Antipsychotic Initiation Ups Risk for Head Injury, TBI in Alzheimer Disease


2020-01-09 09:40:11 Drugs


Individuals with Alzheimer disease initiating antipsychotics have an increased risk for head injuries and traumatic brain injury , according to a study published online Jan. 7 in the Journal of the American Geriatrics Society. Vesa Tapiainen, M.D., from the School of Pharmacy at the University of Eastern Finland in Kuopio, and colleagues conducted a nationwide register-based cohort study to examine the association between antipsychotic use and risk for head injuries among community dwellers with AD. Data were included for 21,795 pairs of incident antipsychotic users matched with nonusers by age, sex, and time since AD diagnosis. The researchers observed an association between antipsychotic use and increased risk for head injuries (event rate per 100 person-years, 1.65 for users and 1.26 for nonusers; inverse probability of treatment [IPT]-weighted hazard ratio, 1.29) and TBI (event rate per 100 person-years, 0.90 and 0.72 for users and nonusers, respectively; IPT-weighted hazard ratio, 1.22). Compared with risperidone users, quetiapine users had higher TBI risk (IPT-weighted hazard ratio, 1.60). "Persons with AD have a higher risk of falling, head injuries, and TBIs and worse prognosis after these events in comparison to those without AD," the authors write. "Therefore, it is important to avoid further increasing risk in this vulnerable population." Several authors disclosed financial ties to the pharmaceutical industry. Abstract/Full Text (subscription or payment may be required) © 2020 HealthDay. All rights reserved. Posted: January 2020
根据1月7日发表在《美国老年病学会(American Geriatrics Society)杂志》上的一项研究,服用抗精神病药物的阿尔茨海默病患者头部受伤和脑外伤的风险增加。 芬兰东部大学 Kuopio 大学药学院的 Vesa Tapiainen 医学博士(M.D.)博士及其同事进行了一项全国性的基于登记的队列研究,以研究抗精神病药物使用与 AD 社区居民头部受伤风险之间的关系。自 AD 诊断以来,根据年龄、性别、时间等因素对21795对抗精神病患者进行了配对。 研究人员观察到抗精神病药物使用与头部受伤风险增加之间的关系(100人/年、1.65人/年、1.26人/年;治疗的反可能性[ IPT ]-加权危险率1.29)和 TBI (100人/年、0.90和0.72人/年、0.72人/年、0.IPT 加权危险率,1.22。与利培酮使用者相比,奎硫平使用者的 TBI 风险较高( IPT 加权危险率1.60)。 “与没有 AD 的患者相比, AD 患者有更高的跌倒、头部受伤和 TBI 的风险,并且预后更差,”作者写道。因此,必须避免这一弱势群体的风险进一步增加。 几位作者披露了与制药行业的财务关系。 文摘/全文(可能需要订阅或付费) ©2020 HealthDay 。保留所有权利。 Posted :2020年1月