Virginia's Third Medical Cannabis Processor is Open to Patients


2020-12-02 00:24:00 Business Times


In late November, Detroit City Council formally approved a plan to allow adult-use cannabis sales within the city. Until then, the largest city in Michigan had joined the 1,400 or so municipalities that had opted out of an adult-use cannabis market approved by voters in 2018. The new ordinance will give licensing priority to longtime residents who have lived in Detroit for 15,13 or 10 of the past 30 years (with other qualifying factors, such as living in a low-income household or holding a past cannabis conviction), according to the Detroit Free Press. Those residents will have the first crack at half of the 75 retail licenses. Councilman James Tate has been out in front of this cause for the past year, insisting that a legal cannabis market represents an opportunity to broaden the scope of social equity in the city’s commercial landscape. "This is an industry that is in its infancy in Detroit, and we have to make sure that we nurture it properly and make sure that it grows strong, not reckless, and is a bridge to generational wealth that has been out of reach for so many families in our city," he said in October. Since the first day of adult-use sales, on Dec. 1, 2019, one year ago today, Michigan has recorded $439 million in cannabis sales (and $73 million in tax revenue). 
11月底,底特律市议会正式批准了一项允许在市内销售成人大麻的计划。在此之前,密歇根州最大的城市已经加入了1400多个城市的行列,这些城市在2018年获得选民的批准,选择退出成人大麻市场。 据《底特律自由报》报道,新的法令将给予在过去30年中在底特律居住了15年,13年或10年的长期居民优先发放许可证(还有其他资格因素,如居住在低收入家庭或有大麻犯罪记录)。这些居民将首先获得75张零售许可证中的一半。 在过去的一年里,议员詹姆斯·泰特一直站在这一事业的前面,他坚持认为,合法的大麻市场代表着一个机会,可以在城市的商业版图中扩大社会公平的范围。 “这是一个在底特律还处于起步阶段的产业,我们必须确保我们适当地培育它,确保它发展壮大,而不是鲁莽,并成为通往代际财富的桥梁,而代际财富对于我们城市的许多家庭来说是遥不可及的,”他在去年10月表示。 自2019年12月1日,也就是一年前的今天,开始销售成人大麻以来,密歇根州的大麻销售额已达到4.39亿美元(税收7300万美元)。