Eurofins Expands Kidney Transplant Diagnostics Offering Through Viracor TRAC™

Eurofins通过Viracor TRAC™扩展肾脏移植诊断服务

2020-01-09 11:30:03 CISION


Viracor Eurofins, a leading U.S. transplant diagnostics laboratory, announced it has begun offering a proprietary donor derived cell-free DNA assay, Viracor TRAC™, to complement its suite of testing supporting successful outcomes for those patients with kidney transplants. The announcement of TRAC Kidney continues Viracor's 30 year commitment to scientific innovation in clinical diagnostics and further enhances Viracor's comprehensive transplant diagnostic portfolio. When combined with Eurofins' market-leading pre-transplant laboratory, VRL, and newly acquired Transplant Genomics, which provides testing to detect subclinical rejection, Eurofins believes it provides hospitals, physicians and organ procurement organizations the most comprehensive transplant testing menu in the U.S. TRAC is a non-invasive liquid biopsy with similar performance characteristics to other dd-cfDNA assays currently on the market. The current gold standard method of rejection diagnosis and surveillance is organ biopsy, an invasive technique that suffers from high cost and potentially multiple complications for the patient. Viracor has invested in two ongoing prospective and one retrospective clinical trial to further develop clinical data to support the use of the test. Through its work with the American Medical Association/CPT®, Viracor Eurofins has secured a Proprietary Laboratory Analyses (PLA) code for Viracor TRAC™. Today we are pleased to add TRAC, our innovative dd-cfDNA assay to enhance our portfolio of diagnostic tests for renal transplant management. On November 25th, Eurofins Transplant Genomics introduced TruGraf for detection of subclinical kidney rejection and now we are introducing TRAC for detection of acute kidney rejection. With our focus on clinical diagnostics and transplantation, we believe that we provide the most comprehensive testing solutions from pre-transplant donor-matching to detection and monitoring various post-transplant conditions, including organ rejection, infection and therapeutic immunosuppression. In striving for diagnostic efficiency and improved cost of care, we believe that TRAC will make a big difference for the constituencies we serve – transplant patients, healthcare providers and payers. About Viracor Eurofins As a member of Eurofins Scientific, a global leader in laboratory services for specialty clinical diagnostics, discovery pharmacology and supporting clinical studies, Viracor serves many leading biopharmaceutical companies and a wide range of clinical and academic customers in the U.S. With over 30 years of specialized expertise in infectious disease, immunology and allergy testing for immunocompromised and critical patients, Viracor Eurofins is committed to helping medical professionals, transplant teams, reference laboratories and biopharmaceutical companies get results faster, when it matters most. Viracor is a 100 percent subsidiary of Eurofins Scientific (EUFI.PA), the global leader in bio-analytical testing, and one of the world leaders in genomic services. For more information, please visit and Eurofins – a global leader in bio-analysis Eurofins Scientific through its subsidiaries (hereinafter sometimes "Eurofins" or "the Group") believes it is a scientific leader in food, environment, pharmaceutical and