Make Alzheimer's A Memory


2020-02-21 01:00:20 CISION


 Brain Cares has announced the launch of its new website - With a mission to "Make Dementia a Memory," Brain Cares helps people practice lifestyle behaviors that are known to promote brain health. "We are revolutionizing how people manage their brain health," says Don Veenstra, founder and CEO of Brain Cares. "The site makes it simple to understand, practice, and monitor how to best do this, on a day-to-day basis." Anyone familiar with a dementia such as Alzheimer's knows just how devastating that disease can be. This statement is true for the person with the diagnosis, their Care Givers and also their family members who worry about getting the disease. In the past, the only thing a person could hope for was the discovery of a pill that that would make everything right. History shows the majority of research to date has been focused on finding that perfect pill, but with little success. As a result, many go through life worrying as they wait for their turn to be diagnosed. It is time to stop worrying and start taking action! Current research now shows that lifestyle matters. Adopting healthy lifestyle habits has the potential to reduce the risk of cognitive decline and dementia. An active lifestyle focused on Mental Stimulation, Physical Exercise, A Brain Healthy Diet, and Staying Social can make a difference! The Brain Cares website is the first of its kind to help people practice the habits associated with living a brain healthy lifestyle. "It is the result of having spent almost 15 years working with thousands of clients suffering from dementia," says Veenstra. Many times over, he has been asked these type of questions: What can I do on my own to promote my brain health? What can I do to help guide a family member or loved one with dementia? What can I do to help a family member with dementia that lives in another part of the country? The website was launched for the sole purpose of addressing these questions. Veenstra says, "The work that has gone into bringing the website to the public has been a labor of love." One that he hopes will truly help shape the future for individuals, as well as society, in a very positive way. Learn more at: *LOGO: This release was issued through Send2Press®, a unit of Neotrope®. For more information, visit Send2Press Newswire at SOURCE Brain Cares Related Links
BrainCares 宣布推出其新网站 。以“让痴呆症成为记忆”为使命,“大脑护理”帮助人们练习生活方式行为,这些行为被认为可以促进大脑健康的。 “我们正在彻底改革人们如何管理他们的大脑健康,” DonVeenstra 说,他是 BrainCares 的创始人和首席执行官。“该网站使人们更容易理解、实践和监控如何在日常基础上最好地做到这一点。” 任何熟悉阿尔茨海默氏症等痴呆的人都知道这种疾病的破坏性有多大。这一说法适用于诊断患者,他们的护理施予者和他们的家庭成员谁担心得到疾病。在过去,一个人唯一可以期待的是发现一种药丸,使一切都正确。历史表明,到目前为止,大多数研究都集中在寻找完美的药丸,但几乎没有成功。结果,许多人在等待诊断的时候过着担心的生活。 现在是停止忧虑和采取行动的时候了!目前的研究表明,生活方式很重要。采用健康的生活习惯有可能减少认知能力下降和痴呆的风险。一个积极的生活方式集中在精神刺激,体育锻炼,大脑健康饮食和保持社会可以发挥作用! BrainCares 网站是第一个帮助人们练习与生活在大脑健康生活方式相关的习惯的网站。 “这是近15年来与成千上万的痴呆症患者一起工作的结果,” Veenstra 说。 很多时候,他被问到了这些问题:我可以自己做些什么来促进我的大脑健康?我能做些什么来帮助引导一个家庭成员或者爱一个痴呆症患者?我能做些什么来帮助生活在另一个国家的痴呆家庭成员?BrainCares 网站。com 的成立完全是为了解决这些问题。 Veenstra 说,“把网站带到公众面前的工作是一种爱的劳动。”他希望能以一种非常积极的方式真正帮助个人和社会塑造未来。 了解更多信息: https://heartcares 。com / * LOGO : 。jpg 本发行版通过 Neotrope ®的子公司 Send2Press ®发行。有关详细信息,请访问发送2PressNewswire ,网址为 心灵护理 相关链接 https://chiefare 。com