Dr. Leo Indianer and 4LA-SKIN Have Announced the Addition of INFINI™ for Acne Scars and Wrinkle Reduction

增加高强度聚焦射频INFINI ™可以用于治疗痤疮疤痕和减少皱纹

2020-01-09 11:23:11 CISION


 Dr. Leo Indianer and 1-833 4LA-SKIN are excited to announce the latest addition to Encino's premier dermatology practice, INFINI. This unique High Intensity Focused RF device is specially developed for wrinkle reduction and acne scars through 3-D volumization; it maximizes results while minimizing patient discomfort. Infini provides a long overdue solution for dark or tanned skinned patients, who until now had limited energy-based treatment choices. Patients in Southern California now have a new alternative treatment for fine lines and acne scar treatment that is comfortable and won't keep them hidden at home during recovery while still providing outstanding results. "We have added Infini to our suite of lasers," stated board certified dermatologist, Dr. Leo Indianer, "because of all of the extraordinary benefits involving wrinkle reduction and acne treatment. It is hands down the best technology for treating acne scars and/or fine lines around the eyes. Infini is proven worldwide, with over 10,000 treatments performed and sound clinical proof. How Infini Works Infini applies radio frequency energy through its patented microneedle technology, to maximize patient comfort. Infini works below the skin (dermis), where wrinkles originate, to rebuild collagen without causing unwanted damage to the top layer of skin (epidermis). The collagen continues to build over several weeks after each treatment; the skin becomes more youthful as wrinkles become less and less visible. Because Infini applies energy below the surface of the skin the Infini can treat dark and tanned skin patients, providing solutions for patients who had little choice. About Dr. Leo Indianer and 1-833 4LA-SKIN Dr. Indianer graduated from the University of Michigan Medical School in 1960. Dr. Indianer works in Encino, CA and specializes in Dermatology, Dermatopathology and Pathology. Dr. Indianer is affiliated with Providence Tarzana Medical Center. Media Contact:Reza Mozafari(833) 452-7546232073@email4pr.com  SOURCE Dr. Leo Indianer
Leo Indianer 博士和1-8334LA-SKIN 博士非常高兴地宣布 Encino 的顶级皮肤科医生 INFINI 的最新补充。这种独特的高强度聚焦射频装置是专为通过三维体积法减少皱纹和痤疮疤痕而开发的,它在最大限度地减少病人不适的同时最大化结果。英菲尼提供了一个长期的解决方案,黑暗或晒黑皮肤的病人,谁到目前为止有有限的能源为基础的治疗选择。南加州的病人现在有了一种新的治疗细纹和痤疮疤痕的方法,这是舒适的,不会让他们隐藏在家里,在恢复的同时仍然提供出色的结果。 “我们在我们的激光套件中加入了 Infini ,”董事会认证的皮肤科医生 LeoIndianer 博士说,“因为所有涉及皱纹减少和痤疮治疗的特殊好处。这是最好的治疗痤疮疤痕和/或眼睛周围细纹的技术。 英夫里尼在世界范围内得到了证实,有超过10,000种治疗方法和良好的临床证据. Infini 如何工作 Infini 公司通过其专利微针技术应用射频能量,以最大化患者的舒适度。Infini 的作用下的皮肤(真皮),那里的皱纹起源,重建胶原蛋白,而不造成不必要的损害的顶层皮肤(表皮)。每一次治疗后,胶原蛋白都会在几周内继续积累;随着皱纹变得越来越少,皮肤变得更加年轻。因为 Infini 应用能量在皮肤表面以下,所以 Infini 可以治疗黑皮肤和晒黑皮肤的患者,为几乎没有选择的患者提供解决方案。 关于 Leo Indianer 博士和1-8334LA-SKIN 1960年, Indianer 博士毕业于密歇根大学医学院。Indianer 博士在加利福尼亚 Encino 工作,专门从事皮肤科、皮肤科和病理学。Indianer 博士隶属于 Providence Tarzana 医疗中心。 媒体联系人: Reza Mozafari (833)452-7546232073@ email4pr.com Leo Indianer 博士