AbSci Announces Acquisition of Deep Learning Company Denovium


2021-01-13 07:33:06 BioSpace


AbSci a leading synthetic biology company enabling drug discovery and biomanufacturing of next-generation biotherapeutics, today announced the acquisition of Denovium, Inc., an artificial intelligence deep learning company. AbSci will integrate the Denovium Engine into its drug discovery and manufacturing cell line development capabilities and expects to realize near term synergies using AI deep learning to better predict relevant variants and cell line characteristics for each new project. With continued application and further training of the Denovium Engine, AbSci's vision is to make in silico biologic drug discovery and cell line development a reality. This will enable next-generation therapies to make it to market at unprecedented speeds. Terms of the acquisition are not being disclosed. "This acquisition represents the perfect synergy of groundbreaking synthetic biology and cutting-edge deep learning AI to create in silico predictive protein drug design and cell line development capabilities with the potential to completely change the paradigm of biopharmaceutical discovery and development," said Sean McClain, founder and CEO of AbSci. "Incorporating deep learning will allow us to explore all possible protein sequences in silico, including those that Nature's evolutionary trajectory has yet to consider, to identify drug candidates with optimal therapeutic properties and manufacturability. Combining that design power with our proprietary data from our Protein Printing platform, AbSci can create a new gold standard for drug discovery and cell line development for next-generation biologics while at the same time allowing for creation of novel biologies previously unattainable." The Denovium Engine is a multidimensional deep learning model built to interpret, categorize, predict, and evolve function and behavior of proteins. The platform incorporates far more than sequence and structure relationships, having been trained on functional data from more than 100 million proteins and across over 700,000 descriptive parameters. AbSci intends to further train the Denovium Engine on its proprietary internally-generated multidimensional protein characterization datasets that include elements of protein functionality, expression, and manufacturability. "Training the Denovium Engine on the volumes of high-quality protein function and manufacturability data being generated by AbSci's Protein Printing platform allows our platform to reach its full potential of de novo design of manufacturable proteins having desirable functionalities," said Toby Richardson, Ph.D., founder and CEO of Denovium. "We expect that the platform will be able to design proteins by predicting not only the optimal sequence for each therapeutic candidate, but also the conditions for manufacturing, to enable production of therapeutic proteins that were previously not possible." About Denovium Inc. Denovium is an artificial intelligence company pioneering novel AI methods to accelerate innovation in biopharma. Founded by genomics and computer science experts, Denovium is building an artificial intelligence engine (Denovium EngineTM) capable of interpreting disparate biological data types to answer biology's toughest questions. Denovium is partnering with leading biotech and pharma companies in specific areas of focus including gene discovery, protein engineering and genomic medicine. About AbSci AbSci is a leading synthetic biology company that translates ideas into drugs with a revolutionary platform technology that reinvents the biopharmaceutical drug discovery process. Our patented SoluPro® E. coli expression system and Protein Printing™ platform enable simultaneous creation of novel biotherapeutic drugs and the cell lines to manufacture them in a single efficient process. In one workflow, we select cell lines producing drug candidates with optimal target potency and affinity as well as high-titer expression. Starting with a known drug sequence or with a target for novel drug discovery, our approach dramatically reduces biopharma discovery and development timelines from years to weeks by generating a GMP-ready manufacturing cell line for each asset. We specialize in next-generation biologics built on complex protein scaffolds, which have proven challenging for others to produce. With more than a dozen partnerships in place with top pharma and industry leaders, our collaborations include projects for 28 drugs and drug candidates that range across multiple protein types and therapeutic functionality. For more information, please visit https://www.absci.com.  multimedia:http://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/absci-announces-acquisition-of-deep-learning-company-denovium-301206116.html
AbSci是一家领先的合成生物学公司,致力于新一代生物疗法的药物发现和生物制造,今天宣布收购人工智能深度学习公司Denovium,Inc.。AbSci将把Denovium引擎整合到其药物发现和制造细胞系开发能力中,并期望利用AI深度学习实现近期协同效应,为每个新项目更好地预测相关变体和细胞系特性。随着Denovium引擎的不断应用和进一步培训,ABSCI的愿景是使电子生物药物发现和细胞系开发成为现实。这将使下一代疗法以前所未有的速度推向市场。收购条款尚未披露。 ABSCI创始人兼首席执行官Sean McClain表示:“此次收购代表着突破性的合成生物学和尖端深度学习AI的完美协同作用,从而在电子预测蛋白质药物设计和细胞系开发能力方面创造出可能彻底改变生物制药发现和开发范式的潜力。”“融合深度学习将使我们能够在电子计算机中探索所有可能的蛋白质序列,包括自然界进化轨迹尚未考虑的那些序列,以识别具有最佳治疗性能和可制造性的候选药物。将这种设计能力与我们来自蛋白质打印平台的专有数据相结合,AbSci可以为下一代生物制剂的药物发现和细胞系开发创建一个新的金标准,同时允许创建以前无法实现的新型生物制剂。” Denovium引擎是一个多维深度学习模型,用来解释,分类,预测和进化蛋白质的功能和行为。该平台包含的不仅仅是序列和结构关系,它已经根据来自1亿多个蛋白质的功能数据和超过70万个描述参数进行了训练。AbSci打算在其专有的内部生成的多维蛋白质表征数据集上进一步训练Denovium引擎,这些数据集包括蛋白质功能,表达和可制造性的元素。 Denovium公司创始人兼首席执行官托比·理查森博士说:“根据ABSCI公司的蛋白质打印平台生成的大量高质量蛋白质功能和可制造性数据对Denovium引擎进行培训,使我们的平台能够充分发挥其潜力,重新设计具有理想功能的可制造蛋白质。我们预计,该平台将能够通过不仅预测每个治疗候选物的最佳序列,而且还预测制造条件来设计蛋白质,从而使以前不可能生产的治疗蛋白质得以生产。“ 关于Denovium公司。 Denovium是一家人工智能公司,它开创了一种新颖的人工智能方法,以加速生物制药领域的创新。由基因组学和计算机科学专家创立的Denovium公司正在构建一个人工智能引擎(Denovium EngineTM),该引擎能够解释不同的生物数据类型,以回答生物界最棘手的问题。Denovium正在与领先的生物技术和制药公司在特定的重点领域合作,包括基因发现,蛋白质工程和基因组医学。 关于AbSci AbSci是一家领先的合成生物学公司,以一种革命性的平台技术将想法转化为药物,这种技术重新发明了生物制药药物发现过程。我们获得专利的Solupro®大肠杆菌表达系统和Protein Printing™平台能够同时创建新型生物治疗药物和细胞系,从而在一个高效的过程中制造它们。在一个工作流程中,我们选择产生具有最佳靶效价和亲和力以及高滴度表达的候选药物的细胞系。从一个已知的药物序列或一个新药物发现的靶点开始,我们的方法通过为每个资产生成一个GMP-ready制造细胞系,显著地将生物制药的发现和开发时间从几年缩短到几周。我们专注于建立在复杂蛋白质支架上的下一代生物制品,这对其他人来说已经证明是具有挑战性的。我们与顶尖制药公司和行业领导者建立了十几个合作伙伴关系,合作项目包括28种药物和药物候选者,这些药物和候选者涵盖多种蛋白质类型和治疗功能。欲了解更多信息,请访问https://www.absci.com。 多媒体:http://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/absci-announces-accession-of-deep-learning-company-denovium-301206116.html