Introduces Free COVID-19 Equipment Redeployment Program for Hospitals

DOTmed 。com 推出免费 COVID-19医院设备重新部署计划

2020-04-04 02:30:26 BioSpace


NEW YORK----, the world's leading online medical equipment marketplace, is launching a free service to help hospitals across the country support one another in their efforts to combat the novel coronavirus . As ventilators, beds, monitors, and other medical devices are in dangerously short supply, DOTmed has created the Hospital Redeployment Program as a way for providers to list the items they are seeking, as well as the equipment, parts and supplies they wish to make available to their peers in need. Listings for wanted items will be made available to DOTmed's largest-in-the-world online community of medical equipment dealers, ensuring the best possible prices for high-demand items in an online environment secured with state-of-the-art fraud prevention technology, as well as healthcare providers who may find themselves with excess items either before or after the crisis has passed in their area. Listings for available items will be shared exclusively with healthcare providers in the interest of moving equipment and supplies to regions where infection rates are rising. “For over 20 years, DOTmed has assisted hospital in-house biomedical and clinical engineers in locating and transporting millions of assets,” said DOTmed CEO, Philip F. Jacobus. “Our large network and outstanding reputation as a trusted third-party platform for the exchange of medical equipment makes us uniquely well-suited to support hospitals as they seek out life-saving equipment in these unprecedented times.” Listings in the Hospital Redeployment Program are created directly by healthcare providers themselves, with DOTmed customer service personnel standing by to assist them as needed. The listings can be created anonymously or publicly, with replies going directly to the healthcare provider. Any of the over 25,000 healthcare providers who already have a DOTmed account are pre-approved to participate in the Hospital Redeployment Program, others can easily submit a request and have access to the network in minutes. To learn more, or start using the program, please visit us here: About is the world's leading public trading platform for buying and selling medical equipment, parts and services. The website welcomes more than 22,000 unique visitors every day and features more than 750,000 listings on any given day. DOTmed was founded in 1999 as an open marketplace for healthcare professionals, medical equipment manufacturers, brokers, and dealers, and has more than 290,000 registered users. Follow up on Twitter and LinkedIn. View source version on Matt Ulman,, 212-742-1200 x240 Source: View this news release online at:
纽约—— DOTmed 。作为全球领先的在线医疗设备市场,京东正在推出一项免费服务,帮助全国各地的医院相互支持,努力对抗新型冠状病毒。由于呼吸机、病床、监护仪和其他医疗设备供应严重短缺,美国国防部制定了医院重新部署计划,作为一种方式,供应商列出他们正在寻找的物品,以及他们希望向他们需要的同行提供的设备、部件和用品。 将向 DOTmed 公司全球最大的医疗设备经销商在线社区提供所需物品的清单,确保以最先进的预防欺诈技术为保障的在线环境中的高需求物品的最佳价格;以及那些在危机之前或危机之后发现自己在自己的地区存在过多物品的医疗保健提供者。为了将设备和用品转移到感染率不断上升的地区,可供使用的物品清单将专门与保健提供者共享。 “20多年来, DOTmed 一直在协助医院内部生物医学和临床工程师寻找和运输数百万资产,” DOTmed 首席执行官 Philip F.Jacobus 说。“我们庞大的网络和良好的声誉,作为一个值得信赖的第三方平台,用于医疗设备交换,使我们非常适合支持医院,因为他们在这个前所未有的时代寻找救生设备。” 医院重新部署计划中的列表是由医疗保健提供者自己直接创建的,由 DOTmed 客户服务人员根据需要提供帮助。该列表可以匿名或公开创建,答复将直接发送给医疗保健提供者。已经拥有 DOTmed 帐户的超过25,000家医疗保健提供者中的任何一家都事先获得批准,可以参与医院重新部署计划,其他的可以很容易地提交请求,并在几分钟内访问网络。 要了解更多信息,或开始使用该程序,请访问我们这里: 。html 关于 DOTmed 。com DOTmed 。京东是全球领先的医疗设备、零部件和服务的公共交易平台。该网站每天接待22000多名独特的访问者,在任何一天都有超过75万的网站。DOTmed 公司成立于1999年,是一个面向医疗专业人员、医疗设备制造商、经纪人和经销商的开放市场,拥有超过29万注册用户。 关注 Twitter 和 LinkedIn 。 查看 businesswire 上的源代码。com : Matt Ulman , Matt @ ,212-742-1200 x240 资料来源: DOTmed 。com 在线查看本新闻稿,网址为: