Sight Sciences Announces Substantial Crossover Raise

Sight Sciences宣布大幅跨界加薪

2020-12-03 04:33:49 BioSpace


Funds will be used to continue clinical and commercial acceleration Sight Sciences, Inc., a growth-stage medical device company transforming the two fastest growing segments in ophthalmology and optometry, glaucoma and dry eye disease, today announced the closing of its Series F Preferred Stock financing led by D1 Capital Partners and new equity partner Janus Henderson Investors. The raise also includes a refinancing and upsizing of the company's senior credit facility with MidCap Financial. Proceeds from the financings will be used to continue clinical development and accelerate the commercial expansion of Sight Sciences' OMNI® and TearCare® products. "Since making our initial investment in Sight Sciences in March 2020, we have been impressed by the company's continued growth and outstanding commercial and clinical execution through the unique challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic," said James Rogers, analyst at D1 Capital Partners. "We are very much aligned with Sight Sciences' mission to provide better outcomes for patients and further empower the clinical community in the areas of glaucoma, dry eye disease and beyond. We are excited to make a substantial incremental investment alongside Janus and MidCap to support the company's growth plans." "We are extremely excited about the continued partnership with D1 and MidCap and to welcome an incredibly sophisticated healthcare investor like Janus to our shareholder base," said Paul Badawi, founder and Chief Executive Officer of Sight Sciences. "This funding further validates the substantial progress we have made in our mission to transform the care for patients suffering from the world's most prevalent eye diseases. The additional capital will allow us to continue executing on our highly robust clinical roadmap that we intend to lead to additional FDA submissions for the indication expansion of existing products as well as the clearance or approval of new products. On a solid foundation of robust clinical data, we're looking forward to building the standalone MIGS space with OMNI and the procedure-based dry eye space with TearCare." OMNI is the first and only device that provides surgeons with micro-invasive access to all 360-degrees of the diseased conventional outflow pathway in glaucoma with a single clear corneal incision. It is rapidly gaining adoption by practitioners worldwide. TearCare is the only wearable, personalized, open-eye technology that delivers regulated, localized heat to the eyelids in patients with meibomian gland dysfunction. "This has been a period of extraordinary progress for our business," said Jesse Selnick, Chief Financial Officer of Sight Sciences. "Our third quarter 2020 U.S. OMNI unit volumes grew 42% year-over-year, and in October our number of monthly OMNI ordering facilities was 33% higher than pre-COVID highs. With further penetration into the standalone MIGS market, and the continued establishment of a robust clinical library across both products, we believe we are well positioned for continued long term growth and success." About Sight Sciences Founded in 2011, Sight Sciences develops and commercializes intelligently designed and engineered products that target the underlying causes of the world's most prevalent eye diseases. The company's surgical glaucoma product portfolio features the OMNI® Surgical System, a dually-indicated device that facilitates the performance of both trabeculotomy and viscoelastic delivery. The company's product portfolio also includes TearCare® for ophthalmologists and optometrists. TearCare is a software-controlled, wearable eyelid technology that delivers highly targeted and adjustable heat to the meibomian glands of the eyelids. TearCare's innovative, "equipment-light" product design and the intuitive procedure it facilitates create a highly attractive clinical and economic model for eye care providers. OMNI® and TearCare® are registered trademarks of Sight Sciences. © 2020 Sight Sciences. All rights reserved. About D1 Capital D1 Capital Partners is a global investment firm that operates across public and private markets. The firm combines the talent and operational excellence of a large, premier asset management firm with the flexible mandate and long-term time horizon of a family office. Founded in 2018 by Daniel Sundheim, D1 focuses on investing in the global