Vaxart Appoints Karen J. Wilson to its Board of Directors

Vaxart 任命 Karen J . Wilson 为董事会成员

2020-08-27 22:38:30 BioSpace


SOUTH SAN FRANCISCO, Calif., Aug. 27, 2020 -- Vaxart, Inc. , a clinical-stage biotechnology company developing oral vaccines that are administered by tablet rather than by injection, today announced the appointment of Karen J. Wilson to its Board of Directors and as chair of its Audit Committee. Ms. Wilson brings more than three decades of finance and leadership experience in the life sciences industry. “We welcome Ms. Wilson to the Board of Directors. She joins us at an exciting time for our company as we advance our oral COVID-19 vaccine candidate towards the clinic,” said Andrei Floroiu, chief executive officer of Vaxart. “Her expertise in finance and operations in the biopharmaceutical industry will be an asset to Vaxart’s growth as we are developing vaccines that provide broad immunity for patients while creating value for our stakeholders.” Ms. Wilson added, “I am excited to join Vaxart’s Board of Directors at this important juncture in the company’s evolution. I believe in the potential of the company’s unique technology platform to transform the vaccine landscape and look forward to working with the leadership team to bring this innovative technology to fruition.” Karen J. Wilson is a biopharmaceutical finance executive and board member with more than 30 years of industry and leadership experience in life sciences companies across finance, strategy, and risk management. She is currently senior vice president of finance at Jazz Pharmaceuticals plc and an independent director for Angion Biomedica Board of Directors. Prior to Jazz in 2011, Ms. Wilson served as the principal accounting officer and vice president of finance for PDL BioPharma, Inc. She also held senior roles in finance and operations with ViroLogic, Inc. and Novare Surgical Systems, Inc. She is a certified public accountant and holds a bachelor’s degree in business from the University of California, Berkeley. About Vaxart Vaxart is a clinical-stage biotechnology company focused on developing oral tablet vaccines designed to generate mucosal and systemic immune responses that protect against a wide range of infectious diseases and have the potential to provide sterilizing immunity for diseases such as COVID-19. Vaxart believes that a room temperature stable tablet is easier to distribute, store and administer than injectable vaccines and may provide a significantly faster response to a pandemic than injectable vaccines, enabling a greater portion of the population to be protected. Vaxart’s development programs include oral tablet vaccines that are designed to protect against coronavirus, norovirus, seasonal influenza and respiratory syncytial virus (RSV), as well as a therapeutic vaccine for human papillomavirus (HPV). For more information, please visit Note Regarding Forward-Looking Statements This press release contains forward-looking statements that involve substantial risks and uncertainties. All statements, other than statements of historical facts, included in this press release regarding Vaxart’s strategy, prospects, plans and objectives, results from pre-clinical and clinical trials, commercialization agreements and licenses, beliefs and expectations of management are forward-looking statements. These forward-looking statements may be accompanied by such words as “should,” “believe,” “could,” “potential,” “will,” “expected,” “plan” and other words and terms of similar meaning. Various important factors could cause actual results or events to differ materially from the forward-looking statements that Vaxart makes, including  uncertainties inherent in research and development, including the risks described in the “Risk Factors” sections of Vaxart’s Quarterly and Annual Reports filed with the SEC. Vaxart does not assume any obligation to update any forward-looking statements, except as required by law.
加州圣弗朗西斯科.、2020年8月27日- Vaxart , Inc .,一家临床阶段的生物技术公司,开发口服疫苗,由片剂而非注射给药,今天宣布任命 Karen J . Wilson 为其董事会成员,并担任其审计委员会主席。威尔逊女士在生命科学行业拥有三十多年的财务和领导经验。 “我们欢迎威尔逊女士加入董事会。Vaxart 首席执行官 AndreiFloropu 表示:“她加入我们公司之际,我们正向诊所推进口服 COVID-19疫苗的候选项目。”“她在生物制药行业的财务和运营方面的专长将成为 Vaxart 成长的资产,因为我们正在研发疫苗,为患者提供广泛的免疫,同时为我们的利益相关者创造价值。” 威尔逊女士补充说,“在公司发展的这个重要时刻,我很高兴加入 Vaxart 董事会。我相信,该公司独特的技术平台有潜力改变疫苗的面貌,并期待着与领导团队合作,使这一创新技术取得成果。” Karen J.Wilson 是一名生物制药财务执行和董事会成员,拥有30多年的行业和生命科学公司在财务、战略和风险管理方面的领导经验。现任 Jazz Pharmaceuticals plc 财务高级副总裁, Angion Biomedica 董事会独立董事。2011年加入 Jazz 之前, Wilson 女士曾担任 PDL BioPharma , Inc .的首席会计官和财务副总裁。她还曾在 ViroLogic , Inc .和 Novore Surgical Systems , Inc .担任财务和运营方面的高级职务。她是一名注册会计师,拥有加州大学的商业学士学位。伯克利。 关于 Vaxart Vaxart 是一家临床阶段的生物技术公司,专注于开发口服片剂疫苗,旨在产生粘膜和全身免疫反应,以预防广泛的传染病,并有可能为 COVID-19等疾病提供绝育免疫。Vaxart 认为,室温稳定片剂比注射疫苗更易于分发、储存和管理,并可能提供比注射疫苗更快的对大流行的反应,使更多的人口得到保护。Vaxart 的开发计划包括口服片剂疫苗,旨在预防冠状病毒、诺病毒、季节性流感和呼吸道合胞病毒( RSV ),以及人类乳头瘤病毒(人乳头状瘤病毒(HPV))的治疗性疫苗。详情请访问 。 有关前瞻性陈述的附注 本新闻稿载有涉及重大风险及不明朗因素的前瞻性陈述。所有声明,除了历史事实陈述外,包括在本新闻稿中关于 Vaxart 的战略、前景、计划和目标、临床前和临床试验的结果、商业化协议和许可、管理层的信念和期望都是前瞻性陈述。这些前瞻性声明可能附带“应该”、“相信”、“能够”、“潜力”、“将”、“预期”、“计划”等词语和类似含义的术语。各种重要因素可能导致实际结果或事件与 Vaxart 作出的前瞻性陈述存在重大差异,包括研发固有的不确定性。包括在提交给 SEC 的 Vaxart 季度和年度报告的“风险因素”部分中描述的风险。除法律要求外, Vaxart 不承担任何更新任何前瞻性陈述的义务。