DC Capitol Rioter Has Ties to Cannabis Industry


2021-01-13 23:10:19 Ganjapreneur


A rioter who live-streamed herself partaking in the January 6, 2021 insurrection by angry supporters of President Donald Trump at the U.S. Capitol in Washington DC has apparent ties to the cannabis industry, according to the Midland Reporter-Telegram. Jenny Cudd is a former mayoral candidate for the city of Midland, Texas, where she owns the florist shop Becky’s Flowers. During her unsuccessful 2019 mayoral run, Cudd said that she owned a partial stake in an Oklahoma-based cannabis consulting company and, in July 2020, she appeared in a marketing video entitled “Cannabis Investment Opportunity – Summit Boys presented by Jenny Cudd.” In that video, Cudd said she has partial ownership in two Oklahoma cannabis farms and even helped raise $1.25 million in investor capital for one of the facilities. She also said she has interest in an Oklahoma-based dispensary. Summit Boys — who did not respond to repeated requests for comment — is a California-based cannabis extracts brand that has announced plans to expand to Oklahoma. Notably, Cudd is also listed as the contact for the Summit Boys Oklahoma profile on LiftOffCapital.com, a matchmaking site for investors and entrepreneurs. She also appears to be featured in a Summit Boys Instagram post announcing the company’s expansion to Oklahoma posted on January 5, 2020 (almost exactly one year before the recent insurrection). Cudd was identified as a participant in the January 6 riots because she was live-streaming to her now-deleted Facebook page as she illegally entered and trespassed throughout the U.S. Capitol Building. At one point during the feed, she admitted to having helped a group of rioters break into House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s office. “We had to scale a wall to get there and we just pushed and pushed and pushed, and yelled go and yelled charge, and we just pushed and pushed and pushed and we got in,” Cudd said in the video. “There was a door that was open, we went through the door and we were inside.” During a January 8 interview with NewsWest 9, Cudd said she did not regret her actions. “I did not break any laws, I went inside the Capitol completely legally and I did not do anything to hurt anybody or destroy any property,” she said. Cudd also said that she has received multiple death threats since partaking in the event. The FBI — which has requested tips to help identify and arrest participants in the insurrection — says it is reviewing allegations of Cudd’s involvement. During the insurrection, which has been labeled an act of domestic terrorism, pro-Trump rioters overwhelmed DC and Capitol police, breaking windows and doors, forcing entry to the building and lawmakers’ offices, and committing various other acts of vandalism. Five people died because of the riots, including an on-duty police officer who was struck in the head with a fire extinguisher and a woman who was shot by police while forcing her way through a barricaded door inside the Capitol.
据《米德兰记者电讯报》报道,2021年1月6号,特朗普总统的愤怒支持者在美国首都华盛顿的国会山举行暴动,其中一名暴徒自称参与了暴动,显然与大麻业有关。 Jenny Cudd是德克萨斯州米德兰市的前市长候选人,她在那里拥有花店Beckys Flowers。在2019年竞选失败的市长期间,Cudd说,她拥有俄克拉荷马州一家大麻咨询公司的部分股权,2020年7月,她出现在Jenny Cudd推出的一个名为“大麻投资机会峰会男孩”的营销视频中。在视频中,Cudd说,她拥有俄克拉荷马州两个大麻农场的部分股权,甚至帮助为其中一个设施筹集了125万投资者资本。她还说,她对俄克拉荷马州的一家药房有兴趣。 SummitBoys是一家总部位于加利福尼亚的大麻提取物品牌,它已宣布计划将业务扩展到俄克拉荷马州。 值得注意的是,Cudd还被列为Summit Boys Oklahoma在LiftoffCapital.com上的个人资料的联系人,这是一个为投资者和企业家提供撮合的网站。2020年1月5号,Summit Boys在Instagram上发布了一条宣布公司扩张到俄克拉荷马州的消息(几乎正好是最近暴乱的一年之前)。 Cudd被认定是1月6号暴乱的参与者,因为她非法进入并侵入美国国会大厦时,一直在她的Facebook页面上直播,现在她已经被删除了。在接受采访时,她承认曾帮助一群暴徒闯入众议院议长南希·佩洛西斯的办公室。 库德在视频中说:我们必须爬上一堵墙才能到达那里,我们不停地推,不停地推,不停地喊“冲”,我们不停地推,不停地推,然后我们就进去了。有一扇门是开着的,我们穿过那扇门,就在里面了。 在1月8号接受NewsWest 9的采访时,Cudd说她并不后悔自己的行为。我没有违反任何法律,我完全合法地进入国会大厦,我没有做任何伤害任何人或破坏任何财产的事,她说。库德还说,自从参加活动以来,她已经收到多起死亡威胁。 联邦调查局已经要求提供线索,以帮助识别和逮捕参与叛乱的人,并表示正在审查有关Cudds参与的指控。 在这场被称为国内恐怖主义行为的暴乱中,支持特朗普的暴徒压倒了华盛顿特区和国会大厦的警察,打破门窗,强行进入大楼和立法者办公室,并实施了各种其他破坏行为。五人因暴乱死亡,包括一名当值警官头部被灭火器击中,一名妇女在强行闯过国会大厦内一扇设置了路障的门时被警察开枪打死。