Uprooted, Weedmaps' new documentary about California's road to cannabis legalization, explained.

Weedmap 的新纪录片,讲述了加州大麻合法化的道路。

2020-09-06 00:53:35 Weedmaps


What is it that we vote for when we vote to legalize cannabis?  For most, it's the notion that people of legal age can easily purchase affordable, safe-to-consume cannabis products. At least that was the idea that the majority of California voters thought they were voting for in 2016 with Proposition 64. What they ended up voting for turned out to be different.  In December 2019, Weedmaps started interviewing 20 people from all areas of the cannabis industry — political activists and attorneys, veterans and medical patients, small business owners and city workers — in an effort to understand how California's forward-thinking, compassionate, and adventurous cannabis culture turned into a restrictive, profit-driven, and inequitable system and industry.  Uprooted: California's complicated road to cannabis legalization is Weedmaps' 3-part docu-series that shines a light on how California lost its way and what needs to be done to get it back.  Full of interviews with John Entwistle, Jr., Alphonso “Tucky” Blunt Jr., Kika Keith, Joe Airone and others, each episode dissects the different parts of California's legal market.  Watch all three episodes at Uprooted.  Featured image by Gina Coleman/Weedmaps 
我们投票赞成大麻合法化是什么? 对大多数人来说,法律年龄的人可以很容易地购买负担得起、安全消费的大麻产品。至少,大多数加州选民认为他们在2016年投票赞成64号提案。他们最终投票结果不同。 2019年12月, Weedmaps 开始对来自大麻行业各个领域的20名人士进行采访,这些人包括政治活动家和律师、退伍军人和医疗病人、小企业主和城市工人,目的是了解加州的前瞻性思维、富有同情心和冒险精神的大麻文化如何转变为限制性的。利润驱动,不公平的制度和行业。 根植:加州大麻合法化的复杂道路是 Weedmap 的三部分 docu 系列,它揭示了加州是如何迷失方向的,以及需要做些什么才能恢复。 每一集都采访了小约翰·恩特威斯尔、 Alphonso “ Tucky ” Blunt Jr 、 Kika Keith 、乔·Airone 等人,剖析了加州法律市场的不同部分。 观看所有三集在 Uproot 。 Gina Coleman / Weedmaps 的特写图像