Tempus Unveils a Breakthrough in AI for Oncologists: Tempus ONE

Tempus公布了肿瘤学家在人工智能方面的突破:Tempus ONE

2021-01-12 00:00:15 BioSpace


CHICAGO----Tempus, a leader in AI-enabled diagnostics, today unveiled a breakthrough technology for oncologists, Tempus ONE. This smart, voice-enabled, portable device brings Tempus’ proprietary platform and unparalleled library of multi-modal data to life, offering physicians real-time access to all the clinical insights and data contained in Tempus’ genomic reports in the palm of their hand. In beta today and launching more broadly in 2021, Tempus ONE is the first step toward bringing the full power of artificial intelligence to the point-of-care. Tempus’ multi-omic molecular tests arm oncologists with their patients’ actionable genetic alterations, and the company’s proprietary platform connects that data to phenotypic and morphologic patient data, including longitudinally-updated outcome data from electronic health records (EHR), to provide clinical context to every test. To alleviate the amount of time clinicians must spend on their computers, Tempus has designed ONE as a portable device with the ability to relay all of the information contained in its reports, along with vast amounts of relevant additional data regarding that patient, in real-time, seamlessly integrating into their existing workflow. The handheld, cube-like device takes questions and input from physicians through an embedded microphone array and produces a response for playback through its proprietary voice-activated speaker system specifically designed with physicians’ needs in mind. “For the past 5 years we have been on a journey to bring the promise and power of artificial intelligence to healthcare,” said Eric Lefkofsky, Founder and CEO of Tempus. “Tempus ONE is a quantum leap forward, harnessing the almost 30 petabytes of data we have collected in the past few years, which we embedded into a device that fits in the palm of your hand and puts the full breadth and scope of our technology platform in the hands of every doctor we serve, enhancing their ability to use data in making real-time treatment decisions.” “Tempus created a learning healthcare system at massive scale that gains intelligence and insights with each stream of data and interaction,” says Joel Dudley, Chief Scientific Officer of Tempus. “Tempus ONE enables clinicians to interact with vast Tempus information resources as they would interact with other members of their care team. At the same time, every question and conversation posed to Tempus ONE improves our ability to deliver the highest-quality information and insights to the next patient case.” Tempus ONE is in beta release and will only be made available to selected oncologists during the pre-launch phase. For more information, please visit tempus.com/tempus-one. About Tempus Tempus is a technology company advancing precision medicine through the practical application of artificial intelligence in healthcare. With one of the world’s largest libraries of clinical and molecular data, and an operating system to make that data accessible and useful, Tempus enables physicians to make real-time, data-driven decisions to deliver personalized patient care and in parallel facilitates discovery, development and delivery of optimal therapeutics. The goal is for each patient to benefit from the treatment of others who came before by providing physicians with tools that learn as the company gathers more data. For more information, visit tempus.com. View source version on businesswire.com: https://www.businesswire.com/news/home/20210111005654/en/ Erin Carron Erin.carron@tempus.com Source: Tempus View this news release online at: http://www.businesswire.com/news/home/20210111005654/en
芝加哥---Tempus公司,人工智能诊断领域的领导者,今天公布了一项针对肿瘤学家的突破性技术--Tempus One。这款智能,支持语音功能的便携式设备将Tempus专有平台和无与伦比的多模态数据库带入生活,使医生能够在手掌中实时获取Tempus基因组报告中包含的所有临床见解和数据。Tempus ONE目前处于测试阶段,并将于2021年在更大范围内推出,这是将人工智能的全部力量发挥到关键时刻的第一步。 Tempus的多组分子试验为肿瘤学家提供了他们患者可操作的基因改变,该公司的专有平台将这些数据与表型和形态学患者数据连接起来,包括电子健康记录(EHR)中纵向更新的结果数据,为每项试验提供临床背景。为了减少临床医生必须花费在计算机上的时间,Tempus设计了一个便携式设备,它能够实时传递报告中包含的所有信息,以及与病人相关的大量额外数据,无缝地集成到他们现有的工作流程中。这款手持式立方体设备通过嵌入式麦克风阵列接受医生的提问和输入,并通过其专有的语音激活扬声器系统产生响应以供回放,该系统专门针对医生的需求而设计。 Tempus创始人兼首席执行官Eric Lefkofsky表示:过去5年来,我们一直在为医疗保健事业带来人工智能的希望和力量。Tempus ONE是一个巨大的飞跃,它利用了我们在过去几年中收集的近30PB的数据,我们将这些数据嵌入到一个适合您手掌的设备中,并将我们技术平台的全部广度和范围交到我们服务的每一位医生手中,增强了他们在做出实时治疗决策时使用数据的能力。 Tempus公司的首席科学官Joel Dudley说,Tempus公司创建了一个大规模的学习型医疗保健系统,通过每一条数据流和交互获取智能和洞察力。TempusOne使临床医生能够与大量的Tempus信息资源进行交互,就像他们将与他们的护理团队的其他成员进行交互一样。同时,向Tempus ONE提出的每一个问题和谈话都能提高我们向下一个病人提供高质量信息和见解的能力。 TempusOne是在测试版,将只提供给选定的肿瘤医生在启动前阶段。有关更多信息,请访问tempus.com/tempus-one。 关于Tempus Tempus是一家通过人工智能在医疗保健领域的实际应用推进精准医疗的科技公司。Tempus拥有世界上最大的临床和分子数据库之一,并有一个操作系统使这些数据变得可访问和有用,使医生能够做出实时的,数据驱动的决策,以提供个性化的病人护理,同时促进发现,开发和提供最佳疗法。公司的目标是通过向医生提供工具,使他们能够在公司收集更多数据的同时学习,从而使每个患者都能从之前的治疗中受益。有关更多信息,请访问tempus.com。 在businesswire.com上查看源代码版本:https://www.businesswire.com/news/home/20210111005654/en/ 艾林·卡伦 电子邮件:erin.carron@tempus.com 资料来源:Tempus 在线查看此新闻稿: http://www.businesswire.com/news/home/20210111005654/en