FUJIFILM to invest $928m to expand Danish biologics production facility

FUJIFIRM 将投资9.28亿美元扩大丹麦生物制剂生产设施

2020-06-10 19:01:02 PHARMACEUTICAL


The investment will be made in the Danish site of FUJIFILM Diosynth Biotechnologies with an aim to double the drug substance production capacity of the biologics production facility. FUJIFILM Diosynth Biotechnologies is a contract development and manufacturing organization (CDMO) for biologics and advanced therapies. The investment in its Danish facility will help in expanding its capabilities to include fill/finish, and improve its current assembly, labelling, and packaging services. The company will be expanding its production lines for bulk drug substance by introducing an additional six mammalian cell bioreactors. Following this, the biologics production facility of FUJIFILM Diosynth Biotechnologies (Denmark) will have a total of 12 x 20,000-liter bioreactors by fall 2023. As part of the development will be the addition of the Danish site’s first fill/finish production line, which is slated for summer 2023. The new production line will have a fully-automated system that can produce up to nearly 35 million units per annum to meet the requirements of large-scale production. Furthermore, a new packaging line equipped with facilities to assemble various types of auto-injectors will be added to the Danish biologics production facility in spring 2022. The new packaging line will also have automatic labelling capability to address a wide range of customer requirements, said FUJIFILM Diosynth Biotechnologies. FUJIFILM Diosynth Biotechnologies CEO Martin Meeson said: “With the addition of world-class assets enabling us to scale production volumes to fit both small and large batches, the capital infusion allows us to deliver on our promise to support our partners from pre-clinical through to commercialization.” The biologics production facility in Denmark was acquired by FUJIFILM from Biogen for $890m in August 2019. FUJIFILM executive vice president and bio-CDMO division general manager Takatoshi Ishikawa said: “Since the acquisition of the Denmark site last year, the facility’s strong manufacturing track-record, coupled with FUJIFILM Diosynth Biotechnologies’ technologies enabling a stable supply of high-quality biopharmaceuticals, has led to new orders not only from existing clients, but also new clients, contributing to our rapid business expansion.”
这笔投资将投资于 FUJIFILIM Dionsyth Biotechnologies 的丹麦地点,目的是使生物制剂生产设施的原料药生产能力翻一番。 FUJIFILM Dionsyth Biotechnologies 是一家生物技术和先进疗法的合同开发和制造组织。对丹麦工厂的投资将有助于扩大其能力,包括填充/完成,并改善其目前的组装、标签和包装服务。 该公司将通过引入另外6个哺乳动物细胞生物反应器来扩大原料药生产线。此后, FUJIFILM Dionsyth Biotechnologies (丹麦)的生物制剂生产设施将在2023年秋季前拥有12×20000升的生物反应器。 作为开发的一部分,丹麦工厂的第一条灌装/成品生产线将于2023年夏季竣工。新生产线将拥有全自动化系统,每年可生产近3500万台,以满足大规模生产的要求。 此外,将于2022年春季在丹麦生物制剂生产设施中增加一条新的包装生产线,配备各种自动注射器组装设施。FUJIFILMDionsynth Biotechnologies 说,新的包装生产线还将具有自动标签功能,以满足客户的广泛要求。 FUJIFILM Dionsyth Biotechnologies 首席执行官马丁•米森( Martin Meeson )表示:“随着世界级资产的增加,我们能够扩大产量,以适应小批量和大批量生产,资本注入使我们能够兑现我们的承诺,支持我们的合作伙伴从临床前到商业化。” 丹麦的生物制剂生产设施由 FUJIFIRM 于2019年8月以8.9亿美元从百健(Biogen)公司收购。 FUJIFILIM 执行副总裁兼生物 CDMO 事业部总经理 Takatoshi Ishikawa 表示:“自去年收购丹麦工厂以来,该工厂拥有强大的制造记录,加上 FUJIFILM Dionsyth Biotechnologies 的技术,使高质量的生物制药能够稳定供应。”我们不仅从现有客户那里获得了新的订单,还从新客户那里获得了新的订单,这有助于我们的业务快速扩张。”