Are There Potential Side Effects to Taking CBD? What We Know and Do Not Know Right Now

服用 CBD 有潜在的副作用吗?我们现在所知道的和不知道的

2020-07-17 07:31:44 Cannabis


CBD oil, also known under the name of Cannabidiol is hundreds of year’s old strong and natural remedy that was probably used for general ailments and pans and is now being used frequently as an analgesic, antidepressant, anticonvulsant and others. It wouldn’t be any wrong to say that this CBD oil is a natural and magical healer for mostly all of the ailments as it maintains normal body functioning. There surely is a reason rooted deep into the chemistry of CBD which makes it an exceptionally magical healer for many ailments including pain, migraine, arthritis, epilepsy, sadness, depression, anxiety, psoriasis, diabetes, heart diseases, eczema, skin infections and what not. Although CBD's profile is not fully backed by scientific evidences yet, but this surely has something really unique due to which all the investors, herbalists, consumers and researchers from all over the world are head over heels for getting their hands on cannabidiol. Where ever you will get a chance to read about CBD, chances are, you’ll also read another name as THC. Along with the CBD, THC is also high in debates, discussions and studies that more or less has the same properties and characteristics as the CBD possess, but, the difference arises where the THC interacts with psychomotor activities and makes people feel high while CBD doesn’t. It wouldn't be any wrong to say that CBD is an exceptionally safe to use drug which features a lot of miraculous health benefits but doesn’t possess any common side effects. People using CBD for over year’s claim that CBD hasn’t ever caused any harm or disturbance to their normal health until and unless used knowingly and in the right manner. Or, in other words, it’s less likely to have but still, some ratio of the population can experience side effects of CBD at a certain level or due to some certain reasons which are discussed in details below. Before knowing about the possible side effects of the CBD oil, it’s important to know about the major health benefits of the CBD oil so we can know how this CBD interacts with the body. The thing to keep in mind here is, not every manufacturer’s CDB oil is good enough or made up to standards to suffice best health benefits. In this regard, we firmly trust CBD Oil Canada as they are offering high-quality CBD products yielding greater efficacy.  Health Benefits of CBD: Generally, CBD works to maintain body’s normal functioning, or in other words, it maintains normal homeostasis of the human body. This is why it features a lot of health benefits. Mainly and widely it’s being used for following ailments since ages: Acne Anorexia Anxiety Chronic pain Depression Drug addiction and withdrawal Epilepsy Glaucoma High blood pressure Insomnia Muscle spasms Parkinson's disease Side Effects of CBD: CBD oil comes in many dosage forms or product forms so that users can take it in a way they feasibly love to, including oil, capsules, tablets, gummies, tincture, cream and vaps. Usually Edibles are loved the most as they are a fun way to take daily dose of CBD and they are available in different shapes and flavors too. Considering the versatility of dosage form, we can state that side effects would be of different types depending upon how a CBD is administered. Usually it’ll be taken orally by mouth or would be applied topically. So let’s examine its potential side effects in both ways.When taken by mouth: Cannabidiol is highly safe-to-use when swallowed orally or sprayed under the tongue in a proper manner. Studies claim and prove that an oral 300mg/day dose of CBD is safe for up to 6 months whereas higher oral doses of 1200-1500mg/day are safe for up to 4 weeks. The only FDA approved oral CBD drug named Epidiolex is approved to be safe in doses of up to 10-20mg/kg/day. Cannabidiol sublingual sprays are safe in doses of 2.5mg for up to 2 weeks. So, apparently it’s highly safe, but when taken orally, some user may experience: Dry mouth Low blood pressure Light-headedness Drowsiness Signs of liver injury When applied to the skin: There isn't enough reliable information, nor do we have any customer complaints regarding side effects of CBD when applied topically. Still, there are chances that users may develop some side effects if they are allergic to any CBD product’s constituent or have any underlying skin condition. Here again, quality of the product-used matters a lot and Magnolia is the place where you can find the best, high-quality, and safest CBD products for impressive effects. Side effects upon topical applications may be: Skin rashes Redness Itching Mild burning sensation Special Precautionary measurements linked with CBD: Although CBD is safest to use, but still, there are some physical conditions that demand the person to be at the best-possible precautionary level. Here are some physical conditions where you should must avoid taking CBD. Pregnancy and Lactation: Although CBD is highly safe and there are no studies or claims that favors possible risk of CBD use in pregnancy or lactation but keeping in mind the impurities or traces in a CBD product, it’s always better to stay at the safety borderline and avoid any risks.Children: CBD is said to be safe in children 2year and plus. In fact, the only FDA approved drug Epidiolex is also specifically designed for childhood epilepsy. Liver disease: People with liver disease should tend to use lower doses of cannabidiol as it has high potential to interact with liver enzymes. Parkinson disease: Some researchers suggest that high dose intake of CBD may make muscle movement and tremors worse in people having Parkinson’s disease. The bottom Line: There is no doubt to say that CBD is a highly safe compound and it’s very less likely that its users complain about any side effects. But it may cause mild side effects if someone is new to CBD and his body is trying to get adjusted to a new chemical balance. Side effects are rare and even if they happen, are very mild in nature and there are no adverse effects of this CBD compound. Hence, it undoubtedly is a safe journey but if you have any medical complications, do consult with your physician before making a decision on CBD because your health is our top priority. DOES CBD MUTE THE EFFECTS OF THC IN THE BODY? CLICK HERE.
CBD 油,又名 Cannabidel ,是数百年来的强效天然药物,可能用于一般疾病和痛苦,现在经常被用作止痛药、抗抑郁药、抗惊厥药等。 说这种 CBD 油是一种自然的、神奇的治疗方法,因为它能维持正常的身体功能,所以并不是什么错的。 有一个原因根深蒂固的化学 CBD ,使它成为一个非常神奇的治疗许多疾病,包括疼痛,偏头痛,关节炎,癫痫,悲伤,抑郁症,焦虑,银屑病,糖尿病,心脏病,湿疹,皮肤感染和什么不是。 尽管 CBD 的形象还没有得到科学证据的充分支持,但它确实有一些真正独特的东西,世界各地的投资者、药草专家、消费者和研究人员都不甘示弱地抓住了它。 无论你在哪里有机会读到 CBD ,机会是,你也会读到另一个名字作为 THC 。 随着 CBD 的发展, THC 在辩论、讨论和研究中的地位也越来越高,它或多或少具有与 CBD 相同的特性和特征,但是,当 THC 与精神运动活动相互作用,使人们感觉很高,而 CBD 却没有。 如果说 CBD 是一种非常安全的药物,它具有许多神奇的健康益处,但没有任何共同的副作用,那么说它是没有任何错误的。使用 CBD 超过一年的人声称 CBD 在知情和正确使用之前并不会对他们的正常健康造成任何伤害或干扰。 或者,换句话说,它不太可能有但仍然存在,一些人口比例可以在一定水平上经历 CBD 的副作用,或者由于某些原因,下文将详细讨论。 在了解 CBD 油可能的副作用之前,了解 CBD 油的主要健康益处很重要,因此我们可以了解 CBD 与身体的相互作用。 这里要记住的是,并不是每个制造商的 CDB 油都足够好,或者是符合标准的,以满足最佳的健康效益。在这方面,我们坚定地信任加拿大 CBD 石油公司,因为他们提供高质量的 CBD 产品,产生更大的效力。CBD 的健康益处: 一般来说,生物多样性公约致力于维持人体的正常功能,换句话说,它保持人体的正常体內稳态。这就是为什么它具有许多健康益处的原因。主要和广泛用于以下疾病: 痤疮 缺氧 焦虑 慢性疼痛 大萧条 吸毒成瘾和戒瘾 癫痫 青光眼 高血压 失眠 肌肉痉挛 帕金森病 CBD 的副作用: CBD 油以多种剂型或产品形式出现,使用户能够以他们真正喜爱的方式服用,包括油、胶囊、片剂、口香糖、酊剂、乳膏和 vaps 。 通常,人们最喜欢的是可编辑的东西,因为它们是每天服用 CBD 的有趣方式,而且它们也有不同的形状和口味。 考虑到剂型的多面性,我们可以说副作用会有不同的类型取决于如何使用 CBD 。 通常口服或局部应用。因此,让我们从两个方面考察它的潜在副作用。口服时: 大麻是非常安全的使用时,吞咽口头或喷洒在舌下以适当的方式。 研究声称并证明口服300mg /天剂量的 CBD 最多6个月是安全的,而较高剂量的1200-1500 mg /天剂量的 CBD 最多4周是安全的。 美国食品和药物管理局批准的唯一口服 CBD 药物,名为 Epidiolex ,批准安全剂量高达10-20mg / kg /天。 大麻舌下喷雾剂是安全的剂量2.5毫克长达2周。 因此,这显然是高度安全的,但当口服,一些用户可能会体验: 干嘴 低血压 轻盈 能见度下降 肝脏损伤的迹象 适用于皮肤时: 没有足够的可靠信息,我们也没有任何客户投诉 CBD 的副作用时,局部应用。然而,如果用户对任何 CBD 产品的成分过敏或有任何潜在的皮肤状况,他们可能会产生一些副作用。 在这里,产品使用的质量很重要, Magnolia 是您可以找到最好的,高质量和最安全的 CBD 产品的地方,令人印象深刻的影响。 对局部应用的副作用可能是: 皮疹 红肿 迭代 轻度烧灼感 与《生物多样性公约》有关的特别预防措施: 尽管使用 CBD 最安全,但仍然存在一些物理条件,要求患者处于尽可能好的预防水平。以下是一些物理条件,你必须避免服用 CBD 。 怀孕和哺乳:虽然 CBD 非常安全,并且没有研究或声称 CBD 在怀孕或哺乳中使用的可能风险,但要记住 CBD 产品中的杂质或痕迹,最好保持在安全边界,避免任何风险。儿童: CBD 据说在2岁以上的儿童中是安全的。事实上, FDA 唯一批准的药物 Epidepollex 也是专为儿童癫痫而设计的。 肝脏疾病:肝病患者应该倾向于使用低剂量的大麻,因为它具有与肝脏酶相互作用的高潜力。 帕金森病:一些研究人员认为,高剂量服用 CBD 可能会使帕金森病患者的肌肉运动和震颤更糟。 底线: 毫无疑问, CBD 是一种非常安全的化合物,它的用户抱怨任何副作用的可能性很小。但是,如果有人是 CBD 的新手,并且他的身体正试图适应一种新的化学平衡,这可能会导致轻微的副作用。 副作用是罕见的,即使它们发生,是非常温和的性质,没有不利影响,这 CBD 化合物。 因此,这无疑是一个安全的旅程,但如果您有任何医疗并发症,请先咨询您的医生,然后再决定 CBD ,因为您的健康是我们的首要任务。 为什么 CBD 必须影响 THC 在 BOY 中的作用?在此。