South Florida Sinus and Allergy Center now Offering Vivaer® to Treat Nasal Airway Congestion

南弗洛里达州Allergy中心宣布推出Vivaa ®工具治疗鼻子气道堵塞

2020-01-10 11:03:01 CISION


Led by highly acclaimed physician Dr. Lee Mandel, South Florida Sinus and Allergy Center provides South Florida residents with high-quality minimally invasive nasal procedures and treatments regarding sinus, allergy, snoring and sleep disorders. With over 20 years of experience, their team employs cutting edge technology and surgical techniques designed to help patients improve their quality of life and obtain the best possible outcome from treatment. Always on the bleeding edge of innovation, South Florida Sinus and Allergy Center has recently announced the addition of Vivaer® to treat nasal airway congestion. Vivaer® nasal congestion treatments are a welcomed addition to the center's toolset, with clinical studies revealing that Vivaer® significantly improved nasal obstruction symptoms for patients similarly to improvements experienced from more invasive surgical treatments. Hope for Millions Suffering from Nasal Congestion Nasal congestion is a prevalent and widespread condition experienced chronically by millions of individuals nationwide. The condition involves the blockage of nasal passages, with underlying causes ranging from allergies to a deviated septum. The severity of nasal congestion may vary from that of a moderate annoyance to life-threatening in some cases. Previous Treatment Options Were Limited Despite the prevalence of this condition, treatment options were largely limited to medications, breathing strips, or expensive and sometimes dangerous surgery. Medication and mechanical options such as breathing strips provide minimal and short-lived relief, while surgery is painful and involves an extended recovery period. Non-Invasive Breakthrough: Vivaer® With the advent of Vivaer®, those suffering from nasal airway obstruction now have an alternative treatment option. This one-time procedure is minimally-invasive, can be performed in minutes, and is highly effective for many patients. Vivaer® may be a good option for those who experience: Vivaer® Nasal Airway Remodeling Procedure Vivaer® nasal obstruction treatment performed at South Florida Sinus and Allergy Center is an "in-office" outpatient procedure utilizing advanced medical technology called Vivaer®Nasal Airway Remodeling. This treatment involves the use of carefully controlled radiofrequency energy that effectively reshapes the nasal tissues, thus improving airflow without the need for any incisions or surgical interventions. The Benefits of Vivaer® Nasal Airway Remodeling Fast and Convenient Minimally-Invasive and Low Risk Proven and Effective About South Florida Sinus and Allergy Center South Florida Sinus and Allergy Center, with locations in both Plantation and Fort Lauderdale Florida, is known for its excellence of care and treatment of sinus-related conditions, allergies, and sleep and snoring disorders. Their team of talented, compassionate and renowned medical specialists utilize forward-thinking approaches employing the latest medical breakthroughs and approved techniques and technology to deliver superior patient outcomes. When other treatments or clinics fail, South Florida Sinus and Allergy Center is often able to offer new hope and relief. Those suffering from sinus, nasal, sleep or snoring issues are encouraged to reach out for more information on treatment options or to schedule an appointment. The clinic is accepting new patients and with seasonal allergies in full swing, is ready to take on new appointments daily. Contact them via their official website or by calling 954-983-1211 today. Contact: Tomas Gallo, SOURCE South Florida Sinus and Allergy Center
南弗洛里达州 Sinus 和 Allergy 中心的 Lee Mandel 医生为南佛罗里达州居民提供了高质量的微创鼻腔程序和有关鼻窦、过敏、打鼾和睡眠障碍的治疗。 经过20多年的经验,他们的团队采用尖端技术和外科技术,旨在帮助患者改善生活质量,并从治疗中获得尽可能好的结果。 一直在创新的流血边缘,南弗洛里达州 Sinus 和 Allergy 中心最近宣布增加 Vivaa ®治疗鼻气道阻塞。Vivaa ®鼻塞治疗是该中心工具集的一个受欢迎的补充,临床研究显示, Vivaa ®显著改善了患者的鼻塞症状,类似于更多侵入性外科治疗的改善。 美国鼻充血患者数百万人的希望 鼻塞是一种普遍和普遍的情况下经历了长期的数百万人在全国各地。这种情况包括鼻腔阻塞,其潜在原因从过敏到偏离脓。在某些情况下,鼻塞的严重程度可能不同于适度的烦恼和威胁生命的严重程度。 先前的治疗方案是有限的 尽管这种情况普遍存在,但治疗选择主要限于药物、呼吸条或昂贵的有时危险的手术。药物和机械的选择,如呼吸条提供最小和短暂的缓解,而手术是痛苦的,并涉及延长的恢复期。 非入侵突破: Vivaa ® 随着 Vivaa ®的出现,鼻气道阻塞患者现在有了另一种治疗选择。这一一次性程序是微创的,可以在几分钟内执行,并对许多病人非常有效。 Vivaa ®对于经验丰富的人来说可能是一个很好的选择: Vivaa ® Nasal Airways Remodeling Process Vivaa ®鼻塞治疗在南弗洛里达州 Sinus 和 Allergy 中心进行,是一种利用名为 Vivaa ® Nasal Airway Remodeling 的先进医疗技术的“办公室内”门诊程序。这种治疗包括使用精心控制的射频能量,有效地重塑鼻组织,从而改善气流而不需要任何切口或手术干预。 Vivaa ® Nasal Airway 改造的好处 快速方便 微创、低风险 经证实及有效 关于南弗洛里达州 Sinus 和 Allergy 中心 南佛罗里达州辛努斯和过敏中心,在种植和劳德代尔堡弗洛里达州,以其卓越的照顾和治疗鼻窦相关的条件,过敏,睡眠和打鼾疾病。他们的团队有才华,富有同情心和著名的医疗专家利用前瞻性的方法利用最新的医疗突破和批准的技术和技术,提供卓越的病人结果。 当其他治疗或诊所失败时,南弗洛里达州 Sinus 和 Allergy 中心往往能够提供新的希望和救济。 那些患有鼻窦炎、鼻窦炎、睡眠或打鼾的人被鼓励接触更多关于治疗选择的信息或安排预约。该诊所正在接受新的病人和季节性过敏的全面摇摆,准备采取新的约会每天。通过官方网站或致电954-983-1211与他们联系。 联系人: Tomas Gallo , tomos @ 弗洛里达州南部 Sinus 和过敏中心