The RAS rush: Rev o lu tion Med i cines bags re mark able $238M IPO raise, more than dou bling orig i nal goal

RAS 的热潮: Rev o lu ation Med i 的电影袋重新标出了2.38亿美元的首次公开募股( IPO )融资,超过了令人不安的目标

2020-02-13 21:40:18 ENDPOINTS NEWS


Revolution Medicines made it. Less than a month after pencilling in $100 million for its IPO — divulging some details about its foray into the red hot KRAS race along the way — the biotech is going home with $238 million raised and a new ticker on the Nasdaq: $RVMD. It did so by offering 14 million shares at $17 each, the top of the range after the biotech revised its terms. Not that its original goal wasn’t already ambitious, aiming between $14 and $16 for 10 million shares. Sanofi’s new CEO is jettisoning 4 top execs from the pharma giant’s executive committee as he reorganizes the company and attempts a reboot of the global organization. And each of them were promoted to their current positions over the last 2 or 3 years, as ex-CEO Olivier Brandicourt tried to put his own stamp on the company. For five years, Teva’s stock tumbled amid a potent cocktail of serious and widespread legal allegations, declining company and industry-wide revenue and debt that creaked more heavily each passing year. Now, their CEO and some investors think they can see the light. Teva released their quarterly earnings report yesterday, and the stock took a 10% jump, to over $13. That’s still a drop in the bucket compared with the years leading up to 2016, when the stock briefly pushed past $70, but a noticeable bump after a half-decade of almost direct decline. Blueprint Medicines has the edge on timing with its rival cancer drug Ayvakit, but Deciphera Pharmaceuticals is not far behind. On Wednesday, the Waltham, Massachusetts-based company disclosed it had secured a speedy review for its drug ripretinib and an August decision date. Both precision therapies are designed to treat gastrointestinal stromal tumors (GIST) — a rare form of sarcoma found in the digestive system, most often in the wall of the stomach. Every 6 months, as longtime followers will know, I like to list the top 10 disasters in clinical R&D. And it seems like every new round-ups the ante a little more on just what qualifies for a top blooper of the year. H2 2019 is certainly a standout, with a Big Pharma data scandal, a couple of blockbuster M&A busts and a whole run of Alzheimer’s setbacks to contemplate as we watch the Biogen saga play out. Not only does the Alzheimer’s field continue to crater, but we watched antibiotics come apart in the last 6 months of 2019. Bayer’s 400-strong small molecule R&D team is being carved out and handed to a CRO, where they’ll continue to work for Bayer. As Vividion execs proudly showed off an $82 million B round last spring, the startup was eager to discuss 3 preclinical programs —an adaptor protein, a transcription factor and an E3 ligase — that were angling toward proof-of-concept data. Now they have found a high-profile early-stage pharma exec to guide them to the promised land of clinical development. Swiss drugmaker Novartis has joined its big pharma compatriot GSK by officially moving its UK headquarters to West London. The move to White City — opposite Imperial College London’s campus — was planned in 2018. The relocation from Novartis’ site at Frimley in Surrey included some 600 staffers to the 54,000-square-feet at The WestWorks, part of the rebirth of the old BBC Media Village campus in the White City area that is now considered home to an emerging life sciences cluster with companies such as Autolus, Gamma Delta and Synthace. World health leaders, Big Pharma representatives and executives from the top biotechs searching for drugs and vaccines are meeting now in Geneva for a World Health Organization summit to discuss and consolidate a response to the outbreak of a novel coronavirus that has already infected nearly 50,000 people and killed over 1,000. Meanwhile, across the globe, news continues to break. → J&J announced a collaboration with the Biomedical Advanced Research and Development Authority, part of the Department of Health and Human Services, to expedite the development of a vaccine. The Pharma giant is screening its library of antiviral molecules for one that is effective against the new coronavirus. It’s an older and potentially slower approach than those now being taken by biotechs such as Moderna, CureVac and Inovio, who can write a DNA or RNA-based vaccine within days or hours of getting the virus sequenced and then lab test it. In either case, though, much of the development time leading up to Phase I is devoted to preclinical testing. By the most optimistic estimates, that will take at least 3 months. Corey Goodman has put another notch on his venture belt, ringing up a $105 million mega-round for his CD47 startup ALX Oncology. Fueling a startup backed by his group at venBIO, the new money will go to a slate of mid-stage studies to test the theory that his biotech’s ALX 148 could be a game-changer in the CD47 arena. And that could be nice window dressing for a company that may be looking to go the IPO route.
革命药物使它成为。 不到一个月前,这家生物科技公司就为其首次公开发行( IPO )募集了1亿美元资金——披露了其进军红热 KRAS 竞赛的一些细节——该公司将筹集2.38亿美元资金,并在纳斯达克上市一只新股票: RVMD 。 它以每股17美元的价格发行了1400万股股票,这是生物技术公司修改条款后的最高价格。这并不是因为它最初的目标已经不是雄心勃勃,目标是1,000万股从14美元到16美元不等。 赛诺菲(Sanofi)新任首席执行官将从这家制药巨头的执行委员会中撤换4名高管,他正在重组该公司,并试图重新启动这家全球组织。在过去的2到3年里,他们每个人都被提升到目前的职位上,前首席执行官奥利维尔·白兰地考特( OlivierBrandicourt )试图给公司盖上自己的印记。 五年来,梯瓦(Teva)的股价在一系列严重且广泛的法律指控的强力推波助澜下大幅下挫,公司以及整个行业的收入和债务不断下降,而这些指控在过去一年中每年都会大幅增加。现在,他们的首席执行官和一些投资者认为他们可以看到光明。 梯瓦(Teva)昨日发布了季度收益报告,股价上涨10%,至13美元以上。与2016年之前的几年相比,这仍是一个巨大的下跌,当时该公司股价曾短暂突破70美元,但在经历了近5年的几乎直接下跌后,股价出现了明显的反弹。 Blueprint Medicines 与其竞争对手 Ayvakit 在时机上有优势,但 Deciphera Pharmaceuticals 并不落后。周三,这家总部位于马萨诸塞州沃尔瑟姆的公司披露,它已经获得了对其药物瑞替韦替尼的快速审查,并于8月份做出了决定。 这两种精确的治疗方法都是用来治疗胃肠道间质肿瘤( GIST )——一种在消化系统中发现的罕见的肉瘤,最常见的是在胃壁。 每6个月,长期的追随者都会知道,我想列出临床研发十大灾难。而且似乎每一次新的一轮比赛都会有更多的机会出现在有资格成为今年顶级球员的比赛上。 2019年下半年肯定是一个突出的事件,大制药公司的数据丑闻,两次重大的并购狂潮和整个阿尔茨海默症的挫折,以考虑当我们看到百健(Biogen)的传奇发挥。不仅阿兹海默症的领域继续崩溃,而且我们看到抗生素在2019年的最后6个月出现。 拜耳400多人的小分子研发团队正在被剥离出来并交给 CRO ,他们将继续为拜耳(Bayer)工作。 去年春天,维维维迪恩高管自豪地展示了一轮8200万美元的资金,这家初创公司急于讨论3个临床前项目——一种适配器蛋白、一种转录因子和一种 E3连接酶——这些项目都在寻求概念验证数据。现在,他们已经找到了一个高知名度的早期阶段的制药执行,以指导他们的承诺土地的临床发展。 瑞士制药商诺华制药(诺华(Novartis))已正式将其英国总部迁至伦敦西区,从而加入其大型制药企业葛兰素史克(GSK)。 计划于2018年迁往白城——与伦敦帝国学院( Imperial College London )的校区相对。从诺华(Novartis)位于萨里郡弗里姆利( Frimley )的网站迁移过来的员工约有600人,他们来到了位于威斯特沃斯( The WestWorks )的5.4万平方英尺的地方。威斯特沃斯是 BBC 旧媒体村( BBC Media Village )重生校园的一部分。 世界卫生领导人、大型制药公司的代表和寻找药品和疫苗的顶尖生物技术公司的高管现在正在日内瓦召开世界卫生组织( WHO )峰会,讨论并巩固对一种新型冠状病毒爆发的反应。这种新型冠状病毒已经感染了近5万人,造成1000多人死亡。与此同时,全球各地的新闻仍在继续。 →强生(J&J)公司宣布与卫生与公众服务部下属的生物医学高级研发机构合作,以加快疫苗的研发。这家制药巨头正在筛选抗病毒分子的文库,以对抗新的冠状病毒。这是一种比 Moderna 、 CureVac 和 Inovo 等生物技术公司现在正在采取的方法更老、更有可能更慢的方法,他们可以在病毒测序后几天或几小时内编写 DNA 或 RNA 疫苗,然后进行实验室测试。然而,在这两种情况下,到第一阶段的大部分开发时间都用于临床前测试。根据最乐观的估计,这至少需要3个月的时间。 科里·古德曼在他的风险投资领域又有了一个台阶,为他的 CD47创业公司 ALXOncology 筹集了1.05亿美元的巨额资金。 新资金将由他的团队在 VenBIO 支持的一家初创公司提供,将用于一系列中期研究,以检验他的生物技术公司 ALX148在 CD47领域可能会改变游戏规则的理论。对于一家可能希望走上 IPO 道路的公司来说,这可能是一个很好的粉饰。