California Will Require Cannabis QR Codes

加利福尼亚将需要 cannabis QR 码

2020-02-06 01:20:21 Ganjapreneur


California’s Bureau of Cannabis Control has announced emergency regulations that would require cannabis retailers and delivery services to post QR codes in their storefront windows and carry it with them while transporting or delivering cannabis products. “The emergency regulations are designed to help consumers identify licensed cannabis retail stores, assist law enforcement and support the legal cannabis market, where products such as vape cartridges are routinely tested to protect public health and safety.” – Bureau of Cannabis Control, February 3, in a press release The changes would allow consumers to check whether a dispensary is licensed by the state and allow law enforcement to scan the codes to determine whether they are transporting products that originated in the regulated market. Terra Carver, of Humboldt County Growers Alliance, told the Times-Standard said the organization appreciates the “proactive approach” by the agency to help consumers identify legal retailers. She said it’s “literally” a matter of “life or death” for consumers who are “trying to figure out if the dispensary they are shopping at is selling poisoned products or not.” The rules are subject to five days of public comments. If approved, California would be the first state to require QR codes as part of its cannabis enforcement mechanisms. According to an Arcview and BDS Analytics report outlined by CNN, illicit cannabis sales in California in 2019 were estimated at $8.3 billion, while legalized sales were expected to reach $3 billion. The agency first announced the QR codes plan in January. Get daily news insights in your inbox. Subscribe End Authored By: TG is a journalist by trade and has covered cannabis industry news for since 2014. He teaches media studies at an upstate New York university and is also the host of the Ganjapreneur Podcast.
加州大麻管制局( Bureau of Cannabis Control )宣布了一项紧急规定,要求大麻零售商和送货服务在其店面窗户张贴 QR 码,并在运送或运送大麻产品时随身携带。 “应急法规旨在帮助消费者识别有许可证的大麻零售商店,协助执法,并支持合法的大麻市场,在这些市场上,像吸食药盒这样的产品经常进行检测,以保护公众健康和安全。”2月3日,坎纳比斯管制局在新闻稿上宣布 这些变化将允许消费者检查药房是否获得国家许可,并允许执法部门扫描代码,以确定他们是否正在运输源于监管市场的产品。 洪堡县种植者联盟( Humboldt County Growers Alliance )的 Terra Carver 对《时代标准》( Times-Standard )表示,该组织赞赏该机构采取的“积极主动”方法,帮助消费者识别合法零售商。她表示,对于那些“试图弄清楚自己购买的药房是否在销售有毒产品”的消费者来说,这是一个“真实的”问题。 这些规则需要五天的公众评论。如果获得批准,加州将是第一个要求 QR 码作为大麻执法机制的一部分的州。 根据美国有线电视新闻网( CNN )概述的 Arcview 和 BDS Analytics 的一份报告,2019年加利福尼亚州的非法大麻销售额估计为83亿美元,而合法销售额预计将达到30亿美元。 该机构在1月份首次公布了 QR 代码计划。 在你的收件箱中获取每日新闻信息。认购 结束 授权人: TG 是一名贸易记者,为 Ganjaprender 报道了大麻行业的新闻。自2014年以来。他在纽约北部的一所大学教授媒体研究,也是甘贾丁·庞德斯特的主持人。