Abbott: Health Canada Approves FreeStyle Libre 2 For Adults And Children With Diabetes


2020-12-02 22:13:12 RTTNews


Abbott Laboratories said Wednesday that Health Canada has approved the company's next-generation, sensor-based glucose monitoring technology, FreeStyle Libre 2, for adults and children aged 4 years and older, with diabetes. The company noted that FreeStyle Libre 2 features optional, real-time alarms that measure glucose levels every minute, giving users the option to be alerted in real-time of critical events such as hypoglycemia (low glucose levels) or hyperglycemia (high glucose levels). The wearable technology, which eliminates the need for painful fingersticks, provides people with diabetes with excellent accuracy and actionable information to better manage their condition. The device will be priced at the same cost as the current FreeStyle Libre system. The FreeStyle Libre 2 sensor is worn on the back of the upper arm for up to 14 days and measures glucose every minute to help users and their healthcare providers make informed treatment decisions. With a one-second scan using FreeStyle LibreLink, a smartphone app, or handheld reader, users can see their glucose reading, trend arrow and eight-hour history. Users can also share data with their physicians or family members via the LibreLinkUp mobile app. Abbott said that the FreeStyle Libre 2 system will be available for people with diabetes ages 4 and up in Canada in the coming months. For comments and feedback contact: Business News
雅培实验室周三表示,加拿大卫生部已批准该公司的下一代基于传感器的血糖监测技术FreeStyle Libre 2,用于成人和4岁及4岁以上的糖尿病儿童。 该公司指出,FreeStyle Libre 2具有每分钟测量血糖水平的可选实时报警功能,用户可以选择在低血糖(低血糖水平)或高血糖(高血糖水平)等关键事件时实时报警。 这种可穿戴技术,消除了痛苦的指甲的需要,为糖尿病患者提供了极好的精确度和可操作的信息,以更好地管理他们的病情。该设备的定价将与当前的自由式Libre系统相同。FreeStyle Libre 2传感器佩戴在上臂背部长达14天,每分钟测量葡萄糖,以帮助用户及其医疗保健提供者做出知情的治疗决定。 使用FreeStyle LibreLink(智能手机应用程序)或手持阅读器进行一秒钟的扫描,用户就可以看到自己的血糖读数,趋势箭头和8小时的历史记录。用户还可以通过移动应用LibreLinkUp与医生或家人分享数据。 Abbott说,自由泳Libre 2系统将在未来几个月内提供给加拿大4岁及以上的糖尿病患者。 如需评论和反馈,请联系 商业新闻