US House to Vote on Cannabis Legalization Next Month


2020-09-01 01:37:09 Ganjapreneur


The House of Representatives is set to hold a vote on the MORE Act next month, marking the first time either chamber of Congress will have voted on whether to remove cannabis from the Controlled Substances Act. In an email to House members on Friday, Majority Whip Jim Clyburn (D-SC) said the vote would happen “during the September work period” but did not include a date. In addition to removing cannabis from the CSA, the measure requires federal courts to expunge prior cannabis-related convictions and would authorize a 5 percent tax on sales to create an Opportunity Trust Fund. The fund would be administered by the Department of Justice and Small Business Administration to support those who have been adversely affected by the ‘War on Drugs’ by providing assistance to socially and economically disadvantaged small business owners and minimize barriers to cannabis licensing and employment. State lawmakers would still have to pass legislation to legalize cannabis – and cannabis sales – in their state. Rep. Earl Blumenauer (D-Or) told Politico that the bill would “finally align our cannabis laws with what the majority of Americans support, while ensuring restorative justice.” The bill faces an uphill battle in the Republican-led Senate, where Majority Leader Mitch McConnell remains strongly opposed and could decide not to bring it up for a vote. Last September, the House approved the SAFE Banking Act – which would normalize banking for the cannabis industry – but the bill has not come up for a vote in the Senate, nearly a year later. Moreover, Senate Republicans are, by and large, opposed to cannabis legalization. The measure’s lead sponsor in the Senate in Democratic vice-presidential nominee Kamala Harris. Get daily news insights in your inbox. Subscribe End Authored By: TG is a news writer and host of the Ganjapreneur podcast based in upstate New York, where he also teaches media studies at a local university.
众议院将于下月就《更多法案》进行表决,这标志着国会两院首次就是否将大麻从《管制物质法案》中删除进行表决。 在周五给众议院议员的一封电子邮件中,多数选民吉姆·克莱本( D-SC )表示,投票将“在9月份的工作期间”进行,但没有包括日期。 除了将大麻从 CSA 中去除外,该措施还要求联邦法院取消以前与大麻相关的定罪,并授权对销售征收5%的税,以创建一个机会信托基金。该基金将由司法部和小企业管理局管理,通过向社会和经济上处于不利地位的小企业所有者提供援助,并尽量减少大麻许可证发放和就业方面的障碍,支持那些受到“毒品战争”不利影响的人。 州立法机构仍需通过立法,使本州的大麻和大麻销售合法化。 代表。Earl Blumauer ( D-Or )告诉 Politico ,该法案将“最终使我们的大麻法律与大多数美国人支持的法律保持一致,同时确保恢复性司法。” 在共和党领导的参议院,该法案面临着一场艰难的战斗。在参议院,多数党领袖米奇·麦康奈尔仍然强烈反对该法案,并可能决定不将其提交表决。去年9月,众议院批准了《国家外汇管理局银行法》( SAFE Banking Act ),该法案将使大麻行业的银行业正常化,但近一年后,该法案尚未提交参议院表决。此外,总的来说,参议院共和党人反对大麻合法化。 该法案在民主党副总统候选人卡马拉·哈里斯参议员中的主要发起人。 在你的收件箱中获取每日新闻信息。认购 结束 授权人: TG 是纽约北部 Ganjaprentieur 播客的新闻作家和主持人,他还在当地一所大学教授媒体研究。