Pear Therapeutics acquires VR tech for pain treatment

数字健康公司Pear Therapeutics收购VR技术治疗疼痛

2020-01-09 08:40:10 MedCityNews


Pear Therapeutics started the new year off with a bang: the digital health company acquired two technologies for pain treatment on Monday. Pear acquired the two clinical-stage digital therapeutics from Firsthand Technology. They involve using virtual reality headsets to reduce both acute and chronic pain. Early trials showed significant pain reduction in patients. McCann said Pear Therapeutics had been looking at a host of technologies for pain treatment, and Firsthand’s stood out for their strong clinical data. He hopes to build on the company’s proof-of-concept data to move its pain-treatment tech toward FDA approval. The company also unveiled a slew of other licensing deals, ranging from treatments for migraines to IBS. Pear CEO Corey McCann said the company was building out its pipeline with a long-term view in mind. “When we look into the future, we think of prescription digital therapeutics as being a whole new treatment class in health care,” McCann said. “We really think this opportunity could be that big. … Everything we do is focused on scaling one way or another.” Pear also licensed voice digital biomarkers from Winterlight Labs, which could potentially be used to track the progression of a number of conditions. McCann said the tech could have far-reaching implications for Pear’s existing and future products. “Many of these technologies are early stage. But there are some very interesting early results showing the ability to track things like Alzheimer’s, depression, schizophrenia and Parkinson’s, all by monitoring voice,” McCann said. The company is also working with NeuroLex Laboratories to collect voice data in patients with depression as well as healthy volunteers. In the future, Pear hopes to use this data to gauge the efficacy of its digital therapeutics. Pear already has two FDA-approved digital therapeutics for substance abuse and opioid use. The agreements bring some good news after Novartis’ generics business, Sandoz, dropped out of a commercialization agreement for Pear’s two substance-abuse therapies in October.  Now Pear will solely market them. Other notable licensing deals that Pear struck include: Photo Credit:  photo_chaz, Getty Images  
Pear Therapeutics 今年开局不错:这家数字健康公司周一收购了两项疼痛治疗技术。 皮尔从 Firsthand Technology 获得了两个临床阶段的数字疗法。它们包括使用虚拟现实耳机来减少急性和慢性疼痛。早期试验显示患者疼痛明显减轻。 McCann 表示, Pear Therapeutics 一直在研究一系列疼痛治疗技术, Firsthand 的临床数据非常强劲。他希望利用该公司的概念证明数据,将其疼痛治疗技术转移到 FDA 的批准。 该公司还公布了一系列其他许可协议,从偏头痛的治疗到 IBS 。Pear 首席执行长麦肯( Corey McCann )表示,该公司正在考虑长远的前景,建立自己的管道。 “当我们展望未来时,我们认为处方数字疗法是一个全新的医疗保健治疗类别,” McCann 说。“我们真的认为这个机会很大。……我们所做的一切都集中在以一种或另一种方式扩大规模上。” Pear 还从 Winterlight 实验室获得了语音数字生物标记物的许可,这些生物标记物可能被用来跟踪一些情况的进展。麦肯表示,这项技术可能对培尔现有和未来的产品产生深远影响。 “其中许多技术还处于早期阶段。但有一些非常有趣的早期结果显示,通过监测声音,我们能够追踪像阿兹海默症、抑郁症、精神分裂症和帕金森症等疾病。” 该公司还与 NeuroLex 实验室合作,收集抑郁症患者以及健康志愿者的语音数据。未来, Pear 希望利用这些数据来衡量其数字疗法的疗效。 Pear 已经有两种 FDA 批准的药物滥用和阿片类药物使用的数字疗法。去年10月,诺华( Novartis )旗下仿制药业务 Sandoz 放弃了皮尔( Pear )两种药物滥用疗法的商业化协议,这些协议带来了一些好消息。现在,皮尔将只销售他们。 Pear 达成的其他显著许可协议包括: 照片信用:照片查兹,盖蒂图片