Chicago-based cannabis company NuMed changes name to NuEra

总部位于芝加哥的大麻公司 NuMed 更名为 NuEra

2020-07-28 09:43:00 Business Times


CHICAGO, JULY 28, 2020 - NuMed, a rapidly expanding Chicago-based vertically integrated cannabis company, has launched its new name and brand NuEra. NuEra covers its three current Illinois retail locations, a newly acquired cultivation center in Rochelle, Ill., and its new brand of flower and prerolls. The name NuEra highlights the fact that legalization in Illinois didn't just change the laws on the books - it unleashed a whole new era of cannabis. An era in which cannabis is safer, higher quality and available in a greater variety than ever before. Canna-consumers have more methods of consumption, more strains, more precise dosage labeling, and better information about the effects of each of our products than any generation before them. “We will always remain committed to our medical patients and medicinal values, which is why we are one of Illinois' best providers of cannabis products for all people of legal age,” said Robert Fitzsimmons, CEO.   “The difference between marijuana and hemp is a matter of measurement,” says the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), a physical science laboratory that is part of the U.S. Department of Commerce, on its website. And yet, taking those measurements to distinguish hemp—defined as having up to 0.3% tetrahydrocannabinol (THC)—and its higher-THC cousin, marijuana, is difficult in the burgeoning industries. It’s why NIST has launched a program to help laboratories accurately measure key chemical compounds in marijuana, hemp and other cannabis products. The goal of NIST’s Cannabis Quality Assurance (CannaQAP) program is to help labs produce consistent measurement results, which would both increase accuracy in product labeling and help forensic labs distinguish between hemp and marijuana. According to a NIST news release, laboratories have limited experience taking cannabinoid measurements, which can lead to unreliable results. This has been a problem especially for cannabidiol (CBD) products, which have been found to contain wildly different cannabinoid contents than what is printed on their labels. “When you walk into a store or dispensary and see a label that says 10% CBD, you want to know that you can trust that number,” says NIST research chemist Brent Wilson in the news release. Prior to hemp’s legalization, labs determined if something was marijuana by testing for the presence of THC instead of the concentration, the news release says. Now, this method presents an issue with distinguishing between hemp and marijuana, as hemp may also contain some THC.  One reason measurements vary so much from lab to lab is because there are no reference materials for cannabis, according to the news release. Reference materials come with known measurement values to help labs achieve accurate results. That’s where the CannQAP program comes in. RELATED: THC Regulations, Lack of Testing Standards Impacting Growers in Major Ways How It Works As part of the program, NIST will send hemp oil samples to participating labs, which will measure the concentration of 17 different cannabinoids and report back to NIST. After collecting responses, NIST says it plans to publish the measurements the labs obtained. This data will be anonymized so labs cannot be identified, but the aim is to show the variability between results. NIST will also publish the correct measurements so each lab can see how it performed. In addition, NIST researchers will assess whether some laboratory methods consistently produce better results than others, and if so, they will recommend that labs adopt the better-performing methods. “Anonymity means that labs don’t have to worry about how their performance will be viewed,” says NIST research chemist Melissa Phillips in the news release. “Our goal is to help labs improve, not to call them out.”  Once the first round is complete, which could take six months to a year, NIST will run a second round of exercises with hopes of seeing a “tightening of numbers.”  The lab says it plans on expanding to include plant material in the future and measure a larger number of compounds, including terpenes and contaminants. NIST is also working on developing a hemp reference material to serve as a baseline of measurement for labs.  “Labs can accurately measure how much sugar is in your orange juice because they have standardized methods and reference materials for that type of product,” says Susan Audino, a chemistry consultant and science adviser to the Cannabis Analytical Science Program of the AOAC International, a group that establishes standard methods for laboratory analysis. “But cannabis has been a Schedule I drug since the ‘70s,” she said, referring to the Drug Enforcement Administration’s designation for drugs that have the highest potential for abuse. LOS ANGELES, July 27, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -PRESS RELEASE- Cookies, a cannabis and lifestyle brand, announced today its launch of Run The Jewels products. This project is a collaboration between Lemonnade, a sativa-focused sister brand to Cookies, and acclaimed hip-hop group Run The Jewels. The project is also a partnership between Berner, the Bay Area rapper and entrepreneur who started Cookies, RTJ rapper Killer Mike and rapper-producer El-P. "Killer Mike & El-P are legit cannabis enthusiasts—every time I see Mike, we get high together. Him and I go back more than a decade, and I've always felt we could open a new dimension in cannabis," said Berner. "After working with him on The White Album (2011), I knew we'd have to collaborate again. I have a lot of respect for RTJ's work ethic. Creating the Run The Jewels brand is a natural progression."     Run The Jewels launches with its first branded strain, Ooh La La, named for the lead single from RTJ's latest album, RTJ4. This hybrid strain delivers a sensory-heightening head high and a light body feel. Ooh La La merges Lemonnade's sativa focus with Killer Mike and El-P's Indica appreciation to create a hybrid strain with an aroma of spice cake and frosting and flavor of sweet fruit cake with an herbal tea chaser. In addition to flower, the Run The Jewels line includes pre-rolls, vapes, extracts and blunts. The full line of Ooh La La products is coming soon at Cookies location across the country.  
芝加哥,2020年7月28日- NuMed ,一家快速扩张的芝加哥垂直一体化大麻公司,已经推出其新的名称和品牌 NuEra 。NuEra 公司目前在伊利诺斯州的三个零售点,一个新收购的种植中心位于伊利诺伊州的罗谢尔市。和它的新品牌的花卉和预轧辊。 NuEra 这个名字凸显了一个事实,即伊利诺伊州的合法化不仅改变了书籍上的法律,而且开启了大麻的全新时代。大麻比以前更安全、质量更高、种类更多的时代。罐头消费者有更多的消费方法,更多的菌株,更准确的剂量标签,更好的信息,我们的每一个产品的影响比任何一代以前。 “我们将始终致力于医疗病人和医疗价值,这就是为什么我们是伊利诺伊州最好的大麻产品供应商之一,为所有合法年龄的人,”首席执行官罗伯特·菲茨西蒙斯说。 “大麻和大麻之间的区别是一个测量问题,”美国国家标准与技术研究所( NIST )在其网站上说,该研究所是美国商务部的一个物理科学实验室。 然而,用这些测量方法来区分大麻——被定义为拥有多达0.3%的四氢氨基酚( THC )——及其高 THC 表亲大麻——在新兴产业中是困难的。 这就是为什么 NIST 启动了一个项目,帮助实验室准确测量大麻、大麻和其他大麻产品中的关键化合物。 NIST 的大麻质量保证( CannaQAP )计划的目标是帮助实验室产生一致的测量结果,这既能提高产品标签的准确性,也能帮助法医实验室区分大麻和大麻。 根据 NIST 的新闻发布,实验室使用大麻的测量经验有限,这可能导致不可靠的结果。这一直是一个问题,尤其是对大麻( CBD )产品,已发现含有非常不同的大麻内容比什么打印在他们的标签。 NIST 研究化学家 BrentWilson 在新闻稿中说:“当你走进商店或药房,看到一个标签上写着10%的 CBD ,你想知道你可以相信这个数字。” 在大麻合法化之前,实验室通过检测 THC 的存在而不是浓度来确定是否有大麻。现在,这种方法提出了一个区别大麻和大麻的问题,因为大麻也可能包含一些 THC 。 据新闻稿称,实验室对大麻的测量差异很大的一个原因是因为没有大麻的参考材料。参考资料具有已知的测量值,帮助实验室取得准确的结果。 这就是 CannQAP 程序出现的地方。 相关: THC 法规缺乏主要影响种植者的测试标准 它如何工作 作为该项目的一部分, NIST 将向参与的实验室发送大麻油样本,这些实验室将测量17种不同的大麻浓度,并向 NIST 报告。 NIST 在收集了回应后表示,它计划公布实验室获得的测量结果。这些数据将被匿名,因此实验室不能被识别,但目的是显示结果之间的可变性。 NIST 还将发布正确的测量结果,以便每个实验室都能看到它是如何执行的。此外, NIST 的研究人员将评估某些实验室方法是否持续产生比其他方法更好的结果,如果是,他们将建议实验室采用性能更好的方法。 NIST 研究化学家 Melissa Phillips 在新闻发布会上表示:“匿名意味着实验室不必担心他们的表现会被怎样看待。”“我们的目标是帮助实验室改进,而不是叫它们出来。”这是一个很好的例子 第一轮测试完成后, NIST 将进行第二轮测试,希望看到“数据收紧”。这是一个很好的例子 该实验室表示,它计划在未来扩大到包括植物材料,并测量更多的化合物,包括萜类和污染物。NIST 还在开发一种大麻参考材料,作为实验室测量的基准。 “实验室能够准确测量橙汁中糖分的含量,因为他们有标准化的方法和这类产品的参考材料,”国际 AOAC 的坎纳比斯分析科学计划的化学顾问和科学顾问苏珊·奥迪( Susan Audino )说,建立实验室分析标准方法的小组。“但大麻自70年代以来一直是一种附表 I 毒品,”她说。她指的是美国缉毒署( Drug Enforcement Administration )对最有可能滥用的毒品的指定。 洛杉矶,2020年7月27日/ PRNewswire /- PRSS RELEASE -厨具,大麻和生活方式品牌,今天宣布推出运行珠宝产品。这个项目是由 Lemonnade 和著名的嘻哈集团 Run The Jewels 合作的, Lemonnade 是一个专注于讽刺的姐妹品牌。 该项目也是贝纳,湾区说唱歌手和企业家谁启动 Cookies , RTJ 说唱歌手 KillerMike 和说唱制作人 El-P 之间的伙伴关系。 “ KillerMike & El-P 是合法的大麻爱好者——每次见到 Mike ,我们都会聚在一起。他和我回到过去十多年,我一直觉得我们可以在大麻中开辟一个新的维度。“在与他合作完成了《白相册》(2011),我知道我们必须再次合作。我非常尊重 RTJ 的职业道德。创造珠宝品牌是一个自然的进步。这是一个很好的例子 运行珠宝推出其第一品牌的品种, OohLa La ,命名为领导单曲 RTJ 的最新专辑, RTJ4。这种混合的应变提供了一种感官高度高的头部和一个轻的身体感觉。Ooh La La 将 Lemonnade 的缎带与 Killer Mike 和 El-P's Indica 的鉴赏力融合在一起,创造出一种混合的品种,带有香料蛋糕的香味,带有凉爽和甜水果蛋糕的味道,配有凉茶。 除了花,运行珠宝系列包括预卷,阴道,提取物和钝。OohLa La 的全线产品即将在 Cookie 位于全国各地的位置推出。