Florida Approves Sale Of Edible Cannabis Products


2020-09-01 15:33:02 RTTNews


Florida's regulators have finalized regulations that will enable the sale of edible cannabis products in the state. The Florida Department of Health said that effective August 27, 2020, edibles as a route of administration is available to qualified medical cannabis patients. If a physician agrees that edibles is an appropriate route of administration, he can add edibles to a qualified patient's already-existing certification, the health department said. According to the regulations, edibles must be in geometric shapes and can be in the form of lozenges, gelatins, baked goods, chocolates or drink powders. However, the edibles must not contain any color additives and must also not bear a reasonable resemblance to commercially available candy. The new edible rules are expected to boost medical marijuana sales in Florida. In response to the new rules, medical cannabis company Trulieve Cannabis said it will soon begin offering edible cannabis products to patients in Florida. The company said it will introduce THC edibles in its medical cannabis dispensaries across the state, expanding patient access to the types of products they have been requesting for years. "Similar to what we saw when flower was introduced in 2019, we expect that edibles will contribute to a sizable share of overall sales. We know the demand is there, as we have been hearing from our customers for some time now," said Kim Rivers, CEO of Trulieve. Trulieve said it has been preparing for the edibles rollout and has built a 10,000 square feet commercial-grade kitchen at its production facility in Quincy, Florida, where its production team will produce initial products as well as test and develop new offerings. In addition to its branded product line, Trulieve has partnered with specialty edible brand partners Binske, Bhang, District Edibles and Love's Oven to expand its edible offerings to include cookies, brownies, and other products for its customers. The company has 57 medical marijuana dispensaries in Florida. For comments and feedback contact: editorial@rttnews.com Business News
弗洛里达州的监管机构已经最终确定了允许在该州销售食用大麻产品的法规。 弗洛里达州卫生部表示,从2020年8月27日起,合格的医用大麻患者可以通过食用作为给药途径。卫生部门说,如果医生同意食用是一种适当的给药途径,他可以将食用添加到合格的病人已经存在的认证中。 根据规定,食用食品必须是几何形状的,可以是面包、糊精、烘烤食品、巧克力或饮料粉末。然而,这些食品不得含有任何颜色添加剂,也不得与商业上可用的糖果有合理的相似之处。 新的食用规定预计将促进弗洛里达州医用大麻的销售。 作为对新规定的回应,医用大麻公司 Trulieve Cannabis 表示将很快开始向弗洛里达州的病人提供食用大麻产品。该公司表示,将在全州的医用大麻药房引入 THC 食用产品,扩大病人获得他们多年来一直要求的产品种类。 “与我们在2019年引进花卉时看到的情况类似,我们预计食用产品将在整体销售中占相当大的份额。Trulieve 的首席执行官 Kim Rivers 说:“我们知道需求是存在的,我们已经从客户那里听到了一段时间了。” Trulieve 表示,该公司一直在筹备推出可食用产品,并已在弗洛里达州 Quincy 的生产工厂建造了一座10000平方英尺的商用厨房,生产团队将在那里生产初期产品,并测试和开发新产品。 除了品牌产品线外, Trulieve 还与专业的可食用品牌合作伙伴 Binske 、 Bhang 、 District Edibles 和 Love's Oven 合作,为其客户扩展其可食用产品,包括饼干、巧克力和其他产品。该公司在弗洛里达州有57家医用大麻药房。 有关意见和反馈,请联系: edition @ rttnews.com 商业新闻