Psychedelics, the Next Frontier in Drug Research


2020-02-28 08:20:16 CFN Media Group


A big factor in the recent rise of cannabis legalization is the emergence of legitimate scientific research into the potential health benefits of the plant’s active ingredients, called cannabinoids. Medicines are often derived from naturally occurring compounds, from aspirin to insulin to penicillin. A decent body of research is currently pointing to psilocybin, the psychedelic active ingredient in some types of mushrooms, as well as other psychedelics like LSD, as the next big natural drug discovery. Researchers are in various stages of studying the effect of psychedelics on conditions ranging from depression to addiction to migraines to anxiety and more. It might be time to pay attention to the field as more researchers test the therapeutic potential of psychedelics. One company certainly paying attention is EHave, Inc. (OTC: EHVVF). The company has developed a technology platform that helps doctors and patients make data-informed treatment decisions for a variety of mental health indications. With the formation of a subsidiary called Mycotopia Therapy and an initial acquisition of PsychedeliTech, the company is becoming a major player in the emerging psychedelic medicine space. The Ehave Dash, already HIPAA and GDPR compliant, will be used as a central clearinghouse for psychedelic research data and clinical trial tracking with the intent to further advance the science of psychedelic therapies. Psychedelic Research Enters the Mainstream Just last year, the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine opened the Center for Psychedelic and Consciousness Research in Baltimore. Headed by renowned researcher Roland R. Griffiths, Ph.D., the Center aims to further research the school has already been conducting. Initial areas of focus include potential therapies for opioid addiction, Alzheimer’s disease, PTSD, and anorexia among other conditions. Johns Hopkins researchers have been pioneers in the field as the first researchers, in 2000, to get US regulatory approval for the use of psychedelics in health volunteers. Since then, the school’s researchers have published more than 60 peer-reviewed studies and demonstrated safe practices for psychedelic research that have set the standard for other studies across the world. There are plenty of other researchers pursuing potential psychedelic therapies. The University of Toronto Mississauga recently started a Psychedelic Studies Research Program. The British Columbia Centre on Substance Abuse is launching a Phase III clinical trial of MDMA as a treatment for PTSD, in conjunction with 16 other locations throughout North America and Israel, and funded by the nonprofit Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies (MAPS). The MAPS site has comprehensive lists of research, both ongoing and completed, conducted by MAPS as well as other organizations. There is a lot of scientific interest in psychedelics, and it is growing exponentially. EHave’s Plan The PsychedeliTech acquisition is just the first step for EHave in a comprehensive plan to bring together the diverse and scattered research (and researchers) into one collaborative platform. PsychedeliTech is hosting the inaugural PsyTech Summit March 29-30, in Tel Aviv, Israel. Modeled after the hugely successful CannaTech conference, a global gathering for the cannabis industry. In fact, PsychedeliTech is a subsidiary of Israel Cannabis Limited (iCAN), the creator of the CannaTech conference, and the two conferences run back-to-back at the same location this year.  