Remote Patient Management System for COVID-19 Quarantined Patients


2020-03-17 12:20:34 CISION


MonitorMe™, a Hudson Valley based telehealth company is providing a cutting-edge and pro-active telehealth solution to help mitigate the spread of the COVID-19 virus.  The Centers of Disease Control (CDC) is "encouraging communities, including first responders, healthcare providers and health systems to take advantage of the benefits offered by telehealth tools to direct patients to the right level of care. One of the most obvious benefits of telehealth to the healthcare delivery system in dealing with this pandemic includes keeping patients with less severe cases at home with access to their provider through live video, telephone or asynchronous secure messages. This reduces the risk of the patient further spreading the disease to others." (CDC Report, March 10, 2020)   The MonitorMe™ program falls squarely within the parameters of the CDC's recommendations.  As the number of confirmed cases of COVID-19 continues to rise, the MonitorMe™ program allows patients to have immediate and direct audio/visual communication with a medical provider from anywhere, including their home, provided they have wi-fi or cellular service.  By simply downloading the MonitorMe™ application onto any tablet or Android cell phone, patients can see and speak with a medical provider. The application is HIPAA compliant and encrypted. Once the application is downloaded, patients who are quarantined in their home can continue to maintain contact with medical providers without potentially exposing others to the virus.  The MonitorMe™ program is immediately capable of a large scale roll out to patients and clinicians (hundreds of thousands, scaling to millions), allowing clinicians to manage large volumes of patients through a secure, HIPAA compliant, encrypted web portal on their laptop, phone or desktop. The platform has the ability today to support 600 plus calls simultaneously and can quickly scale to thousands.  Today, the Governor of New York issued a statement recommending the use of telehealth services, indicating that "If you're feeling sick use telehealth services before going to the Doctor's Office, Emergency Room or Urgent Care, it [telehealth] keeps you safer and those around you safer." (Gov. Mario Cuomo, March 16, 2020) MonitorMe™, working in conjunction with health care providers, is an intelligent and proactive response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Through the use of MonitorMe's™ platform, the spread of COVID-19 can be further mitigated by the elimination of direct contact between clinicians and patients that may be carrying the virus.  The MonitorMe™ program is available to hospital systems, clinics, physician practices, urgent care centers, accountable care organizations, government agencies and large payors. For more information regarding the MonitorMe™ program, please call 845-905-6192. SOURCE MonitorMe
MonitorMe ™是 Hudson Valley 的远程保健公司,该公司正在提供一种尖端和积极的远程保健解决方案,以帮助缓解 COVID-19病毒的传播。 疾病控制中心(疾病预防控制中心(CDC))正在“鼓励社区,包括急救人员、医疗保健提供者和卫生系统,利用远程保健工具提供的好处,引导患者达到正确的护理水平。在应对这一大流行病方面,远程保健给保健提供系统带来的最明显好处之一是,通过实时视频、电话或异步安全信息,使国内病情较轻的患者能够接触到他们的提供者。这降低了病人进一步向他人传播疾病的风险。”(疾病预防控制中心(CDC)报告,2020年3月10日) MonitorMe ™程序完全符合疾病预防控制中心(CDC)建议的参数。 随着 COVID-19确诊病例的数量不断增加, MonitorMe ™计划允许患者与任何地方(包括家中)的医疗提供者进行即时和直接的音频/视频通信,只要他们有无线或蜂窝服务。 通过简单地将 MonitorMe ™应用程序下载到任何平板电脑或 Android 手机上,患者可以看到并与医疗提供商通话。该应用程序符合 HIPAA 标准并经过加密。一旦应用程序下载,在家中隔离的患者可以继续保持与医疗提供者的联系,而不会潜在地暴露他人的病毒。 MonitorMe ™计划立即能够大规模推广到患者和临床医生(数十万人,扩展到数百万人),允许临床医生通过安全、符合 HIPAA 标准、加密的笔记本电脑、电话或桌面门户管理大量患者。该平台现在有能力同时支持600多个电话,并且可以迅速扩展到数千个。 今天,纽约州州长发表了一份声明,建议使用远程医疗服务,指出“如果你感到生病,在去医生办公室、急诊室或急诊室之前使用远程医疗服务,它会使你更安全,周围的人也更安全。”( Gov . Mario Cuomo ,2020年3月16日) MonitorMe ™与卫生保健提供者合作,是对 COVID-19大流行的智能和积极响应。通过使用 MonitorMe 的™平台,通过消除临床医生和可能携带病毒的患者之间的直接接触,可以进一步减轻 COVID-19的传播。 MonitorMe ™计划适用于医院系统、诊所、医生实践、紧急护理中心、负责任的护理组织、政府机构和大型付款人。有关 MonitorMe ™程序的详细信息,请致电845-905-6192。 SOURCE MonitorMe