AT-CPC Separates From Calyx and Rebrands to Become Klutch Cannabis

AT-CPC 从 Calyx 和 Rebrands 分离成为 Klutch Cannabis

2020-07-09 03:00:00 Business Times


PRESS RELEASE- AT-CPC of Ohio, LLC, one of Ohio's leading Level 1 Medical Marijuana Cultivators and Processors, formally announced today its separation from Calyx Peak Companies. AT-CPC of Ohio is now wholly owned and operated within Ohio and has rebranded under the name Klutch Cannabis. Klutch Cannabis also introduced its list of brands and new product lineup. Ohio patients will soon be able to purchase products under the following: "At a time when the cannabis industry is reeling from economic hardship and the remnants of prohibition, the Klutch family of brands has been born out of our commitment to double down on the promise we've made to Ohio patients," said Klutch's founder and CEO, Adam Thomarios. "Our entire team works tirelessly to bring patients some of the best medicine available on the market. We take pride in that commitment every day, always." PETALUMA, Calif.--PRESS RELEASE--Hydrofarm Holdings Group Inc., an independent wholesaler and manufacturer of hydroponics equipment and commercial horticultural products, today announced an exclusive distribution partnership with Rare Dankness Nutrients, a provider of high quality growing nutrients for commercial applications. Rare Dankness has developed an innovative formulation of crop nutrition that delivers simplified dry nutrients and amplified terpene profiles. The Rare Dankness product line offers cost-effective and versatile formulas designed to work with all hydroponic growing systems, injectors and fertigation systems. Rare Dankness provides growers with clean crop nutrition products that are pH balanced, addressing major issues currently faced by growers, including bio film, filter clogs, nutrient fallout and high costs associated with premixed bottled nutrients. “Rare Dankness offers growers of all sizes access to innovative nutrition products that will improve crop health, yields and economics for our customers,” said Bill Toler, CEO of Hydrofarm. “We are pleased to expand our product offering through this exclusive partnership and look forward to growing our businesses together.” Scott Reach, founder of Rare Dankness Nutrients added, “Hydrofarm is the leader in the hydroponics industry with an extensive network of retail partners and customers. This exclusive partnership will allow us to bring Rare Dankness products to growers nationwide to help them maximize the potential of their grow operations.” For additional information about Rare Dankness, please visit: Southern University is one of two medical cannabis license-holders in Louisiana. As part of the state’s legislation, the school must partner with a private business to grow and distribute products. The school’s expertise is meant as a research-grounded backbone for the business enterprise. Pennyslvania-based Ilera Holistic Healthcare contracted with Southern University in late 2018 to begin cultivating cannabis and developing products for Louisiana patients. (The school had previously contracted with Advanced Biomedics, which didn’t get far with its cannabis cultivation plans.) Now, Ilera is bringing its products to market. According to the Baton Rouge Advocate, Ilera is making its tinctures and topicals available to Louisiana’s nine licensed dispensaries (“pharmacies” in the state’s terminology). As the state law is written, flower is not permitted.  “The more products which come on board, the cheaper the cost becomes and the easier access for patients,” H&W Dispensary owner Henry Ruston told the newspaper. “One of the biggest challenges we had was changing the stigma of marijuana. We had a lot of patients in pain and they were thinking of marijuana as smoking up and stuff, but this is something you just put under your tongue.”The other player in the state’s medical cannabis market is Louisiana State University, which first worked with GB Sciences out of Nevada to cultivate its plants. In late 2019, GB Sciences sold its Louisiana subsidiary to Wellcana Group. While the state’s medical cannabis law was approved by legislators in 2016, the path to a competitive marketplace has been slow. Along the way, companies have come and gone, while patients have railed against regulators and businesses for delaying access to medicine. Even now, with Ilera formally entering the retail end of the supply chain, prices remain high across the state.  Beginning next month, however, physicians in Louisiana will be allowed to recommend medical cannabis for any condition that is “debilitating to an individual patient and is qualified” to be treated. The thinking is that this will open the marketplace to more patients and galvanize the supply-and-demand curves. A federal court case involving plaintiffs Solace Enterprises LLLP, Aether Gardens and Telloni Holdings Limited and defendants Trinidad Consulting and Cannadips has been stayed following mediation on June 18, according to federal court records. The parties are working together on a settlement. The plaintiffs alleged the defendants owed them $1.2 million in loans, according to the original complaint, while the defense claims Trinidad and Cannadips expected royalties. Solace Enterprises LLLP does business as Aether Gardens and in some court documents is referred to as Solace Holdings LLLP. The company holds two active production licenses and two active cultivation licenses in North Las Vegas, Nev., to service the adult-use and medical cannabis markets, according to Nevada’s Cannabis Compliance Board. A Solace Enterprises LLLP hemp processing license has expired, according to Cannabiz Media. Founded in 2018, Aether Gardens aims to become “the leader in brand development, white label manufacturing & research providing both medical & recreational cannabis consumers with the best experiences,” according to its website, where the company describes plans to develop a 90,000-square-foot “state-of-the-art manufacturing facility” for cultivation, extraction and production. Cannadips possesses an active “Manufacturer Annual Infusions” license in Arcata, Calif., according to Cannabiz Media. Two Cannadips “Manufacturer Temporary Infusions” have expired, along with all other licenses of the same type in the state, according to the