MMI Micro launches ‘world’s smallest-wristed’ surgical instruments

MMI Micro公司推出“世界上最小的”手术器械

2020-11-27 15:33:29 Roboticstrends


MMI Micro, an Italian company specialised in improving clinical outcomes for patients undergoing microsurgery, has launched what it claims is “the world’s smallest wristed surgical instruments”. The company’s system has been awarded the CE Mark, a standard in Europe, and it has already completed the first human use of its Symani Surgical System for open microsurgical procedures. The first four robotic surgeries were successfully performed in Florence, Italy, including three complex, post-traumatic lower limb reconstructions as well as a post-oncological reconstruction of the pharynx. Giuseppe Maria Prisco, co-founder and CEO of MMI, says: “There is a clear demand for robotics in microsurgery as the limits of the human hand have already been reached. “We founded MMI to develop a robotic system designed for and with microsurgeons that will improve outcomes and address unmet patient needs, particularly through supermicrosurgery techniques which are required for lymphatic and other extremely delicate procedures. “We are pleased to be at the forefront of a new era in robotic surgery as we launch our Symani System in Europe.” The Symani Surgical System combines the benefits of tremor reduction and motion scaling (7-20x) with the world’s smallest wristed instrumentation, offering seven degrees of freedom and dexterity beyond the reach of human hands. The system’s NanoWrist instruments are designed to overcome the challenges of free-flap reconstructions, replantations, congenital malformations, peripheral nerve repairs and lymphatic surgery, which together represent over one million procedures annually in the U.S. and Europe alone. L. Scott Levin, MD, FACS, FAOA, chair of the Department of Orthopaedic Surgery, Professor of the Plastic Surgery Division at the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine, says: “Microsurgery and supermicrosurgery – as a tool, technique and discipline – continue to evolve. “The use of robotics holds great promise to advance the specialty of microsurgery and improve care for patients affected by trauma, cancer, congenital malformations and even chronic conditions such as lymphedema.” Hannah Teichmann, co-founder and vice president of clinical development of MMI, says: “We are proud to bring this innovation to European patients and look forward to enabling surgeons worldwide to address challenging procedures on extremely small anatomy with increased precision, reproducibility and efficiency.”
MMI Micro是一家意大利公司,专门为接受显微手术的患者改善临床效果,该公司推出了号称“世界上最小的旋转手术器械”。 该公司的系统已被授予CE标志,这是欧洲的一个标准,它已经完成了人类首次使用其Symani手术系统进行开放式显微外科手术。 前四个机器人手术在意大利佛罗伦萨成功实施,包括三个复杂的创伤后下肢重建和一个肿瘤后咽部重建。 MMI公司的联合创始人兼首席执行官朱塞佩·玛丽亚·普里斯科说:“由于人手的极限已经达到,显微外科手术对机器人的需求明显。 “我们创建MMI是为了开发一种为显微外科医生设计的机器人系统,该系统将改善结果,解决未满足的患者需求,特别是通过用于淋巴和其他极其精细的手术所需的超显微外科技术。 随着我们在欧洲推出我们的Symani系统,我们很高兴能够站在机器人外科手术新时代的前沿。“ Symani手术系统将震颤减少和运动缩放(7-20x)与世界上最小的旋转器械相结合,提供人手无法企及的七个自由度和灵巧性。 该系统的NanoWrist仪器旨在克服游离皮瓣重建,再植,先天性畸形,周围神经修复和淋巴手术的挑战,仅在美国和欧洲,这些手术每年就超过100万例。 L.Scott Levin,医学博士,FACS,FAOA,矫形外科系主任,宾夕法尼亚大学医学院整形外科部教授说:“显微外科和超显微外科--作为一种工具,技术和学科--在继续发展。 “机器人技术的使用为提高显微外科的专业水平和改善对创伤,癌症,先天畸形甚至淋巴水肿等慢性疾病患者的护理带来了巨大的希望。” MMI公司联合创始人兼临床开发副总裁Hannah Teichmann说:“我们为将这项创新带给欧洲患者感到自豪,并期待着使世界各地的外科医生能够以更高的精度,可重复性和效率来处理极小解剖结构上具有挑战性的手术。”