Ohio Recalls Medical Cannabis Edibles Due to Heavy Metals


2020-10-05 23:56:00 Business Times


Oct. 2, 2020 – CLEVELAND, Ohio – GIE Media, the parent company of Hemp Grower, Cannabis Business Times, Cannabis Dispensary, and Cannabis Conference is pleased to announce that Stephen Langel has been named editor of Hemp Grower. Langel will support HG’s continued rapid growth following GIE Media’s decision to transition the HG print magazine from a bimonthly to a monthly publishing schedule beginning in January 2021. A graduate of the University of Florida School of Law and the Florida State University School of Communication and Information, Langel has more than 20 years of experience as an editor, reporter, and fundraiser. He has written for and edited several publications in Washington, D.C., and Cleveland, such as Roll Call, Health Affairs, and Washington Drug Letter, reporting on topics including healthcare reform, environmental policy, and the fight for social justice. He has also covered several major events, such as President Obama's first inauguration and the Congressional debate over the Affordable Care Act. Since moving to Northeast Ohio, Langel has been a freelance reporter for both the Cleveland Jewish News and the Columbus Jewish News, while working as a fundraiser for several organizations. His fundraising work included leadership positions with The Cleveland Orchestra, Andrews Osborne Academy, the NewBridge Cleveland Center for Arts & Technology and Case Western Reserve University’s School of Medicine. Langel received a Juris Doctor at the University of Florida, where he served as co-editor-in-chief of the Florida Journal of International Law. Langel received his Bachelor of Science degree from Florida State University, graduating magna cum laude while majoring in communication studies with a minor in African American studies. "It is an honor to be Hemp Grower's new editor, and I look forward to providing our readers with the news and insight to be successful in this fascinating, emerging market,” Langel said. “I also consider myself fortunate to be able to take on this role as part of a team of such talented and dedicated professionals." “We are excited to welcome Stephen to our team,” Editorial Director Noelle Skodzinski said. “His years of experience as an editor, including in regulatory and environmental topic areas, lay a solid groundwork for him to help guide Hemp Grower as it continues its rapid growth and advances its mission to educate and guide the North American hemp industry.” About Hemp Grower Hemp Grower is owned by GIE Media, based in Valley View, Ohio. HG’s mission is to support legal hemp cultivators by providing actionable intelligence in all aspects of the business—from regulatory news to analysis of industry trends and business strategy, as well as expert advice on cultivation, extraction, marketing, financial topics, legal issues and more. HG focuses strictly on the business of legal hemp and aims to provide timely information—through its website, e-newsletter, print magazine and annual Cannabis Conference—to help the reader make timely, informed decisions to help them run their hemp businesses more efficiently and more profitably. About GIE Media Established in 1980, GIE Media Inc. has grown from one publication into a leading marketing and communications business-to-business media company serving 17 industries. The company goal of Group Interest Enterprises is to publish the highest-quality business magazines, websites, e-newsletters, conferences, reference books and other forms of business media in growth industries, with a quality standard based upon editorial value and market leadership. GIE Media Inc. is headquartered in Valley View, Ohio, and is privately owned by its founder Richard Foster. The company employs nearly 100 editors, publishers, sales representatives, marketers and other professionals.
2020年10月2日-俄亥俄州克利夫兰-GIE Media,《大麻种植者》,《大麻商业时报》,《大麻药房》和《大麻会议》的母公司,很高兴地宣布斯蒂芬·兰格尔被任命为《大麻种植者》的编辑。 在GIE Media决定从2021年1月开始将HG print杂志从双月刊过渡到月刊之后,兰格尔将支持HG的持续快速增长。 兰格尔毕业于佛罗里达大学法学院和佛罗里达州立大学传播与信息学院,拥有20多年的编辑,记者和筹款经验。 他曾为华盛顿特区和克利夫兰的几份出版物撰稿和编辑,如《点名》,《健康事务》和《华盛顿药物通讯》,报道的主题包括医疗改革,环境政策和争取社会公正。他还报道了几个重大事件,如奥巴马总统的首次就职典礼和国会关于平价医疗法案的辩论。 自从搬到俄亥俄州东北部以来,兰格尔一直是《克利夫兰犹太新闻报》和《哥伦布犹太新闻报》的自由记者,同时还为几个组织筹款。他的筹款工作包括在克利夫兰管弦乐团,安德鲁斯奥斯本学院,新桥克利夫兰艺术与技术中心和凯斯西储大学医学院担任领导职务。 兰格尔在佛罗里达大学获得法学博士,担任《佛罗里达国际法杂志》的联合主编。兰格尔在佛罗里达州立大学获得理学学士学位,以优异成绩毕业,主修传播学,辅修非裔美国人研究。 兰格尔说:“我很荣幸成为《大麻种植者》的新编辑,我期待着为我们的读者提供新闻和洞察力,以便在这个迷人的,新兴的市场取得成功。我也认为自己很幸运,能够作为这样一个才华横溢,尽忠职守的专业人员团队的一员担任这一角色。” “我们很高兴欢迎斯蒂芬加入我们的团队,”编辑部主任诺埃尔·斯科津斯基说。他作为编辑的多年经验,包括在监管和环境主题领域的经验,为他帮助指导Hemp Grower继续其快速发展并推进其教育和指导北美大麻行业的使命奠定了坚实的基础。“ 关于大麻种植者 大麻种植者是GIE媒体拥有的,总部位于俄亥俄州的Valley View。HG的使命是通过在业务的各个方面提供可操作的情报来支持合法大麻种植者--从监管新闻到行业趋势分析和商业战略,以及关于种植,提取,营销,金融主题,法律问题等方面的专家建议。 HG严格专注于合法大麻业务,旨在通过其网站,电子通讯,印刷杂志和年度大麻会议及时提供信息,帮助读者做出及时,知情的决定,帮助他们更有效,更有利可图地经营大麻业务。 关于GIE媒体 GIE媒体公司成立于1980年,已经从一个出版物发展成为一家领先的营销和通信企业对企业媒体公司,服务于17个行业。集团利益企业的公司目标是出版最高质量的商业杂志,网站,电子通讯,会议,参考书和其他形式的商业媒体在增长行业,质量标准基于编辑价值和市场领导地位。 GIE媒体公司总部位于俄亥俄州Valley View,由其创始人理查德·福斯特私人所有。公司聘用了近百名编辑,出版,销售代表,营销人员等专业人员。