Smiths Medical Partners With U.S. Government on COVID-19 Vaccine Efforts

史密斯医疗公司与美国政府在 COVID-19疫苗方面的合作

2020-07-16 06:30:43 BioSpace


Smiths Medical has received an order through our authorized distributor Marathon Medical’s BARDA IDIQ agreement for 78.6 million syringe and needle units. In addition, BARDA, in collaboration with JPEO-CBRND, will invest $20 million into a $38 million capital expansion project to further expand Smiths Medical’s production operations in Keene, New Hampshire. The partnership will increase Smiths Medical’s needle production capacity by 125 million units per year. The federal government will have priority access to this expanded capacity for vaccination efforts dedicated to COVID-19, flu vaccines, and future pandemics. Smiths Medical’s industry-leading EDGE™ Safety Hypodermic Devices technology combines the benefits of an advanced safety hypodermic needle with the dead space profile of a conventional needle. The Needle-Pro® EDGE™ hypodermic needle offers the lowest dead space, compared to leading hypodermic safety needle devices, helping to ensure dosage accuracy and less wasted medication – while helping to prevent needlestick injuries. “Smiths Medical has risen to the challenge of COVID-19 patient care and now delivery of a future COVID-19 vaccination. Over the last six months, Smiths Medical has delivered the healthcare industry significant increased production of ventilators, infusion pumps, extended dwell catheters and other respiratory products necessary for treating COVID-19 patients,” said JehanZeb Noor, Smiths Medical CEO. “The current global crisis has galvanized our culture to serve patients and transform the healthcare industry. The BARDA award is an important award in our company’s history, and we will execute relentlessly to help impact millions of lives here in the U.S.” About Smiths Medical Smiths Medical,, is a leading supplier of specialized medical devices and equipment for global markets, focusing on the medication delivery, vital care and safety devices market segments. It is part of Smiths Group,, a global leader in applying advanced technologies for markets in threat and contraband detection, energy, medical devices, communications and engineered components. Smiths Group employs around 23,000 people in more than 50 countries. View source version on Smiths Medical Media Relations at or Vanessa Krier at 763-383-3299. Source: Smiths Medical View this news release online at:
史密斯医疗已通过授权经销商 Marathon Medical 的 BARDA IDIQ 协议获得7860万注射器和针头单位的订单。此外, BARDA 将与 JPEO-CBRND 合作,向一个3800万美元的资本扩张项目投资2000万美元,以进一步扩大 Smiths Medical 在新罕布什尔州 Keene 的生产业务。该合伙企业将使 Smiths Medical 的针头生产能力每年增加1.25亿台。联邦政府将优先获得这种扩大的疫苗接种能力,致力于 COVID-19、流感疫苗和未来的大流行。 Smiths Medical 行业领先的 EDGE ™安全皮下装置技术将先进的安全皮下注射针的优点与传统针头的死空间轮廓结合起来。针- Pro ® EDGE ™皮下注射针提供了与领先的皮下安全针具相比的最低死亡空间,有助于确保剂量准确性和减少浪费的药物——同时有助于防止针刺损伤。 “ Smiths Medical 已经面临 COVID-19病人护理的挑战,现在提供了未来的 COVID-19疫苗接种。在过去六个月里,史密斯医疗为医疗行业提供了显著增加的呼吸机、输液泵、扩展的住宅导管和治疗 COVID-19患者所必需的其他呼吸产品生产,” Smiths 医疗首席执行官 JehanZeb Noor 表示。“当前的全球危机激发了我们为患者服务的文化,并改变了医疗行业。BARDA 奖是我们公司历史上的一项重要奖项,我们将毫不留情地执行,以帮助影响美国数百万人的生活。” 关于史密斯医疗公司 Smiths Medical , www.smiths-medical 。com 是全球市场专业医疗器械和设备的领先供应商,专注于药品配送、生命护理和安全器械细分市场。它是 Smiths Group 的一部分, 是一家全球领先的公司,在威胁和禁带探测、能源、医疗设备、通信和工程部件市场应用先进技术。史密斯集团在50多个国家雇用了约23,000名员工。 查看 businesswire 上的源代码。com : 媒体上的史密斯医学媒体关系.关系@ smiths-medical 。com 或 Vanessa Krier ,电话763-383-3299。 资料来源:史密斯医疗 在线查看本新闻稿,网址为: