Artio Medical Appoints Paul Muller as Chief Technology Officer and General Manager

Artio Medical 任命 Paul Muller 为首席技术官兼总经理

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Artio Medical, Inc. , a medical device company developing innovative products for the peripheral vascular, neurovascular, and structural heart markets, today announced it has named Paul Muller to serve as Chief Technology Officer and General Manager . Mr. Muller will oversee the development of Artio's portfolio of products and scale the company's manufacturing capabilities ahead of Artio's first commercial product launch in 2021. "Paul is a highly skilled engineer and seasoned industry veteran with exceptional team-building and leadership skills who has demonstrated a successful track record developing novel, market-leading medical devices," stated Dr. F. Nicholas Franano, President and CEO of Artio Medical. "We are thrilled to have someone with Paul's talent and vision leading product development at Artio." Previously, Mr. Muller was CTO and GM at Flow Forward Medical (recently acquired by Artio) where he managed the development of Flow Forward's Arteriovenous Fistula Eligibility (AFE) System™, a small, temporary, external blood pump system for kidney failure patients that stimulates vein enlargement prior to the creation of vascular access sites for hemodialysis. Paul previously held leadership positions and achieved major engineering and product development milestones at Thoratec (subsequently acquired by St. Jude Medical and Abbott) and Guidant (subsequently acquired by Abbott). Mr. Muller is a named inventor on 31 patents, and he has published several peer-reviewed papers in leading medical journals. He received a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering from the University of the Pacific. "Artio has a robust, best-in-class product pipeline and I look forward to bringing my experience successfully developing and commercializing new products to the team," commented Mr. Muller. "It is an exciting time to join Artio as we prepare for the upcoming commercial launch of the Solus GoldTM Embolization Device and the first clinical use of the AFE System. I am very impressed with the Artio team and the broad portfolio of product opportunities they have assembled, each of which addresses important unmet clinical needs." Mr. Muller joins a talented leadership team of experienced medical device professionals including Senior Director of Quality Assurance and Regulatory Affairs Melissa Viotti; Program Director Ryan Moore; Director of Technology Vera Shinsky; and Director of Marketing and Operations Jennifer Martin. Collectively, Artio's leadership team has achieved seven exits by acquisition, and has worked for notable medical device companies including Medtronic, Boston Scientific, Abbott, Stryker Neurovascular, Guidant, Thoratec, St. Jude Medical, Silk Road Medical, Concentric Medical, and Route 92 Medical. About Artio Medical Artio Medical is a medical device company committed to developing innovative endovascular products for the treatment of peripheral vascular, neurovascular, and structural heart diseases. Artio's products are designed