FDA clears Neocis robot for full-arch dental implants

FDA 批准 Neopis 机器人用于全拱形植牙

2020-07-29 10:30:15 Mass Device


The clearance allows for a new splint attachment, which broadens Yomi’s application to include full arch implant cases as well as partially edentulous cases, or those involving missing teeth. Get the full story on our WTWH Media sister site The Robot Report. 
该间隙允许新的夹板连接,这拓宽了 Yomi 的应用范围,包括足弓植入病例以及部分无牙病例,或涉及缺失牙齿的病例。 获得我们的 WTWH 媒体姐妹网站机器人报告的完整故事。