Neuromodulation Pioneer WISE Closes EUR 15M Series C Financing Round to Launch Second Product, SCS EXPERT, for Chronic Pain

神经调节先锋WISE完成1500万欧元C系列融资,推出治疗慢性疼痛的第二款产品SCS EXPERT

2020-10-01 17:01:56 biospace


Oct. 1, 2020 07:00 UTC SCS EXPERT is the first expandable percutaneous lead for neuromodulation treatment for chronic pain New investors, led by CDP Venture Capital, and including Indaco Ventures I and EUREKA! Venture, join existing participating investors in financing round Adds to EUR 2.3M grant earlier in 2020 from the European Commission to launch SCS EXPERT MILAN & BERLIN--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- WISE Srl, a medical device company developing next-generation implantable leads for neuromonitoring, neuromodulation and brain-machine interfacing, today announced the closing of a EUR 15 million Series C financing round. New investors, led by CDP Venture Capital SGR, and including Indaco Ventures I Fund and EUREKA! Venture SGR, joined existing investors participating in this round – Principia SGR, New Frontier, Atlante Seed and Atlante Ventures (funds managed by Indaco Venture Partners SGR), High Tech Gründerfonds and F3F. The proceeds will be partially used to accelerate the development of the Company’s second product, SCS EXPERT (EXpandable PERcuTaneous), a percutaneously implantable multi-column paddle lead for Spinal Cord Stimulation (SCS). The funds will also support the upcoming launch of its first product, WISE Cortical Strip (WCS), a single use medical device for IntraOperative Neurophysiological Monitoring during brain tumor and epilepsy surgeries, which is anticipating the granting of its CE mark. This financing adds to the recent European Commission grant of EUR 2.3 million given to WISE in July 2020, to support the development and launch of SCS EXPERT within the EIC Accelerator program of Horizon 2020. “We are delighted with the support we have received for our latest funding round and welcome our new investors,” said Luca Ravagnan, CEO at WISE. “With this additional funding, we will be able to accelerate our plans to launch SCS EXPERT, as we make progress toward FDA clearance and market launch.” He added, “With support from our engaged investors, we remain committed to build on our innovative drive and passion to provide the best lead with the least invasive implantation procedure to the SCS market, potentially bringing higher relief to patients suffering from chronic pain and other disorders.” Chronic pain is a debilitating disease for sufferers and treatment costs billions for the European and US healthcare systems each year. Globally, around 328 million people suffer from high-impact chronic pain – pain that lasts three months or longer, and is accompanied by at least one major activity restriction. To date, the therapeutic market has been dominated by drugs from several classes including non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) and opioid analgesics. However, the increased scrutiny of opioid use worldwide has led to a significant rise in interest in alternative treatments, such as neuromodulation using SCS implants. The current neuromodulation market has an estimated value of $5.8 billion, with over 50% of the value given by the SCS sector. SCS implants work by blocking pain signals before they reach the brain through the delivery of