to provide precision placement, immediate occlusion, and rapid sealing of arteries, veins, saccular aneurysms, and other blood-containing structures. For more information, please visit About the Solus Gold ™ Embolization Device Continued blood flow through damaged or diseased blood vessels can result in life-threatening bleeding and other serious medical conditions. Peripheral vascular embolization is a minimally invasive procedure that blocks or reduces blood flow in blood vessels. The Solus Gold Embolization Device is the first metal implant to provide a solid barrier to blood flow and is developed for peripheral vascular embolization. The combination of a low-profile, flexible delivery system and a detachable gold metal implant is designed for passage through in tortuous blood vessels, precision placement, and immediate vessel occlusion after placement of a single device. About the Arteriovenous Eligibility System ™ Patients with end-stage renal disease have a complete loss of kidney function and usually require routine hemodialysis. Creating and maintaining a suitable vascular access site is one of the most difficult and expensive aspects of hemodialysis. The National Kidney Foundation and Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services agree that an arteriovenous fistula (AVF) is the preferred form of vascular access. The AFE System is a small, temporary, external blood pump system that stimulates veins to enlarge using rapid blood flow, designed to make more patients eligible to receive an AVF and to increase successful maturation after AVF surgery. multimedia:
Artio Medical , Inc .,一家为周边血管、神经血管、结构性心脏市场开发创新产品的医疗器械公司,今天宣布任命 PaulMuller 为首席技术官兼总经理。穆勒将监督阿蒂奥产品组合的开发,并在阿蒂奥于2021年首次推出商业产品之前,扩大公司的制造能力。 Artio Medical 总裁兼首席执行官 F . Nicholas Franano 博士说:“ Paul 是一位高技能的工程师和经验丰富的行业资深人士,拥有出色的团队建设和领导能力,他们在开发新型、市场领先的医疗设备方面取得了成功的成绩。”“我们很高兴有一个人拥有保罗的才华和远见领导产品开发在阿蒂奥。” 在此之前, Muller 先生曾在 Artio 公司收购的 Flow Forward Medical 公司担任首席技术官和总经理,负责开发 Flow Forward 的动脉静脉瘘管资格( AFE )系统™,该系统是一个小型的、临时的肾衰竭患者在血液透析血管通路建立之前刺激静脉扩张的外血泵系统。保罗曾在 Thoratec (随后被圣犹达医疗和雅培(Abbott)公司收购)和 Guidant (随后被雅培公司收购)担任领导职务并取得重大工程和产品开发里程碑。穆勒先生是一位31项专利的著名发明家,他在主要的医学期刊上发表了几篇经过同行评议的论文。他获得了太平洋大学机械工程学士学位。 “ Artio 拥有强大的、一流的产品渠道,我期待着将我的成功开发和商业化新产品的经验带给团队,” Muller 先生评论说。“这是一个激动人心的时刻加入 Artio ,因为我们准备即将推出的 Solus GoldTM 雾化装置和第一个临床使用的 AFE 系统。我对 Artio 团队和他们组合的产品机会非常印象深刻,每个机会都解决了重要的未满足的临床需求。” 穆勒先生加入了一支由经验丰富的医疗器械专业人员组成的有才能的领导团队,包括质量保证和监管事务高级总监 Melissa Viotti 、项目总监 Ryan Moore 、技术总监 Vera Shinsky 以及营销和运营总监 Jennifer Martin 。总体而言, Artio 的领导团队通过收购实现了7个退出,并曾为包括美敦力(Medtronic)、波士顿科学(Boston Scientific)、雅培(Abbott)、史赛克(Stryker) Neurovisive 、 Guidant 、 Thartec 、 St 。裘德医疗、丝绸之路医疗、同心医疗、航线92医疗。 关于 Artio 医疗 Artio Medical 是一家医疗器械公司,致力于开发用于治疗外周血管、神经血管、结构性心脏病的创新血管内产品。Artio 公司的产品旨在为动脉、静脉、囊状动脉瘤和其他含血结构提供精确的定位、即时封闭和快速密封。如需更多信息,请访问 关于 Solus Gold ™嵌入式设备 持续的血流通过受损或病变的血管可导致危及生命的出血和其他严重的医疗状况。外周血管栓塞是一种微创手术,阻断或减少血管内的血流。Solus Gold 栓塞装置是第一个为血流提供固体屏障的金属植入物,是为外周血管栓塞而开发的。设计了一种低外形、灵活的输送系统和可分离的黄金金属植入物的组合,用于在单个器械放置后通过曲折的血管、精确的放置和立即的血管阻塞。 关于动脉静脉资格系统™ 终末期肾病患者肾功能完全丧失,通常需要常规血液透析。建立和维持一个合适的血管通路是血液透析最困难和最昂贵的方面之一。国家肾脏基金会和医疗保险和医疗补助中心同意动脉烤瘘( AVF )是血管通路的首选形式。AFE 系统是一种小型的、临时的、外部的血泵系统,通过快速的血流量刺激静脉扩张,旨在使更多的患者有资格接受 AVF ,并提高 AVF 手术后的成熟度。 多媒体:。html