Oncopeptides Selects Lore IO's Life Sciences Cloud Analytics Solution to Accelerate Commercialization During Drug Pre-launch Phases

Oncopeptides选择Lore IO的生命科学云分析解决方案,在药物上市前阶段加速商业化

2020-12-09 12:03:24 BioSpace


 Lore IO Inc., providers of an AI-powered common data model that enables faster vendor data onboarding and unified data views, today announced that Oncopeptides AB, a biopharmaceutical company focused on the development of therapies for difficult-to-treat hematological diseases, has selected Lore IO's Life Sciences Cloud Analytics solution to increase the speed and agility of the onboarding process, and shorten development cycles to speed drug readiness. After completing a successful 30-day starter program of Lore IO, Oncopeptides was able to onboard data from vendors within a month and create analytic content on top of the unified data view for their upcoming drug launch. "Speed, agility, and accuracy are three critical factors in the implementation of a commercial analytics application," said Mohamed Ladha, General Manager, US Business Unit at Oncopeptides. "The Lore IO Life Sciences Cloud Analytics provides Oncopeptides with a simple, unique interface where we can access all of our data and easily create targeted dashboards for our teams. This sophisticated solution gives us access to high quality data in real-time which will be a tremendous asset as we plan to commercialize our first product." The first commercialization of any drug launch can pose numerous complications that may prolong an organization's ability to bring a drug to market. Due, in part, to the shortage of deployment resources, long lead times, and high costs, many emerging biopharma and diagnostics organizations have struggled to perform the data analysis needed to make informed decisions and expedite commercial success. By providing organizations with an end-to-end analytics platform, drug and device providers can easily onboard data and begin extracting value within weeks, not months, and create multiple dashboards that simplify the analysis of onboarded data to ensure just-in-time commercialization of their product launch. "The ability to leverage any dashboard in 30 days has drastically improved our ability to plan and prepare our go-to-market strategy," said Nicholas Holsman, Executive Director, Commercial Operations at Oncopeptides. "The modularity of Lore IO's Cloud Analytics packages provides us with business analytics when we need it, as we progress towards commercialization. Within two months, we have already implemented our medical affairs insights and field force management dashboards, with more on the way." The Lore IO Life Sciences Cloud Analytics solution leverages a build-as-you-grow methodology that ensures data is accessible to business teams at every step. This purpose-built analytics approach not only enables them to tap into insights in just weeks, but also allows for easy onboarding of new data sources with its self-serve, no-code model.  "Oncopeptides is a great example of how we are helping established and emerging pharma and biotech companies further accelerate the development and operationalization of enterprise data warehouses and commercialized analytics during pre-drug launch phases," said Janardan Prasad, Chief Business Officer at Lore IO. "By expediting the onboarding and transformation of vendor sources of industry data in an easy to use, self-service manner, Oncopeptides created a unified view of the data for analysis and accelerated the execution of their go-to-market plan." Tweet This:  News: #pharmaceutical company @oncopeptides has selected @teamloreio's Life Sciences Cloud Analytics solution to accelerate their commercialization plan. Goes live with medical affairs insights and field force management dashboards in 30 days. About Lore IO Lore IO provides an AI-powered common data model that enables unified data views and faster data onboarding. The Company enables customers to unlock the full value of their data by empowering business users to collaborate on and use datasets that are initially hard to understand, reconcile, and blend. The Lore IO platform abstracts all the complex semantics of how the data is captured and joined together, enabling customers to instantly validate business logic in support of a wide range of use cases using a no-code approach. Lore IO's purpose-built analytics packages bring unprecedented self-serve business agility and have been proven to onboard data 10 times faster than traditional approaches. To learn more, follow the company on Twitter @teamloreio, follow on LinkedIn or visit https://www.getlore.io/. Media Contacts Chris McCoin or Richard Smith McCoin & Smith Communications Inc. 508-429-5988 (Chris) or 978-433-3304 (Rick) chris@mccoinsmith.com or rick@mccoinsmith.com multimedia:http://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/oncopeptides-selects-lore-ios-life-sciences-cloud-analytics-solution-to-accelerate-commercialization-during-drug-pre-launch-phases-301187863.html
Lore IO Inc.是一个以AI为动力的通用数据模型的供应商,该模型能够更快地实现供应商数据上船和统一的数据视图。该公司今天宣布,专注于开发难以治疗的血液病疗法的生物制药公司OncoPetides AB选择了Lore IO的生命科学云分析解决方案,以提高上船过程的速度和灵活性,并缩短开发周期以加快药物准备。在成功地完成了Lore IO为期30天的启动项目后,Oncopeptides能够在一个月内将来自供应商的数据纳入系统,并在统一数据视图之上为他们即将推出的药物创建分析内容。 OncoPeptides公司美国业务部总经理Mohamed Ladha说:“速度,敏捷性和准确性是实施商业分析应用程序的三个关键因素。“Lore IO Life Sciences Cloud Analytics为Oncopeptides提供了一个简单,独特的界面,我们可以在这里访问我们的所有数据,并轻松地为我们的团队创建有针对性的仪表板。这一复杂的解决方案使我们能够实时获取高质量的数据,这将是我们计划将首款产品商业化的巨大资产。” 任何药物上市的首次商业化都可能造成许多复杂情况,可能会延长一个组织将药物推向市场的能力。部分由于部署资源短缺,筹备时间长和成本高,许多新兴生物制药和诊断机构一直在努力进行数据分析,以做出明智的决策和加快商业成功。通过为组织提供端到端分析平台,药物和设备供应商可以轻松地将数据纳入进来,并在数周内(而不是数月)开始提取价值,还可以创建多个仪表板,简化对纳入数据的分析,确保产品上市的实时商业化。 OncoPeptides公司商业运营执行董事尼古拉斯·霍斯曼说:“30天内利用任何仪表板的能力极大地提高了我们计划和准备上市战略的能力。“随着我们向商业化迈进,Lore IO的云分析软件包的模块化为我们在需要时提供业务分析。在两个月内,我们已经实现了我们的医疗事务洞察和现场部队管理仪表盘,还有更多正在进行中。” Lore IO Life Sciences的云分析解决方案利用了一种随成长而建的方法,确保业务团队在每一步都可以访问数据。这种专门构建的分析方法不仅使他们能够在短短几周内挖掘洞察力,而且还允许使用其自助式,无代码模型轻松地登录新的数据源。 Lore IO公司首席商务官Janardan Prasad说:“OncoPeptides是一个很好的例子,说明我们如何帮助已建立的和新兴的制药和生物技术公司在药物上市前阶段进一步加快企业数据仓库和商业化分析的开发和运作。通过以易于使用,自助服务的方式加快行业数据供应商源的加入和转换,Oncopeptides创建了用于分析的数据的统一视图,并加快了其上市计划的执行。“ 推文如下:新闻:#制药公司@OncoPeptides选择了@TeamLoreio的生命科学云分析解决方案,以加速他们的商业化计划。将在30天内启用医疗事务洞察和外勤部队管理仪表板。 关于知识IO Lore IO提供了一个AI驱动的通用数据模型,支持统一的数据视图和更快的数据登入。该公司通过授权业务用户协作和使用最初难以理解,协调和混合的数据集,使客户能够释放其数据的全部价值。Lore IO平台抽象了如何捕获和连接数据的所有复杂语义,使客户能够使用无代码方法立即验证业务逻辑,以支持广泛的用例。LoreIO的专门构建的分析软件包带来了前所未有的自助业务敏捷性,并已被证明比传统方法快10倍的数据上载速度。要了解更多信息,请访问Twitter@teamloreio,LinkedIn或访问https://www.getlore.io/。 媒体联系人 Chris McCoin还是Richard Smith 麦考恩-史密斯通信公司。 508-429-5988(克里斯)或978-433-3304(瑞克) chris@mccoinsmith.com或rick@mccoinsmith.com 多媒体:http://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/oncopeptides-selects-lore-ios-life-sciences-cloud-analytics-solution-to-accelerate-commercialization-during-drug-pre-launch-phases-301187863.html