Can Cannabis Treat Concussions? Athletes Want to Know


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The numerous beneficial effects of cannabis have increased the works of research being conducted to unearth its ability to act as a therapeutic agent for different ailments and conditions. This has been the driving force behind the increase of innovative applications of medical marijuana. The effects of cannabis on common conditions like pain, inflammation, seizures, etc have already been fully established. Its effect in dealing with stronger conditions like psoriasis, seborrheic dermatitis, insomnia, cancer, etc are also being studied. In this article, the possible effects of cannabis in dealing with concussion and post-concussive issues will be fully explored. Concussions are a very important topic that doesn't get talked about nearly enough. Can cannabis be used to efficiently treat concussions? Read on to find out! A closer look at Concussions In simple terms, concussion refers to a traumatic injury to the brain. It majorly results from the effect of a hit to the head with brute force. It, however, can also occur from rapidly moving the head back and forth with force. This tends to cause twisting and bouncing of the brain when done with high frequency and intensity. The effect is chemical changes in the brain which can cause damage in brain cells. A concussion can simply be classified as a mild brain injury that is not deadly, but the effects that follow can be very severe. The symptoms that characterize concussions include headaches, temporary loss of consciousness, dizziness, confusion, and amnesia. Other symptoms that follow concussions are slurred speech, nausea, and vomiting. Some of these symptoms that characterize concussions occur immediately after the injury occurs to the brain. Other symptoms are delayed and can occur long after the incident. This is referred to as Post-Concussion Syndrome. It involves the manifestation of symptoms such as headache and vertigo long after the incident that caused the concussion occurs. The general physical side effects of concussions also have a psychiatric undertone. Concussion opens patients to mental health problems such as depression and suicide. It should be noted that the risks of these conditions increase depending on the degree of head trauma. Patients who suffer from multiple concussions are at a disadvantage because of the effects on the brain. There is a great chance of impairment of functionality with multiple traumatic head injuries. This is why athletes such as those in the National football league or National Hockey League are concerned as they are liable to suffer concussions frequently. Won't a breakthrough with marijuana for concussion be of great help to them? I think it will! Cannabis and Concussions The promise that marijuana shows in dealing with concussions are due to the numerous beneficial roles that it can play in dealing with different parts of the condition. Inflammation and neural damage are two prominent parts of concussions and both are greatly affected by cannabis. Inflammation One of the immediate things that occur following head injury is inflammation around the brain. This includes neural inflammation which causes most of the symptoms associated with concussions. This is where the first activity of cannabis dealing with concussion issues is shown. Cannabis contains cannabinoids such as CBD and THC which work through the endocannabinoid system to reduce immune response thus making it easier to reduce inflammation from the injuries. This activity by cannabis is well documented and is being effectively utilized in the world medical marijuana. It should also be noted that a study recently conducted in Tel Aviv has shown the beneficial effect of small doses of THC in reducing swelling in animals. Neuroprotective activity Another beneficial effect of cannabis in dealing with a concussion is its neuroprotective activity. Brain injuries damage brain cells and lead to some complications. Marijuana has beneficial antioxidants that help to protect the brain cells from more damage after the trauma. CBD is one of the special cannabinoids with a known neuroprotective activity that can help to reduce damage to brain cells. This activity of CBD will prevent severe issues from the concussion such as memory impairment and impairment of functionality. Antidepressant Depression is one of the risks associated with concussions which is why cannabis has been proposed as a solution. CBD and THC are very effective when it comes to dealing with depression. THC helps to elevate moods and provide an energetic and intense feeling of excitement while CBD promotes a relaxed feeling good for clearing the mind. The reduction of these side effects makes cannabis very helpful in dealing with concussions. NHL athletes, Cannabis and Concussion The need to find sure and lasting solutions to concussion problems has seen sports bodies like the NHL take action. The NHL has already removed cannabis from its list of banned substances and players with reasonable levels of THC in their systems are not immediately fined or suspended. The alumni association of the NHL has taken one step further by looking into the use of cannabis to treat concussions. They partnered with a major cannabis company MSO Canopy Growth to study the effects of cannabis in helping retired athletes with concussions. The study involves the use of 100 former NHL players. These players have in one way or the other suffered from the physical consequences of concussions. The study is a randomized double-blind study on the effect of cannabis with issues from concussions. The knowledge of neuroscience is used by neurosurgeons to show the possible effect of cannabis in improving post-concussion patients. The outcome of the study that started in 2019 is bound to have strong implications for the NHL. Athletes in the NHL are easily prone to multiple concussion cases due to the nature of their sport. This means that they need a beneficial and optimal form of treatment free of side effects. Bottom line The effects of cannabis in dealing with a concussion is good news for all athletes. CBD can serve as a pretreatment regimen for athletes that are liable to concussions. Its neuroprotective action prevents damage to the brain cells when trauma occurs. It seems cannabis is the messiah footballers, boxers, and other contact sportsmen have been yearning for all these years. More research is bound to be carried out in this area to know more about how cannabis can help treat concussions. Early reports have been fantastic, and we can only go forward from here. CANNABIS FOR HEAD AND BRAIN INJURIES, WHAT THE DOCTORS SAY! CANNABIS STRAINS TO TREAT CONCUSSION SYMPTOMS, READ THE LIST!
