CBD Company Fundraising for UK Child’s Cannabis Medicine as NHS Denials Continue


2020-11-10 16:11:55 Ganjapreneur


United Kingdom-based CBD company Green Active is donating some profits to a Scottish boy suffering from Doose Syndrome, a severe form of epilepsy, as the National Health Service continues denying to cover the costs of cannabis-based medications, the Daily Record reports. Eight-year-old Murray Gray was diagnosed with the disease in 2017 and had up to 12 seizures a day, eventually ending up in a vegetative state in the hospital. His mother, Karen, said he has been seizure-free for 15 months after he started taking Bedrolite and Bedica – which are approved for use in the UK – but the regimen runs £1,400 per month and the NHS refuses to write a prescription which would provide it to the family for free. Jo Devall, co-owner of Green Active with his partner Melissa Lopes Correa, said he learned about the boy via Twitter and his story “resonated” with him. All sales using the code FORMURRAY will be donated to Gray’s family and customers who use that code will also get 10 percent off. He explained that funding the boy’s medicine wouldn’t bankrupt the company because they will still take their operating costs “but all the profit after that will go to Murray.” Karen called the plan “absolutely brilliant” even though neither she nor GreenActive knew exactly how much the campaign might raise. She criticized the NHS inaction since Bedrolite and Bedica were added to the service two years ago. “We should have a prescription for this rather than having to rely on our friends, family and the kindness of companies to pay for it,” she said. According to pro-medical cannabis group End Our Pain, the NHS has issued just three prescriptions for medical cannabis oil since it was legalized for use on the national health care plan two years ago.
据英国《每日记录》报道,由于英国国家卫生服务机构继续拒绝支付大麻药物的费用,总部位于英国的CBD公司Green Active将部分利润捐赠给一名患有杜斯综合症的苏格兰男孩,杜斯综合症是一种严重的癫痫。 8岁的默里·格雷在2017年被诊断出患有该病,每天发作多达12次,最终在医院以植物人状态收场。他的母亲凯伦说,自从他开始服用Bedrolite和Bedica(这两种药物在英国是获准使用的)后,他已经15个月没有癫痫发作了,但是这个疗程每月要花费1400英镑,而且NHS拒绝开出免费提供给家人的处方。 Jo Devall和他的伴侣Melissa Lopes Correa是Green Active的共同拥有者,他说他是通过推特得知这个男孩的,他的故事引起了他的“共鸣”。所有使用FORMURRAY代码的销售额都将捐给Gray的家人,使用该代码的顾客还将获得10%的折扣。 他解释说,为男孩的药物提供资金并不会使公司破产,因为他们仍将承担运营成本,“但之后的所有利润将归默里所有。” 凯伦称这一计划“绝对高明”,尽管她和GreenActive都不知道这场运动究竟可能募集到多少资金。她批评NHS在两年前加入Bedrolite和Bedica后无所作为。 她说:“我们应该对此开出药方,而不是依靠我们的朋友,家人和公司的好心来为之买单。” 根据支持医用大麻的组织“结束我们的痛苦”的说法,自从两年前大麻油在国家卫生保健计划中合法使用以来,NHS只开了三张医用大麻油的处方。