Alderaan Biotechnology raises €18.5M in Series A from Advent France Biotechnology and Medicxi

Alderan Biotechnology获1850万欧元融资,用于治疗癌症单克隆抗体研究

2020-01-10 09:40:13 BioSpace


Alderaan Biotechnology, a preclinical stage company focused on monoclonal antibodies development for the treatment of cancer, announces today the successful completion of a Series A funding of €18.5M from investors Advent France Biotechnology and Medicxi. This follows a seed funding round of €1.5M in 2017, led by AFB. Founded by Pr Armand Bensussan, head of the Skin Research Centre, Saint Louis Hospital, Paris, and Pr Daniel Olive, head of the Immunity and Cancer team at Institut Paoli Calmette, Marseille, Alderaan Biotechnology focusses on developing technologies to deplete regulatory T (Treg) cells in cancer and to boost Natural Killer (NK) cell cytotoxic activity in cancer, both emerging as new immunotherapy modalities. This funding round will support the finalization of preclinical development to reach Phase I clinical stage, with the company’s Treg depleting CD25-specific antibodies, by 2022. In parallel, the financing will also help validate the in vivo therapeutic potential of the NK asset related to the activating NK cell receptor CD160-TM (Alderaan’s second program). Both Medicxi and AFB, represented by Michèle Ollier and Matthieu Coutet respectively, will co-lead the new investment as board directors. “I am very pleased to welcome Medicxi to the company; its capital investment signals an exciting stage for Alderaan,” said Arnaud Foussat, CEO of Alderaan Biotechnology. “Modulating regulatory T-cells in cancer has a great therapeutic potential in oncology – it could be a game changer. Our NK asset is earlier stage, but there is already a strong and encouraging interest from the pharmaceutical industry in the field.” “We have been working alongside Alderaan since day one and we are thrilled to be part of this next stage of development,” said Matthieu Coutet, managing partner at Advent France Biotechnology. “Alderaan’s area of focus is drawing attention from big names in the industry and the company has a solid scientific team to support its rationale.” “Alderaan perfectly fits with our aim, which is to invest in start-ups that have already reached scientific maturation and proof-of-concept,” said Michèle Ollier, partner at Medicxi. “The company’s technologies are very attractive to the pharmaceutical industry and could become key additional therapeutic tools for patients and health professionals.” Advisors to Alderaan Legal: Mac Dermott Financial: Deloitte Advisors to Medixci Legal: Jones Day About Advent France Biotechnology Advent France Biotechnology is an AMF regulated firm created in 2016. The team, managed by Alain Huriez and Matthieu Coutet, includes professionals with extensive scientific, medical and operational experience, as well as a long-standing track record of entrepreneurial and investment successes across Europe. AFB invests in a range of sectors within the life sciences, specifically in drug discovery and new medical technologies. About Medicxi Medicxi is a European venture capital firm with the mission to create and invest in companies along the full drug development continuum. Medicxi was established by the former Index Ventures life sciences team, which has been active for over 20 years, and invests in both early and late-stage assets with a product vision that can fulfil a clear unmet need. GSK, Johnson & Johnson Innovation – JJDC, Inc., Novartis and Verily (an Alphabet company) have invested in Medicxi funds. About Alderaan Biotechnology Alderaan Biotechnology is a preclinical stage company focused on monoclonal antibodies development for the treatment of cancer with technologies aiming at Treg depletion and NK cell modulation. Founded in 2017 and headquartered in Paris, Alderaan works with world-class teams in the field of immunomodulation and NK cell receptors. The company raised €1.5M ($1.7M) in 2017 from co-founder Advent France Biotechnology (AFB) and €18.5M ($20.7M) in 2019 from AFB and Medicxi.
专注于治疗癌症的单克隆抗体开发的临床前阶段公司 Alderan Biotechnology 今天宣布,投资者 Advent France Biotechnology 和 Medic Xi 成功完成了1850万欧元的 A 系列融资。在此之前,法国农业银行( AFB )在2017年牵头开展了一轮150万欧元的种子融资。 由巴黎圣路易医院皮肤研究中心主任 Pr Armand Bensusan 和马赛 Paoli Calmette 研究所免疫和癌症小组负责人 Pr Daniel Olive 创立,阿尔德兰生物技术的重点是开发技术,以耗尽调节性 T ( Treg )细胞在癌症和促进自然杀伤( NK )细胞毒性活动的细胞,这两种新的免疫治疗方式。 本次出资轮将支持临床前开发的最终确定,以公司 Treg 耗竭 CD25特异性抗体,到2022年达到 I 期临床阶段。同时,融资还将有助于验证与激活 NK 细胞受体 CD160-TM ( Alderan 的第二个项目)相关的 NK 资产的体内治疗潜力。 Medic xi 和 AFB (分别由 Mich è le Ollier 和 Matthieu Coutte 代表)将作为董事会共同领导新的投资。 “我很高兴欢迎 Medic xi 加入该公司;其资本投资标志着 Alderan 进入了一个激动人心的阶段,” Alderan Biotechnology 首席执行官 Arnaud Foussat 表示。“调节癌症的调节性 T 细胞在肿瘤治疗方面有很大的潜力——它可能会改变游戏规则。我们的 NK 资产还处于早期阶段,但制药行业已经对该领域产生了强烈的、令人鼓舞的兴趣。” Advent France Biotechnology 的执行合伙人 Matthieu Couttet 表示:“我们从第一天起就一直与奥德朗合作,我们很高兴能参与下一阶段的发展。”“奥德朗的重点领域吸引了业内知名企业的关注,该公司拥有坚实的科学团队来支持其理论基础。” “奥德朗完全符合我们的目标,即投资于已经达到科学成熟和概念验证的初创企业,” Medic xi 合伙人米歇尔•奥利耶( Mich è le Ollier )表示。“该公司的技术对制药行业非常有吸引力,可能成为患者和卫生专业人士的关键附加治疗工具。” 奥德朗公司顾问 法律: Mac Dermott 财务:德勤 Medixci 顾问 法律:琼斯日 关于法国先进生物技术 Advent France Biotechnology 是一家 AMF 监管的公司,成立于2016年。该团队由 Alain Huriez 和 Matthieu Couttet 管理,成员包括具有广泛科学、医疗和运营经验的专业人士,以及在欧洲各地创业和投资成功的长期记录。AFB 投资生命科学领域的一系列领域,特别是药物发现和新的医疗技术。 关于 Medicxi Medicxi 是一家欧洲风险投资公司,其使命是在药品开发全过程中创建和投资公司。Medic Xi 是由前指数风险投资生命科学团队建立的,该团队活跃了20多年,投资于早期和后期的资产,具有能够满足明显未得到满足的需求的产品愿景。葛兰素史克(GSK)、强生(Johnson & Johnson) Innovation —— JDC 、诺华(Novartis)和 Verily ( Alphabet 公司)都投资了 Medicxi 基金。 关于奥德朗生物技术 Alderan Biotechnology 是一家临床前阶段公司,专注于单克隆抗体开发,以 Treg 耗竭和 NK 细胞调节技术治疗癌症。Allderan 成立于2017年,总部位于巴黎,在免疫调节和 NK 细胞受体领域与世界一流的团队合作。2017年,该公司从联合创始人 Advent France Biotechnology ( AFB )筹集了150万欧元(合170万美元),2019年从 AFB 和 Medic Xi 筹集了1850万欧元(合2070万美元)。