大麻的许多有益作用增加了正在进行的研究工作,以发掘大麻作为不同疾病和病症的治疗剂的能力。这一直是医用大麻创新应用增加的动力。大麻对疼痛,发炎,癫痫等常见情况的影响已经得到充分证实。它在治疗牛皮癣,脂溢性皮炎,失眠,癌症等严重疾病方面的作用也在研究中。 在本文中,将充分探讨大麻在处理脑震荡和脑震荡后问题方面可能产生的影响。脑震荡是一个非常重要的话题,但却没有得到足够的讨论。大麻能有效治疗脑震荡吗?继续读下去,一探究竟! 脑震荡的仔细观察 简单来说,脑震荡是指对大脑的一种创伤性损伤。它主要是由暴力击中头部造成的。然而,它也可以发生在快速来回移动头部用力。这样做的频率高,强度大,容易引起大脑的扭曲和弹跳。其影响是大脑中的化学变化,这会导致脑细胞的损伤。 脑震荡可以简单地归类为一种轻微的脑部损伤,它不是致命的,但随之而来的影响可能非常严重。脑震荡的特征性症状包括头痛,暂时性意识丧失,头晕,混乱和健忘。脑震荡后的其他症状是口齿不清,恶心和呕吐。其中一些脑震荡的症状是在脑部受伤后立即出现的。其他症状是延迟的,可以在事件发生很久之后才出现。这被称为脑震荡后综合征。它涉及到在引起脑震荡的事件发生很久之后,头痛和眩晕等症状的表现。 脑震荡一般的身体副作用也有精神方面的原因。脑震荡使病人面临精神健康问题,如抑郁和自杀。需要注意的是,这些情况的风险随头部创伤程度的不同而增加。患有多次脑震荡的患者由于对大脑的影响而处于不利地位。有很大的机会损害功能与多重创伤性头部损伤。这就是为什么国家橄榄球联盟或国家曲棍球联盟的运动员会经常受到脑震荡的困扰。用大麻治疗脑震荡的突破不会对他们有很大帮助吗?我想会的! 大麻与脑震荡 大麻在治疗脑震荡方面所显示的前景是由于它在治疗脑震荡的不同部位所能发挥的许多有益作用。炎症和神经损伤是脑震荡的两个突出部分,而且两者都受到大麻的极大影响。 炎症 颅脑损伤后立即发生的事情之一就是大脑周围的炎症。这包括引起脑震荡的大部分症状的神经炎症。这就是大麻处理脑震荡问题的第一个活动显示的地方。大麻含有大麻素类物质,如CBD和THC,它们通过内源性大麻素系统降低免疫反应,从而更容易减少由损伤引起的炎症。大麻的这一活动有很好的文件记录,并正在世界医用大麻中得到有效利用。还应该注意到,最近在特拉维夫进行的一项研究显示了小剂量THC在减轻动物肿胀方面的有益作用。 神经保护活性 大麻在治疗脑震荡方面的另一个有益作用是它的神经保护作用。脑损伤会损伤脑细胞并导致一些并发症。大麻含有有益的抗氧化剂,有助于保护脑细胞免受创伤后的更多损伤。CBD是一种特殊的大麻素,具有已知的神经保护活性,可以帮助减少对脑细胞的损伤。CBD的这一活动将防止脑震荡引起的严重问题,如记忆障碍和功能障碍。 抗抑郁药 抑郁症是与脑震荡相关的风险之一,这就是为什么有人提出大麻作为一种解决办法。CBD和THC在治疗抑郁症方面非常有效。THC有助于提升情绪,提供一种精力充沛和强烈的兴奋感,而CBD则促进一种放松的感觉,有益于清理头脑。这些副作用的减少使得大麻在对付脑震荡方面非常有帮助。 NHL运动员,大麻和脑震荡 为脑震荡问题找到可靠和持久的解决方案的需要,已经看到像NHL这样的体育机构采取了行动。NHL已经将大麻从其禁药名单中删除,而且系统中THC水平合理的球员不会立即被罚款或停赛。NHL校友会更进一步,对使用大麻治疗脑震荡进行了调查。他们与一家大型大麻公司MSO Canopy Growth合作,研究大麻在帮助患有脑震荡的退役运动员方面的效果。 这项研究涉及使用100名前NHL球员。这些球员以这样或那样的方式遭受脑震荡的身体后果。这项研究是一项关于大麻对脑震荡影响的随机双盲研究。神经科学的知识被神经外科医生用来展示大麻在改善脑震荡后患者方面的可能作用。 这项始于2019年的研究结果必将对NHL产生重大影响。NHL的运动员由于其运动的性质,很容易出现多次脑震荡的情况。这意味着他们需要一种有益的,无副作用的最佳治疗形式。 底线 大麻治疗脑震荡的效果对所有运动员来说都是好消息。CBD可作为易发生脑震荡的运动员的预处理方案。它的神经保护作用防止创伤发生时对脑细胞的损害。大麻似乎是足球运动员,拳击手和其他运动爱好者这些年来一直渴望的救世主。这方面势必要进行更多的研究,以更多地了解大麻如何有助于治疗脑震荡。早期的报道很棒,我们只能从这里继续前进。 大麻治脑伤,医生怎么说的! 治疗脑震荡症状的大麻毒株,阅读清单!