internet, technology, telecom, media, consumer, healthcare, financial, industrial, and real estate sectors. About Janus Henderson Investors Janus Henderson Investors exists to help clients achieve their long-term financial goals. Its active management offers clients the opportunity to outperform passive portfolios over the course of market cycles. With more than 360 investment professionals, Janus Henderson Investors provides access to some of the industry's most talented and innovative thinkers, spanning equities, fixed income, multi-asset and alternatives, globally. Its investment teams blend insight, originality and precision with rigorous analysis, structured processes and robust risk management. Janus Henderson Investors builds client partnerships on openness and trust, channeling expertise from across the business and communicating the views of our experts in a timely and relevant way. About MidCap Financial MidCap Financial is a middle market-focused, specialty finance firm that provides senior debt solutions to companies across all industries. MidCap Financial provides management or other services with respect to over $27 billion of commitments as of September, 2020 of which $3.9 billion are managed by MidCap Financial Services Capital Management LLC, a registered investment adviser. MidCap Financial provides a broad array of products intended to finance growth and manage working capital. MidCap Financial is managed by Apollo Capital Management, L.P., a subsidiary of Apollo Global Management, Inc., pursuant to an investment management agreement. Apollo Global Management, Inc. is one of the world's largest asset managers with approximately $414 billion of assets under management (as of June 30, 2020), providing market leading industry expertise, market reach, and financing synergies. Loans to CA residents issued under California Financing Law License No. 60DBO 45424, 60DBO 45427, 60DBO 45431, 60DBO 45435, 60DBO 45439, 60DBO 49531 or 603I389. Media contact: Shay Smith Health+Commerce 707.971.9779 Investor contact: Lynn Lewis 415-937-5402 multimedia:
资金将用于继续临床和商业加速 Sight Sciences,Inc.是一家处于成长期的医疗设备公司,正在转型眼科和视光学两个增长最快的领域--青光眼和干眼病--今天宣布,由D1 Capital Partners和新的股权合伙人Janus Henderson Investors牵头的F系列优先股融资结束。此次融资还包括向MidCap Financial进行再融资,并扩大该公司的高级信贷额度。融资所得将用于继续临床开发,并加速视线科学公司Omni®和TearCare®产品的商业扩张。 D1 Capital Partners的分析师詹姆斯·罗杰斯说:“自2020年3月对Sight Sciences进行首次投资以来,我们对该公司通过COVID-19大流行带来的独特挑战所取得的持续增长以及出色的商业和临床执行力印象深刻。”“我们与Sight Sciences的使命非常一致,即为患者提供更好的治疗结果,并在青光眼,干眼病等领域进一步增强临床社区的能力。我们很高兴与Janus和MidCap一起进行大量的增量投资,以支持公司的增长计划。” Sight Sciences公司创始人兼首席执行官保罗·巴达维说:“我们对与D1公司和MidCap公司继续保持合作关系感到非常兴奋,并欢迎像Janus这样经验丰富的医疗保健投资者加入我们的股东队伍。“这笔资金进一步验证了我们在转变对世界上最流行眼病患者的护理方面所取得的实质性进展。额外的资金将使我们能够继续执行我们高度稳健的临床路线图,我们打算导致更多的FDA申请,以扩大现有产品的适应症,并批准或批准新产品。在稳健的临床数据的坚实基础上,我们期待着与OMNI合作建立独立的MIGS空间,与TearCare合作建立基于程序的干眼症空间。” OMNI是第一个也是唯一一个为外科医生提供微创进入青光眼所有360度病变的常规流出通路的设备,仅需一个清晰的角膜切口。它正在迅速得到全世界从业人员的采用。TearCare是唯一一种可穿戴的,个性化的,开眼的技术,可为睑板腺功能障碍患者的眼睑输送调节的,局部的热量。 Sight Sciences公司首席财务官杰西·塞尔尼克说:“这是我们业务取得非凡进展的一段时期。“我们2020年第三季度在美国的OMNI单位数量同比增长42%,10月份我们每月的OMNI订购设施数量比Covid前的高点高出33%。随着我们进一步渗透到独立的MIGS市场,并继续在两种产品上建立一个强大的临床库,我们相信我们已经为持续的长期增长和成功做好了准备。” 关于视觉科学 Sight Sciences公司成立于2011年,针对世界上最流行的眼病的根本原因,开发和商业化智能设计和工程产品。该公司的青光眼手术产品组合以Omni®手术系统为特色,这是一种双指示设备,可促进小梁切开术和粘弹性输送的性能。 该公司的产品组合还包括面向眼科医生和验光师的TearCare®。TearCare是一种软件控制的,可穿戴的眼睑技术,它将高度定向和可调节的热量输送到眼睑的睑板腺。Tearcare创新的,“轻设备”的产品设计和它所促进的直观程序为眼科护理提供者创造了一个极具吸引力的临床和经济模式。 Omni®和Tearcare®是视觉科学公司的注册商标。 ©2020视觉科学。版权所有。 关于D1资本 D1 Capital Partners是一家全球性投资公司,在公共和私人市场开展业务。该公司将一个大型,卓越的资产管理公司的人才和卓越的运营能力与一个家族办公室的灵活授权和长期时限相结合。D1由丹尼尔·桑德海姆于2018年创立,专注于投资全球互联网,科技,电信,媒体,消费,医疗保健,金融,工业和房地产领域。 关于Janus Henderson Investors Janus Henderson Investors的存在是为了帮助客户实现他们的长期财务目标。它的主动管理为客户提供了在市场周期过程中胜过被动投资组合的机会。Janus Henderson Investors拥有360多名投资专业人士,为业界最具才华和创新精神的思想家提供机会,涵盖全球股票,固定收益,多资产和另类投资领域。其投资团队将洞察力,独创性和精确性与严谨的分析,结构化的流程和稳健的风险管理融为一体。Janus Henderson Investors在开放和信任的基础上与客户建立伙伴关系,从整个业务领域输送专业知识,并以及时和相关的方式传达我们专家的观点。 关于MidCap Financial MidCap Financial是一家专注于中等市场的专业金融公司,为所有行业的公司提供高级债务解决方案。截至2020年9月,MidCap Financial为超过270亿美元的承诺提供管理或其他服务,其中39亿美元由注册投资顾问MidCap Financial services Capital management LLC管理。MidCap Financial提供一系列广泛的产品,旨在为增长融资和管理营运资本。MidCap Financial由Apollo Capital Management,L.P.管理,Apollo Capital Management,L.P.是Apollo Global Management,Inc.的子公司,根据一项投资管理协议。阿波罗全球管理公司是全球最大的资产管理公司之一,管理资产约4140亿美元(截至2020年6月30日),提供市场领先的行业专业知识,市场覆盖范围和融资协同效应。根据加州融资法许可号60DBO 45424,60DBO 45427,60DBO 45431,60DBO 45435,60DBO 45439,60DBO 49531或603I389向CA居民发放的贷款。 媒体联系人: 谢·史密斯 健康+商业 707.971.9779 投资者联系方式: 林恩·刘易斯 415-937-5402 多媒体: