Windtree names Hamill as new CFO

Wintree 将 Hamill 命名为新的 CFO

2020-07-21 09:30:16 Mass Device


Drug- and medtech developer Windtree Therapeutics today announced it named John Hamill as SVP and chief financial officer, replacing John Tattory, who is leaving to pursue other opportunities. Hamill joins the company, which develops drug product and devices to treat acute cardiovascular and pulmonary disease, with 30 years in the pharma, biopharma and clinical research industries. “We are delighted to have John join the Windtree team. He brings to us broad industry experience, having served as a seasoned financial executive and in a variety of senior roles for publicly traded companies,” said Windtree CEO Craig Fraser in a news release. Most recently, he consulted for several life sciences companies including Trevana Inc., where he led a recent financing. He also saw Savient Pharmaceticals and PharmaNet through their own acquisitions, which brought in close to $400 million. “I am very pleased to join Windtree, with its multiple late-stage assets and programs that aim to address unmet needs in significant cardiovascular and respiratory markets,” Hamill said. “ It’s an exciting time for the company and I look forward to being part of a talented team focused on building value.” Hamill received a B.S. in Accounting and Business and Computer Science from DeSales University and is a certified public accountant. In May, Windtree raised over $20 million through a public offering  of 2.76 million units at $7.25 per unit and the full exercise of the underwriters’ option to purchase 413,793 additional shares of common stock and 413,793 additional warrants. In connection with the offering, the company’s common stock began trading on NASDAQ under the symbol WINT.
药品和医疗技术开发商 Windstree Therapeutics 今天宣布,将 John Hamill 任命为 SVP 和首席财务官,接替即将离职寻求其他机会的 John Tattory 。 Hamill 公司加入该公司,该公司开发治疗急性心血管和肺病的药物产品和器械,在医药、生物制药和临床研究行业拥有30年的从业经验。 “我们很高兴约翰加入 Windstree 团队。他为我们带来了广泛的行业经验,曾担任过经验丰富的金融高管,并担任过上市公司的各种高级职位,” Wintree 首席执行官克雷格·弗雷泽( Craig Fraser )在新闻稿中表示。 最近,他为包括 Trevana Inc .在内的几家生命科学公司进行了咨询,他领导了最近一次融资。他还看到 SaventPharmaeticals 和 PharmaNet 通过他们自己的收购,带来了近4亿美元。 “我很高兴能加入 Windstree ,拥有多个后期资产和项目,旨在解决重要的心血管和呼吸系统市场未得到满足的需求,” Hamill 说。“对于公司来说,这是一个激动人心的时刻,我期待着成为一个专注于创造价值的人才团队的一员。” Hamill 在 DeSales 大学获得会计、商业和计算机科学学士学位,是注册会计师。 今年5月, Windstree 通过公开发行276万股,每股7.25美元,以及充分行使承销商购买413793股普通股和413793份额外认股权证的选择权,筹集了超过2000万美元。与此次发行有关,该公司的普通股开始在纳斯达克交易,代码 WINT 。