electrical stimuli to the spinal cord by means of implantable leads. Currently there are two types of implantable leads available – multi-column paddle leads and cylindrical leads. Multi-column paddle leads offer better overall treatment results, but current products can only be inserted surgically. Thanks to its proprietary SCBI technology, WISE is the first company capable of producing a multi-column paddle lead – the SCS EXPERT – that can be folded in a catheter and implanted percutaneously like a cylindrical lead, i.e. with no surgical intervention required. This will offer the opportunity to the patient for the first time to receive the best SCS lead with the least invasive implantation procedure. New investor, Laura Scaramella, Partner at CDP Venture Capital SGR said: "We are delighted to support WISE’s brilliant team in this important phase. The technological advantage deriving from the unique characteristics of the proprietary technologies underlying its medical leads has been validated with the first product, WISE Cortical Strip. We are confident this will be a distinctive feature also of SCS EXPERT, thus confirming the enormous potential that WISE has in its ability to offer cutting edge solutions to unmet medical needs, hence to improve quality of life of millions of people.” New investor, Massimo Gentili from EUREKA! Venture SGR added: “WISE’s sound and consistent IP package and the material-based approach originally developed at the University of Milan nicely fits with EUREKA!’s goals. The experienced management team and a clear path to the market confirms the high potential of their technology. The excellence in developing the technological platform from research to a product that is ready-to-be-launched, demonstrates that Italian technology transfer deals are feasible.” Paolo Siviero from Principia SGR added: “WISE has made significant progress since we first invested in 2015 and we are pleased to continue supporting the Company’s work. We believe the SCS Expert leads will be a major step forward in the treatment of chronic pain and provide an important alternative treatment for patients. The Company has a clear commercialization strategy for its lead product and the technology to create further innovative products.” Davide Turco, CEO of Indaco Venture Partners SGR concluded: “Our Funds have been supporting WISE since the Seed stage and we are very pleased that, thanks to its outstanding team and technology, the Company has been able to raise this new important equity round by qualified investors. We are delighted to participate in this round again with our latest fund, Indaco Ventures I, with the core mission to finance large equity rounds that enable advanced technologies to reach the market.” End About WISE WISE S.r.l. has developed a genuinely new generation of leads for neuromonitoring, neuromodulation and brain machine interfacing by means of its proprietary Supersonic Cluster Beam Implantation (SCBI) technology. Neuromonitoring and neuromodulation require electrodes and leads to be surgically implanted on neural tissues (as for instance the brain and the spinal cord) to apply electrical stimuli or to record the electrical activity. The leads produced using WISE’s new SCBI technology consist of stretchable electronic circuits integrated in very thin elastomeric foils. As a result, WISE’s