Think Surgical receives FDA clearance for new robot

Think Surgical新机器人获得FDA许可

2020-12-03 17:09:28 Roboticstrends


Think Surgical has received clearance from the US Food and Drug Administration for its second-generation “active robot”. Think Surgical is an innovator in the field of orthopedic active robot surgery, and says the FDA has cleared the its robotic system called TSolution One Total Knee Application. The system features an active robot for total knee replacement, providing fully automated bone preparation, and gives surgeons a choice of implant options. The new system features upgrades to the current system, including an enhanced pre-surgical planning user interface, quick-change tooling, improved surgeon accessories, and advanced bone model generation. The clearance of the second-generation TSolution One Total Knee Application comes approximately one year after Think’s first-generation active robot was cleared. Jay Yang, acting CEO, Think Surgical, says: “The ongoing evolution of the TSolution One Total Knee Application is a testament to Think Surgical’s dedication and investment in advancing the use of robot technology in the orthopedic setting. “The versatile, open platform provides surgeons with the flexibility of using a variety of implants, while offering hospitals and ambulatory surgery centers a sustainable, high throughput system for their ever-increasing total knee replacement procedures.” The TSolution One total Knee Application is comprised of TPLAN, the 3D pre-surgical planning workstation, and TCAT, the active robot that helps the surgeon execute each patient’s individual preoperative plan with consistent results through fully automated bone preparation. This second-generation robot incorporates several changes to the hardware and software, which significantly enhance the system’s efficiency, flexibility and ease of use while maintaining the precision and innovation that is the hallmark of the TSolution One Total Knee Application system.
Think Surgical的第二代“主动机器人”获得了美国食品和药物管理局的许可。 Think Surgical是矫形主动机器人手术领域的创新者,并表示FDA已经批准了其名为TSolution One Total Knee应用的机器人系统。 该系统的特点是一个主动机器人的全膝关节置换,提供完全自动化的骨准备,并给外科医生一个选择的植入选项。 新系统的特点是对当前系统进行升级,包括增强的手术前计划用户界面,快速更换工具,改进的外科医生附件和先进的骨模型生成。 第二代TSolution One Total Knee应用程序的通过大约是在Think的第一代主动机器人获得通过一年之后。 Think Surgical公司代理首席执行官Jay Yang说:“TSolution One全膝应用程序的不断发展证明Think Surgical公司致力于推动机器人技术在矫形外科领域的应用,并进行了投资。 多功能,开放的平台为外科医生提供了使用各种植入物的灵活性,同时为医院和非卧床手术中心提供了一个可持续的,高通量的系统,用于他们不断增加的全膝关节置换手术。“ TSolution One全膝应用程序由TPLAN和TCAT组成,TPLAN是3D手术前计划工作站,TCAT是主动机器人,通过全自动骨准备,帮助外科医生执行每个患者的单独术前计划,并取得一致的结果。 这款第二代机器人对硬件和软件进行了多项改动,显著提高了系统的效率,灵活性和易用性,同时保持了TSolution One全膝应用系统的精确度和创新性,这是TSolution One全膝应用系统的标志。