The goal of the PsyTech Summit is to elevate the psychedelics conversation, foster normalization, and accelerate innovation. Why is EHave acquiring the company and the conference? Because its subsidiary, Mycotopia Therapy, was founded to work toward the same goals. EHave believes its EHave Dash platform can play a crucial role in the worldwide advancement of psychedelic research. The Dash is HIPAA and GDPR compliant, meaning that the data carried by the Dash is totally secure and in line with the world’s most strict privacy and security rules. The idea is to compile all psychedelic research and results in the EHave Dash, providing valuable and easily accessible information for scientists across the globe as they pursue their own studies. The PsyTech Summit is a perfect vehicle for fostering crucial relationships with innovators in the space. It could also serve to introduce Mycotopia Therapy to other potential investments or acquisitions that fit under the company’s mission, as the PsyTech acquisition is just the first of many moves to come. The Upshot The story of psychedelics as therapeutic treatments is now unfolding across the world. There is a lot of promising research into a wide variety of problematic neurological and psychological conditions that have resisted more traditional treatments to date. It’s a potentially explosive industry in its infancy, and EHave is making moves to become a key cog in the industry’s development. Keep an eye out here for more news regarding both the company and the movement in general. Please click here for additional Information on EHave, Inc. (OTC: EHVVF) Please click here for additional Information on Mycotopia Therapy Disclaimer is not an independent financial investment advisor or broker-dealer. You should always consult with your own independent legal, tax, and/or investment professionals before making any investment decisions. 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大麻合法化最近兴起的一个重要因素是对大麻有效成分——大麻的潜在健康益处的合法科学研究的出现。药物通常来源于天然化合物,从阿司匹林到胰岛素再到青霉素。一个体面的研究机构目前正指向 psyclocybin ,一些类型的蘑菇中的灵媒有效成分,以及其他灵媒,如 LSD ,作为下一个大型天然药物发现。研究人员正处于不同阶段,研究迷幻药对抑郁症、上瘾、偏头痛、焦虑等病症的影响。随着更多的研究人员测试迷幻药的治疗潜力,也许是时候关注这个领域了。 一家公司肯定会关注 EHave , Inc .(非处方药(OTC): EHVF )。公司开发了技术平台,帮助医生和患者对多种精神健康适应症进行数据知情的治疗决策。随着 Mycopia Therapy 子公司的成立和 PsychidelTech 的初步收购,该公司正在成为新兴的迷幻药领域的主要参与者。已经符合 HIPAA 和 GDPR 标准的 Ehad Dash 将被用作通灵研究数据和临床试验跟踪的中央交换中心,目的是进一步推进通灵疗法的科学。 精神科研究进入主流 就在去年,约翰霍普金斯医学院在巴尔的摩开设了精神病和意识研究中心。该中心由著名研究人员 Roland R . Griffiths 博士领导,旨在进一步研究该学校已经开展的工作。最初的重点领域包括阿片类药物成瘾、老年痴呆症、创伤后应激障碍和厌食症等疾病的潜在治疗。Johns Hopkins 的研究人员是该领域的先驱,他们是2000年首批获得美国监管机构批准在健康志愿者中使用迷幻剂的研究人员。自那以后,该学院的研究人员发表了60多篇经过同行评议的研究报告,并展示了为全球其他研究制定标准的迷幻研究的安全实践。 还有很多其他研究人员正在寻求潜在的迷幻疗法。多伦多大学 Mississauga 最近启动了一个精神病学研究项目。不列颠哥伦比亚药物滥用中心正在与北美和以色列其他16个地点联合开展一项治疗 PTSD 的 MDMA Ⅲ期临床试验,该试验由非营利精神科研究多学科协会资助。MAPS 网站有由 MAPS 和其他组织正在进行和完成的全面研究清单。人们对迷幻药有很大的科学兴趣,而且它正呈指数级增长。 EHave 的计划 在 EHave 的全面计划中, PsycheDeliveTech 的收购只是第一步,它将分散多样的研究(和研究人员)整合到一个协作平台中。PsychidelTech 将于3月29日至30日在以色列特拉维夫举办首届精神病学峰会。在成功举办了一次全球大麻产业会议—— CannaTech 会议之后,就建立了模型。事实上, PsychidelTech 是以色列 Cannabis Limited ( iCAN )的子公司,该公司是 CannaTech 会议的创建者,这两个会议今年在同一地点来回运行。 精神科峰会的目标是提升灵媒对话,促进正常化,加速创新。为什么 EHave 收购了公司和会议?因为它的子公司 Mycopia Therapy 成立是为了实现同样的目标。EHave 相信它的 EHaveDash 平台可以在全球范围内的通灵研究中发挥重要作用。Dash 符合 HIPAA 和 GDPR ,这意味着 Dash 携带的数据完全安全,符合世界上最严格的隐私和安全规则。这个想法是在 EHaveDash 中汇编所有的通灵研究和结果,为全球的科学家在进行自己的研究时提供有价值的、容易获取的信息。 精神技术峰会是一个完美的工具,促进关键的关系与创新的空间。它还可以将 Mycopia Therapy 引入到其他符合该公司使命的潜在投资或收购中,因为收购 Psycech 只是未来许多举措中的第一步。 拍摄的照片 迷幻剂作为治疗药物的故事现在正在全世界展开。有很多有前途的研究,对各种各样的有问题的神经和心理条件,迄今抵制更传统的治疗。这是一个处于萌芽阶段的潜在爆炸性行业, EHave 正采取行动,成为该行业发展的关键齿轮。请注意这里有关公司和整个运动的更多新闻。 请单击此处了解有关 EHave , Inc .(非处方药(OTC): EHVF )的其他信息 请点击此处了解更多有关近视治疗的信息 免责声明 。com 不是独立的金融投资顾问或经纪自营商。在做出任何投资决策之前,您应始终咨询您自己的独立法律、税务和/或投资专业人员。在 (“网站”)上提供的信息是由我们内部团队起草或由附属公司提供的原始财务新闻或付费广告。。金融新闻媒体和营销公司与作为网站上发布的文章主题的公司签订媒体购买或服务协议或用于广告这些公司的其他社论。我们不是独立的新闻媒体供应商。我们不对信息作出任何保证或陈述,包括其完整性、准确性、真实性或可靠性,并且我们明确和暗示地放弃任何种类的所有保证,包括信息是否完整、准确、真实或可靠。因此,您使用这些信息本身就有风险。我们也不承担任何义务更新张贴的物品。。获得了在 CannabisFN 上制作和展示高质量和复杂内容的报酬。网站以及财经和企业新闻。 这篇文章由 CFN Enterprises Inc .( OTCQB : CNFN )出版, CFN Media 是该行业领先的代理机构和数字金融媒体网络,致力于新兴的 CBD 和合法大麻行业。致电+1(833)420-CNFN 获取更多信息。