cosmetics products testing and in agroscience CRO services. It is also one of the global independent market leaders in certain testing and laboratory services for genomics, discovery pharmacology, forensics, CDMO, advanced material sciences and for supporting clinical studies. In addition, Eurofins is one of the leading global emerging players in specialty clinical diagnostic testing. With about 45,000 staff in more than 800 laboratories across 47 countries, Eurofins offers a portfolio of over 200,000 analytical methods for evaluating the safety, identity, composition, authenticity, origin and purity of biological substances and products, as well as for innovative clinical diagnostic. The Group objective is to provide its customers with high-quality services, accurate results on time and expert advice by its highly qualified staff. Eurofins is committed to pursuing its dynamic growth strategy by expanding both its technology portfolio and its geographic reach. Through R&D and acquisitions, the Group draws on the latest developments in the field of biotechnology and analytical chemistry to offer its clients unique analytical solutions and the most comprehensive range of testing methods. As one of the most innovative and quality oriented international players in its industry, Eurofins is ideally positioned to support its clients' increasingly stringent quality and safety standards and the expanding demands of regulatory authorities around the world. The shares of Eurofins Scientific are listed on the Euronext Paris Stock Exchange (ISIN FR0000038259, Reuters EUFI.PA, Bloomberg ERF FP). SOURCE Viracor Eurofins
美国领先的移植诊断实验室 Viracor Eurofins 宣布,该公司已开始提供一种专有的捐献者来源的无细胞 DNA 分析方法 Viracor TRAC ™,以补充其支持肾脏移植患者成功结果的一系列测试。 TRAC Kidney 的公告延续了 Viracor 对临床诊断科学创新的30年承诺,进一步提升了 Viracor 的全面移植诊断组合。当与 Eurofins 的市场领先的移植前实验室 VRL 和新收购的 TransplantGenomics (提供检测亚临床排斥反应的测试)相结合时, Eurofins 相信它为医院、医生和器官采购组织提供了美国最全面的移植检测菜单。 TRAC 是一种无创液体活检,其性能与目前市场上的其他 dd-cfDNA 检测方法相似。目前标准的排斥诊断和监测方法是器官活检,这是一种侵入性技术,患者遭受高成本和潜在的多重并发症。Viracor 已经投资了两个正在进行的前瞻性和一个回顾性的临床试验,以进一步开发临床数据支持使用的测试。通过与美国医学协会/ CPT ®的合作, Viracor Eurofins 获得了 Viracor TRAC ™专有实验室分析( PLA )代码。 今天,我们很高兴添加 TRAC ,我们的创新 dd-cfDNA 分析,以加强我们的诊断测试组合的肾脏移植管理。11月25日, Eurofins TransplantGenomics 推出了 TruGraf 检测亚临床肾脏排斥反应,现在我们正在引入 TRAC 检测急性肾排斥反应。以临床诊断和移植为重点,我们认为我们提供从移植前供体匹配到检测和监测移植后各种状况的最全面的检测解决方案,包括器官排斥、感染和治疗性免疫抑制。在努力提高诊断效率和改善护理成本方面,我们相信 TRAC 将为我们所服务的群体——移植患者、医疗保健提供者和支付者——带来巨大的改变。 关于 Viracor Eurofins 作为 Eurofins Scientific 的成员,在专业临床诊断、发现药理学和支持临床研究的实验室服务方面处于全球领先地位,Viracor 服务于美国许多领先的生物制药公司和广泛的临床和学术客户。 Viracor Eurofins 拥有30多年的免疫受损和关键患者的传染病、免疫学和过敏测试专业知识,致力于帮助医疗专业人员、移植团队、参考实验室和生物制药公司在最重要的时候更快地取得成果。 Viracor 是 Eurofins Scientific ( EUFI.PA )的100%子公司,是全球生物分析测试的领导者,也是全球基因组服务的领导者之一。如需更多信息,请访问\160和\160; https://www.viracor-euroffins 。com /。 Eurofins —— Eurofins Scientific 通过其子公司(以下有时称为“ Eurofins ”或“本集团”)进行生物分析的全球领先企业,认为它在食品、环境、医药和化妆品产品测试和农业科学 CRO 服务方面是科学领先企业。在基因组学、发现药理学、法医、 CDMO 、先进材料科学和支持临床研究的某些测试和实验室服务方面,它也是全球独立的市场领导者之一。此外, Eurofins 是专业临床诊断测试领域全球领先的新兴公司之一。Eurofins 在47个国家的800多个实验室拥有约45,000名工作人员,提供了200,000多种分析方法,用于评估生物物质和产品的安全性、同一性、成分、真实性、来源和纯度,以及创新的临床诊断。本集团的目标是为客户提供高质量的服务、准时准确的结果以及由高素质员工提供专业意见。 Eurofins 致力于通过扩大其技术组合和地理范围来实现其动态增长战略。本集团透过研发及收购,利用生物科技及分析化学领域的最新发展,为客户提供独特的分析解决方案及最全面的测试方法。 作为行业中最具创新性和质量导向的国际参与者之一, Eurofins 处于理想的位置,能够支持其客户日益严格的质量和安全标准以及世界各地监管机构不断扩大的需求。 Eurofins Scientific 的股票在 Euronext Paris Stock Exchange ( ISIN FR0000038259, Reuters EUFI.PA , Bloomberg ERF FP )上市。 SoURCE Viracor Eurofins