and efficiently isolates EVs secreted by allogeneic bone marrow derived mesenchymal stem cells. In preclinical research, Aegle's EVs demonstrated similar regenerative functionality to their parent cells, opening up the potential for "cell-free" therapy. Additionally, Aegle's EVs carry specific proteins and mRNA that may prove essential for the treatment of DEB. Aegle's technology is a platform technology with many potential indications in and beyond dermatology. "We are very excited to close this first institutional financing round with such knowledgeable, high-caliber biotech investors," said Aegle CEO Shelley Hartman. "The new funding validates our business plan and allows us to advance AGLE-102 into the clinic as well as expand the capabilities and opportunities of this cutting-edge platform." Aegle's IND for the treatment of DEB patients has been cleared by the FDA. The Company anticipates beginning clinical trials in DEB in the first half of 2020. "We are very excited to participate in advancing this pioneering research into the clinic. We expect that in addition to DEB, there are many other potential applications for this platform technology," said Dr. David Schimmel of New World Angels who will join the Board of Directors, along with Lonnie Moulder at Tellus BioVentures and Elona Baum of DEFTA Healthcare Technologies. Lonnie Moulder, founder of Tellus BioVentures, added ,"We are pleased to support the advancement of this very promising science into clinical trials by Aegle's highly capable management team." About Aegle Therapeutics Corp.Aegle Therapeutics ( is a privately-held biotechnology company developing a first in class therapy using extracellular vesicles ("EVs"), including exosomes, secreted by allogeneic bone marrow derived mesenchymal stem cells. Aegle's platform technology is initially being developed to treat dystrophic epidermolysis bullosa ("DEB"), a rare pediatric skin blistering disorder. Aegle's IND for DEB has been cleared by the FDA and the Company expects to enter the clinic by the 2H of 2020. Aegle believes its platform technology, based on intellectual property licensed from the University of Miami and developed by Chief Scientific Officer, Evangelos Badiavas, M.D., Ph.D., has a broad range of potential indications. Contact:Shelley A. HartmanChief Executive SOURCE Aegle Therapeutics Corp. Related Links
Aegle Therapeutics Corp .今天宣布结束一笔400万美元的融资。 Aegle Therapeutics Corp .是第一家将细胞外囊液(包括外分泌物)分离出来的生物技术公司,由间充质干细胞进行治疗。Aegle 的平台技术最初被开发用于治疗营养不良的表皮松解性大疱,一种罕见的儿童皮肤起泡障碍。这项投资由博卡拉顿新世界天使投资公司牵头,由 Tellus BioVentures 、 DEFTA Healthcare Technologies 和 DeepWork Capital 以及 OceanAzul Partners , LLC 等现有投资者参与。 Aegle 的技术是基于几十年来由 EvangelosBadiavas 博士,医学博士(M.D.)博士, Aegle 的创始人进行的工作。Aegle 的专有隔离过程安全有效地分离了异基因骨髓来源间充质干细胞分泌的 EV 。在临床前研究中, Aegle 的 EV 显示了与其母体细胞类似的再生功能,为“无细胞”治疗开辟了潜力。此外, Aegle 的 EV 携带特定的蛋白质和 mRNA ,这可能被证明是治疗 DEB 必不可少的。Aegle 公司的技术是一个平台技术,在皮肤科内外有许多潜在的适应症。 Aegle 首席执行官 Sherley Hartman 表示,"我们非常高兴能与这些知识渊博、高素质的生物技术投资者完成第一轮机构融资."“新的资金验证了我们的商业计划,并允许我们推进 AGLE-102进入诊所,以及扩大这个前沿平台的能力和机会。” Aegle 公司治疗 DEB 患者的 IND 已经获得 FDA 的批准。本公司预计于2020年上半年在 DEB 开始临床试验。 “我们很高兴能参与到临床研究中来。我们预计,除了 DEB 之外,该平台技术还有许多其他潜在的应用,”新世界天使的 David Schimmel 博士说,他将加入董事会,以及 Tellus BioVentures 的 Lonnie Moulder 和 DEFTA 医疗技术公司的 Elona Baum 。 Tellus BioVentures 的创始人 Lonnie Moulder 补充说:“我们很高兴支持 Aegle 的高能力管理团队将这一非常有前途的科学推进到临床试验中。” 关于 Aegle Therapeutics Corp . Aegle Therapeutics ( )是一家私人持股的生物技术公司,该公司利用细胞外囊泡( EV ),包括异基因骨髓来源间充质干细胞分泌的外显体,开发出一流的治疗方法。Aegle 的平台技术最初被开发用于治疗营养不良的表皮松解性大疱( DEB ),一种罕见的儿科皮肤起泡疾病。Aegle 公司的 DEB IND 已经获得 FDA 的批准,公司预计在2020年下半年进入临床。Aegle 认为其平台技术基于迈阿密大学许可的知识产权,由首席科学干事 Evangelos Badiavas 博士开发,具有广泛的潜在适应症。 联系方式: Sherley A . Hartman 首席执行官 officershartman @ 美国航空治疗公司. 相关链接