electrodes are highly ergonomic, conformable, soft and thin, thus allowing great adhesion, minimal invasiveness and excellent adaptability on neural tissues. In parallel with the development of the SCS EXPERT lead, WISE will be soon launching the WISE Cortical Strip (WCS), a single use medical device for IntraOperative Neurophysiological Monitoring during brain tumor and epilepsy surgeries. The WCS is used for continuous recording of the brain’s electrical activity and for brain stimulation. The Company has applied for its CE mark. Founded in 2011 by a team of material scientists coming from the University of Milan, WISE has so far received funding from Agite!, Atlante Seed and Atlante Ventures, b-to-v, HTGF, Principia SGR, New Frontier and private investors, and closed a Series C funding round in 2020 with new investors (CDP Venture Capital SGR, Indaco Ventures I Fund and Eureka! Venture SGR). In 2016, the Company established its production plant in Cologno Monzese, Milan, Italy (1000 m2 wide, comprising cleanrooms and production laboratories compliant for the manufacturing of implantable medical devices) and has an office in Berlin, Germany. For more information, please visit: About CDP Venture Capital SGR CDP Venture Capital SGR – Fondo Nazionale Innovazione CDP Venture Capital is an asset management company (of which 70% is held by CDP Equity and 30% by Invitalia) with an AuM of €1 billion. The mission of the firm is to make Venture Capital a strategic pillar to Italy's economic growth and innovation, creating the conditions for a comprehensive and sustainable growth of the Venture Capital ecosystem. It operates through a set of funds that aim to support startups in all their development phases and through a mix of direct and indirect investments. For more information, please visit: About Indaco Venture Partners SGR Founded in 2016, today Indaco Venture Partners SGR is the largest independent Italian venture capital asset management company, with a strong experience in companies that innovate in electronics and robotics, medtech, digital and new materials. Indaco manages over 250 million across its five funds. For more information, please visit: About EUREKA! Venture SGR EUREKA! Venture SGR is an independent venture capital firm exclusively focused on deep tech investments. The firm manages Eureka! Fund I – Technology Transfer”: investments are focused on proof of concept, seed and early stage deals in spinoffs and startups steaming out from Italian Universities and Research Centers. Ideas and companies backed by Eureka! Fund has a competitive advantage stems from cutting-edge proprietary technologies and innovations in materials science with a clear and unique vision on intellectual property rights. For more information, please visit: About Principia SGR Principia SGR is one of the leading Italian venture capital firms. Currently the company manages three investment funds, called Principia Fund, Principia Principia II and III - Health. Through the first two funds - today fully invested - Principia has funded about 40 companies in the start-up phase and by supplying growth capital. Principia III – Health is one of the main Venture Capital and Growth Capital funds in Italy specifically dedicated to the healthcare sector. The fund, with a size of 206 million euro, has realized 16 investments