site. A Trinidad Consulting LLC “Manufacturer Temporary Infusions” license in Humboldt County has also expired, per the website. Established in 2016, Cannadips manufactures a cannabidiol (CBD) dip product and is “shifting the paradigm of tobacco by providing a great-tasting, nicotine-free alternative tobacco product,” according to its website. The product is formulated with “American hemp” and “rooted in Humboldt.” Attorneys for the plaintiffs and defense declined, through public relations representatives, Cannabis Business Times’ and Hemp Grower’s requests for comment about the mediation or settlement.
美国俄亥俄州第一级医用大麻培育者和加工者之一的 AT-CPC 公司今天正式宣布与 Calyx 峰公司分离。俄亥俄州的 AT-CPC 现在完全拥有并在俄亥俄州经营,并更名为 Klutch Cannabis 。 Klutch Cannabis 还推出了其品牌列表和新产品阵容。俄亥俄州的患者将很快能够购买以下产品: Klutch 的创始人兼首席执行官 Adam Thmarios 说:“在大麻产业正因经济困难和禁令的残余而步履蹒跚之际, Klutch 品牌家族的诞生是因为我们承诺将我们对俄亥俄州患者的承诺加倍。”“我们整个团队不遗余力地为病人提供市场上最好的药物。我们每天都为这种承诺感到自豪。” 加州, PEALUMA 。-- PRESS RELEASE -- Hydrofarm Holdings Group Inc .是一家独立的水电设备和商业园艺产品批发商和制造商,今天宣布与 Rare Dankness Nutriants 独家经销合作伙伴关系, Rare Dankness Nutriants 是一家为商业应用提供高质量生长养分的供应商。 罕见的丹克内斯开发了一个创新的配方作物营养,提供简化的干燥营养和扩大萜烯概况。稀有丹克内斯产品线提供经济有效和多功能的配方,旨在与所有的水动力生长系统,注射器和施肥系统。罕见丹克内斯为种植者提供清洁作物营养产品,是 pH 平衡,解决目前种植者面临的主要问题,包括生物膜,过滤器堵塞,与预混瓶装营养物相关的营养沉淀和高成本。 Hydrofarm 首席执行官比尔•托尔( Bill Toler )表示:“罕见的丹克内斯( Rare Dankness )为各种规模的种植者提供创新营养产品,这将改善作物健康、产量和经济状况。”“我们很高兴通过这一独家合作伙伴扩大我们的产品供应,并期待共同发展我们的业务。” Rare Dankness Nutriants 的创始人 ScottReach 补充道:“ Hydrofarm 是电子电气行业的领导者,拥有广泛的零售合作伙伴和客户网络。这种独家合作关系将使我们能够将稀土丹克内斯产品带到全国各地的种植者手中,帮助他们最大限度地发挥其种植业务的潜力。” 有关 Rare Dankness 的更多信息,请访问:\160; 南方大学是路易斯安那州两个持有大麻医疗许可证的人之一。作为国家立法的一部分,学校必须与私营企业合作,以发展和分销产品。该学院的专长是作为商业企业的研究基础骨干。 Pennsylvania 的 Ilera 全能型保健公司于2018年底与南方大学签订合同,开始为路易斯安那州的患者种植大麻并开发产品。(该校此前曾与先进生物医学公司签约,后者在大麻种植计划方面进展不大。) 现在, Ilera 正在将其产品推向市场。根据 Baton Rouge 倡导者的说法, Ilera 正在向路易斯安那州的九家有执照的药房(“药房”)提供其药妆和外用。由于国家法律是成文的,不允许花. “产品越多,成本就越低,患者就越容易获得,” H & W Distributory 的所有者亨利•鲁斯顿( Henry Ruston )对该报表示。“我们面临的最大挑战之一是改变大麻的耻辱。我们有很多病人在痛苦中,他们认为大麻是吸烟和其他东西,但这只是你刚刚把它放在舌头下的东西。”该州医用大麻市场的另一个参与者是路易斯安那州立大学( LouisianStateUniversity ),该大学首先与内华达州的 GB Sciences 合作种植大麻。2019年底, GB Sciences 将其路易斯安那州子公司出售给 Wellcana Group 。 尽管2016年,该州的大麻医疗法案得到了立法者的批准,但通往竞争性市场的道路却很缓慢。在此过程中,企业来来来去去,而患者则抱怨监管机构和企业迟迟不能获得药品。即使现在,随着 Ilera 正式进入供应链的零售终端,整个国家的价格仍然居高不下。 然而,从下个月开始,路易斯安那州的医生将被允许推荐使用医用大麻来治疗任何“对个人病人不利并有资格”的疾病。他们的想法是,这将为更多的患者打开市场,刺激供需曲线。 联邦法院记录显示,一宗涉及原告 Solace Enterprises LLLP 、 Aether Gardens 和 Telloni Holdings Limited 以及被告 TrinidaConsulting 和 Cannadips 的联邦法院案件,在6月18日的调解后被搁置。双方正在共同努力解决问题。 根据最初的起诉书,原告声称被告欠他们120万美元的贷款,而辩方声称特立尼达和卡纳迪普会得到版税。 Solace Enterprises LLLP 作为 Aether Gardens 开展业务,在一些法庭文件中被称为 Solace Holdings LLLP 。公司在内华达州的北拉斯维加斯拥有两个积极生产许可证和两个积极种植许可证。根据内华达州大麻合规委员会的数据,该公司将为成人使用和医疗大麻市场提供服务。根据 Cannabiz Media 的说法, Solace EnterpriseLLLP 大麻处理许可证已经过期。 Aether Gardens 网站称,该公司成立于2018年,旨在成为“为医疗和休闲大麻消费者提供最佳体验的品牌开发、白色标签制造和研究领域的领导者”。该公司在网站上描述计划开发一座占地9万平方英尺的“最先进制造设施”,用于种植。提取和生产。 Cannadips 在加利福尼亚州的 Arcata 拥有活跃的“制造商年度数据”许可证。据坎纳贝兹媒体报道。据该网站介绍,两个卡纳迪公司的“制造商临时入侵”已经过期,以及该州所有其他同类许可证。根据该网站,洪堡县的 TrinidaConsultingLLC “制造商临时入侵”许可证也已过期。 Cannadipis 网站称,该公司成立于2016年,生产一种大麻( CBD )浸渍产品,并“通过提供美味、无尼古丁的替代烟草产品,改变了烟草的模式”。该产品以“美国大麻”和“根植于洪堡”为配方。 原告和被告的律师通过公共关系代表、《坎纳比斯商业时报》和《海姆普·种植者》要求对调解或和解发表评论,拒绝了他们的请求。