Novome Biotechnologies Secures $33M in Series A Financing

Novome Biotechnologies获3300万美元A轮融资

2020-01-09 14:13:46 Finsmes


Novome Biotechnologies, Inc., a South San Francisco, Calif.-based biotechnology company engineering living medicines for chronic diseases, secured $33m in Series A financing. The round was led by DCVC Bio with participation from seed investor 5AM Ventures, Alta Partners, Alexandria Venture Investments and Mayo Clinic. In conjunction with the financing, the company has expanded its Board of Directors to include Kiersten Stead, Managing Partner at DCVC Bio, and Dan Janney, Managing Partner at Alta Partners. Additional board members include Andrew Schwab, Managing Partner at 5AM Ventures, Will DeLoache and Blake Wise. The company intends to use the funds to advance its lead hyperoxaluria program through Phase 1 clinical proof-of-concept work, as well as to expand its Genetically Engineered Microbial Medicines (GEMMs) platform to address additional indications. Led by Blake Wise, Chief Executive Officer, and Will DeLoache, Ph.D., Co-Founder and Chief Scientific Officer, Novome is focused on treating chronic diseases with a platform for controlled colonization of the human gut with engineered therapeutic bacteria. The company’s lead preclinical program in hyperoxaluria is focused on the development of a live biotherapeutic product that degrades oxalate to prevent the formation of kidney stones. Additional programs are being pursued in a range of indications that leverage the company’s proprietary synthetic biology platform. The company was founded in 2016 by scientists from Stanford University and the University of California, Berkeley, based on research performed in the laboratory of Scientific Co-Founder Dr. Justin Sonnenburg, Associate Professor, Stanford University. The founding team, Drs. Will DeLoache, Weston Whitaker, Zachary Russ, and Liz Shepherd, combines deep expertise in synthetic biology and the study of the gut microbiota. FinSMEs 09/01/2020
Novome Biotechnologies , Inc .。以生物技术为基础的生物技术公司为慢性病设计生物药物,获得了3300万美元的 A 系列融资。 本轮融资由 DCVC 生物牵头,种子投资者5AM Ventures 、 Alta Partners 、 Alexandria Venture Investments 和 Mayo Clinic 参与。结合融资,公司扩大了董事会成员,包括 DCVC 生物的执行合伙人 Kiersten Stead 和 Alta Partners 的执行合伙人 Dan Janney 。其他董事会成员包括5AM Ventures 的执行合伙人 Andrew Schwab 、 Will DeLoache 和 Blake Wise 。 公司拟使用募集资金通过1期临床概念证明工作推进其主导的高草酸杆菌项目,同时拓展其基因工程微生物药物( GEMMs )平台,以解决额外适应症。 在首席执行官 Blake Wise 和联合创始人兼首席科学官 Will DeLoache 的带领下, Novome 专注于用工程治疗菌控制人类肠道的殖民化平台治疗慢性疾病。公司在高草酸的主导临床前方案专注于开发一种降解草酸酯以防止肾结石形成的活性生物治疗药物产品。其他项目也在寻求利用该公司专有的合成生物学平台的一系列迹象。 公司成立于2016年,由斯坦福大学和加州大学伯克利分校的科学家根据在科学联合创始人博士、斯坦福大学副教授 Justin Sonnenburg 实验室进行的研究成果。创始团队, Drs 。Will DeLoache 、 Weston Whitaker 、 Zachary Rus 和 Liz Shepherd 结合了合成生物学的深厚专业知识和肠道微生物的研究。 FinSME 09/01/2020