in start-up and early-stage companies as well as small and medium sized (SME) companies, with already 2 successful exits completed. Goal is to contribute to the development of a sector in Italy that is characterized by the presence of high skills and internationally recognized quality but suffers currently from the lack of financial support. For more information, please visit: About New Frontier Located in Padua (Italy), New Frontier is a privately-owned Italian company focused on investments in innovative enterprises. New Frontier srl, is attributable to the Family Office of the Rossi Luciani family, majority shareholder of Carel Industries, listed on the Milan Stock Exchange, invests in start-up and early-stage companies with a high growth potential, with a particular focus on Italian companies in the bio-tech industry. About High-Tech Gründerfonds High-Tech Gründerfonds (HTGF) is a seed investor that finances high-potential, tech-driven start-ups. With around EUR 900 million in total investment volume across three funds and an international network of partners, HTGF has already helped forge almost 600 start-ups since 2005. Driven by their expertise, entrepreneurial spirit and passion, its team of experienced investment managers and startup experts help guide the development of young companies. HTGF’s focus is on high-tech start-ups in the fields of digital tech, industrial technology, life sciences, chemistry and related business areas. To date, external investors have injected over EUR 2.6 billion into the HTGF portfolio via more than 1,600 follow-on financing rounds. HTGF has also successfully sold interests in more than 100 companies. Investors in the public-private partnership include the Federal Ministry of Economics and Energy, KfW Capital, the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft and 32 companies (Our Fund Investors). For more information, please visit: About F3F F3F is an Italian company controlled by biotech and healthcare entrepreneur Laura Iris Ferro. Based in Milan the company has an investment policy aimed at taking stakes in diversified business with high return potential including traditional ones as real estate and innovative ones such as life science. 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世界协调时2020年10月1日07:00 SCS EXPERT是第一个用于慢性疼痛神经调节治疗的可扩张经皮导线 新投资者,以CDP风险投资为首,包括Indaco Ventures I和Eureka!Venture,加入现有参与融资的投资者 欧盟委员会将于2020年早些时候提供230万欧元赠款,用于启动SCS EXPERT WISE Srl是一家开发用于神经监测,神经调节和脑机接口的下一代植入式导线的医疗设备公司,今天宣布完成了1500万欧元的C轮融资。新的投资者,以CDP风险投资SGR为首,包括Indaco Ventures I Fund和Eureka!Venture SGR公司加入了参与本轮的现有投资者Principia SGR,New Frontier,Atlante Seed和Atlante Ventures(由Indaco Venture Partners SGR管理的基金),High Tech Gründerfonds和F3F。 所得款项将部分用于加速公司第二款产品SCS EXPERT(可扩展经皮)的开发,这是一种用于脊髓刺激(SCS)的经皮植入式多柱桨状导线。这笔资金还将支持其第一款产品WISE Cortical Strip(WCS)即将推出,WISE Cortical Strip是一种用于脑肿瘤和癫痫手术期间的术中神经生理监测的一次性医疗设备,预计将获得CE标志。 欧洲联盟委员会最近于2020年7月向WISE提供了230万欧元的赠款,用于支持在地平线2020的EIC加速器计划内开发和启动SCS EXPERT。 WISE公司首席执行官Luca Ravagnan说:“我们对最近一轮融资获得的支持感到高兴,并欢迎我们的新投资者。有了这笔额外资金,我们将能够加快我们推出SCS EXPERT的计划,因为我们在获得FDA许可和上市方面取得了进展。“ 他补充说:“在我们积极参与的投资者的支持下,我们将继续致力于以我们的创新动力和热情为SCS市场提供最佳的领先优势,以最小的侵入性植入程序,潜在地为患有慢性疼痛和其他疾病的患者带来更大的缓解。” 慢性疼痛是一种使患者衰弱的疾病,欧洲和美国的医疗系统每年要花费数十亿美元进行治疗。在全球范围内,约有3.28亿人患有高影响慢性疼痛--持续三个月或更长时间的疼痛,并伴有至少一种主要的活动限制。 到目前为止,治疗市场一直由包括非甾体抗炎药(NSAIDs)和阿片类镇痛药在内的几类药物主导。然而,随着世界范围内对阿片类药物使用的日益严格审查,人们对替代治疗的兴趣显著上升,例如使用SCS植入物进行神经调节。目前神经调节市场的估值为58亿美元,其中50%以上的估值由SCS部门给出。 SCS植入物的工作原理是在疼痛信号通过电刺激传递到脊髓而到达大脑之前阻断疼痛信号。目前有两种类型的可植入引线--多列桨状引线和圆柱形引线。多柱桨状引线提供更好的整体治疗结果,但目前的产品只能手术插入。 凭借其专有的SCBI技术,WISE是第一家能够生产多柱桨状导线的公司--SCS专家--这种导线可以折叠在导管中,并像圆柱形导线一样经皮植入,即无需外科手术干预。这将为患者首次提供机会,以最小的侵入性植入程序接受最好的SCS导线。 新投资者,CDP Venture Capital SGR合伙人Laura Scaramella说:“我们很高兴能在这一重要阶段支持WISE的杰出团队。WISE的第一款产品WISE Cortical Strip已经验证了其医疗领先的专有技术的独特特性所带来的技术优势。我们相信这也将是SCS EXPERT的一个独特特性,从而证实WISE在为未被满足的医疗需求提供尖端解决方案方面的巨大潜力,从而改善数百万人的生活质量。” 新的投资人,来自尤里卡的马西莫·金蒂里!Venture SGR补充说:“WISE的健全和一致的IP包和最初在米兰大学开发的基于材料的方法很好地符合Eureka!的目标。经验丰富的管理团队和清晰的市场路径证实了他们技术的高潜力。在从研究到即将推出的产品开发技术平台方面的卓越表现表明,意大利的技术转让交易是可行的。“ 来自Principia SGR的Paolo Siviero补充说:“WISE自2015年首次投资以来取得了重大进展,我们很高兴能继续支持公司的工作。我们相信SCS专家的领导将是慢性疼痛治疗的一大进步,并为患者提供一种重要的替代治疗方法。该公司对其主导产品和创造进一步创新产品的技术有一个明确的商业化战略。“ Indaco Venture Partners SGR公司首席执行官Davide Turco最后说:“我们的基金从种子期开始就一直支持WISE公司,我们非常高兴,由于其杰出的团队和技术,该公司能够通过合格投资者筹集到这一轮重要的新股本。我们很高兴用我们最新的基金Indaco Ventures I再次参与这一轮融资,其核心任务是为使先进技术能够进入市场的大型股本融资。“ 结束 关于WISE 明智的S.R.L。利用其专有的超音速簇束注入(SCBI)技术,开发出了用于神经监测,神经调节和脑机接口的真正新一代引线。 神经监测和神经调节需要通过外科手术将电极和导线植入神经组织(如大脑和脊髓),以施加电刺激或记录电活动。采用WISE公司新的SCBI技术生产的引线由可拉伸电子电路组成,集成在非常薄的弹性箔中。因此,WISE的电极高度符合人体工程学,顺应性好,柔软而薄,从而允许在神经组织上有很大的附着力,最小的侵入性和极好的适应性。 在开发SCS专家领导的同时,WISE将很快推出WISE皮质条(WCS),这是一种用于脑肿瘤和癫痫手术期间的术中神经生理监测的一次性医疗设备。WCS用于连续记录大脑的电活动和进行大脑刺激。该公司已申请CE标志。 WISE于2011年由来自米兰大学的材料科学家团队创立,迄今已获得Agite!,Atlante Seed和Atlante Ventures,b-to-v,HTGF,Principia SGR,New Frontier和私人投资者的资助,并于2020年与新投资者(CDP Venture Capital SGR,Indaco Ventures I Fund和Eureka!Venture SGR)完成了C轮融资。2016年,该公司在意大利米兰科隆诺蒙泽斯建立了生产工厂(面积1000平方米,包括符合植入式医疗器械制造要求的洁净室和生产实验室),并在德国柏林设有办事处。 欲了解更多信息,请访问。 关于CDP Venture Capital SGR CDP Venture Capital SGR-Fondo Nazionale Innovazione CDP Venture Capital是一家资产管理公司(其中70%由CDP Equity持有,30%由Invitalia持有),资产管理资产规模为10亿欧元。公司的使命是使风险投资成为意大利经济增长和创新的战略支柱,为风险投资生态系统的全面和可持续增长创造条件。它通过一系列基金运作,这些基金旨在支持初创企业的所有发展阶段,并通过直接和间接投资的组合进行运作。 欲了解更多信息,请访问:。 Indaco Venture Partners SGR简介 Indaco Venture Partners SGR成立于2016年,是意大利最大的独立风险投资资产管理公司,在电子和机器人技术,medtech,数字和新材料创新领域拥有丰富的经验。Indaco旗下五只基金管理着超过2.5亿美元的资金。 欲了解更多信息,请访问。 关于尤里卡!Venture SGR 尤里卡!Venture SGR是一家专注于深度科技投资的独立风险投资公司。公司管理尤里卡!基金I-技术转让“:投资重点是概念验证,种子和早期阶段的交易,从意大利大学和研究中心衍生出来的新公司和初创公司。有尤里卡支持的想法和公司!基金的竞争优势源于尖端专有技术和材料科学创新,对知识产权有着清晰和独特的眼光。 欲了解更多信息,请访问:。 关于Principia SGR Principia SGR是意大利领先的风险投资公司之一。目前该公司管理三个投资基金,称为Principia Fund,Principia Principia II和III-Health。通过前两只基金--如今已全部投资--Principia已经资助了大约40家处于初创阶段的公司,并提供了增长资本。Principia III-Health是意大利主要的风险资本和增长资本基金之一,专门致力于医疗保健部门。该基金的规模为2.06亿欧元,已实现对初创公司和早期阶段公司以及中小型公司的16项投资,其中已有2项成功退出。目标是促进意大利一个部门的发展,该部门的特点是拥有高技能和国际公认的质量,但目前缺乏财政支助。欲了解更多信息,请访问 关于新边疆 位于帕多瓦(意大利),新边疆是一家私营的意大利公司,专注于创新企业的投资。New Frontier srl是米兰证券交易所上市的Carel Industries的大股东Rossi Luciani家族的家族办公室,投资于具有高增长潜力的初创和早期公司,特别关注意大利生物技术行业的公司。 关于高科技的Gründerfonds High-Tech Gründerfonds(HTGF)是一家种子投资者,为高潜力,高科技驱动的初创企业提供资金。自2005年以来,HTGF在三个基金和一个国际合作伙伴网络中的总投资额约为9亿欧元,已经帮助创建了近600家初创企业。在他们的专业知识,创业精神和激情的驱使下,其由经验丰富的投资经理和创业专家组成的团队帮助指导年轻公司的发展。HTGF专注于数字技术,工业技术,生命科学,化学及相关商业领域的高科技初创企业。迄今为止,外部投资者已通过1600多轮后续融资向HTGF投资组合注入了超过26亿欧元的资金。HTGF还成功出售了100多家公司的权益。 公私伙伴关系的投资者包括联邦经济和能源部,KfW资本,Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft和32家公司(我们的基金投资者)。欲了解更多信息,请访问 关于F3F F3F是一家意大利公司,由生物技术和医疗保健企业家劳拉·艾丽斯·费罗控股。总部设在米兰的公司有一项投资政策,旨在投资具有高回报潜力的多元化业务,包括房地产等传统业务和生命科学等创新业务。 在businesswire.com上查看源版本: 联系人 WISE Srl Luca Ravagnan博士,首席执行官 +39 02 849 62493 电子邮件。 明智Srl的本能伙伴 梅兰妮·托伊恩-休厄尔/阿格尼斯·斯蒂芬斯/基基·扎卡尼尼 电子邮件 资料来源:WISE 在线查看此新闻稿: